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Office 2010

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Office 2010
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Office 2010

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  1. Office 2010 By Theresa Taylor, Cape Central

  2. Changes to Office • Backstage View- behind the scene • Check file size • Save and Send • Ribbon is now in all programs • Customize the Ribbon • Right click a tab and choose customize

  3. Changes to Office • Live Paste Preview • Protected view • Improved Help • Create Table of Contents

  4. PowerPoint 2010

  5. PowerPoint 2010 Tools

  6. Basic video editing tools built directly into PowerPoint. • work well for common tasks such as trimming and compressing videos • Can add adding fade-ins and fade-outs. • Highlight your video and the tools appear in the Ribbon. • Set of video controls • pause, rewind, fast-forward and etc. • PowerPoint does not play a wide variety of formats only • Audio Video Interleave (.avi) files • Windows Media (.wmv) files, Video Editing Tools

  7. Ability to embed online videos Go to the site, find the code for embedding the video you want (the code is prominently displayed on most sites, including YouTube) • and then paste it into PowerPoint • I have never gotten it to work and reports are that at best it will work once. • If the video website is blocked, it still will not play Embed Videos

  8. Animation Painter More Custom Animations More Animations to Choose From

  9. SmartArt Graphics • Use Save As and save your file as a PDF or XPF document • Text affects – glow, shadow, outer glow • Screen Shot Improvements to Word

  10. Just drag the heading where you want it in the navigation pane and it takes the text underneath it along. It displays to the left of your document. Drag and Drop Navigation Pane

  11. take screenshots and insert them into Word documents • From the Insert tab, select Screenshot, and you'll see a list of screenshots you've already taken, even if they've been taken with a different program. You can then insert any of them into Word. In addition, you can select the Screen Clipping option, which allows you to take a screenshot anywhere in Windows and Screen Shots

  12. When you open a document in Word 2010, it will open in one of three modes: • Word 2010 • Word 2007 compatibility mode • Word 97-2003 compatibility mode • To determine which mode the document is in, check the document’s title bar. If (Compatibility Mode) appears after the file name, the document is in either Word 2007 compatibility mode or Word 97-2003 compatibility mode. You can continue to work in compatibility mode or you can convert your document to the Word 2010 file format. • Click the File tab. • Perform one of the following: • To convert the document without saving a copy, click Info, and then click Convert. • To create a new copy of the document in Word 2010 mode, click Save As, type a new name for the document in the File name box, and then click Word Document in the Save as Type list. • Click Info, and then click Convert. Compatibility

  13. lists elements in a document that are not supported or that will behave differently in Word 2007 or in Word 97-2003 format • these features will be permanently changed and will not be converted to Word 2010 elements, even if you later convert the document to Word 2010 format. Compatibility Checker

  14. CroppingUsers can rotate and resize pictures, crop them into non-rectangular shapes, and preview the images while keeping the picture in the desired size, shape, and location. Improved Picture Technology

  15. Crop Images to a Shape

  16. Users can use visual alignment guides to align objects to other objects or text, but can ultimately determine where they want to place their objects. This includes the ability to offset-align an object. Object alignment

  17. No longer can you link to data in a Works file Mailmerge

  18. Excel sparklines and slicers • "Sparklines" -- small cell-sized charts that you can embed in a worksheet next to data to get a quick visual representation of the data. • Slicers – allow you to filter data from Pivot Charts Changes in Excel

  19. the ability to apply a format to a range of cells, and then have the formatting change according to the value of the cell or formula -- has been improved as well, including the addition of more styles and icons. Conditional Formatting

  20. Under Print Preview • if you choose a color printer the preview looks in color • if it is a black and white printer the preview will be in gray scale. • sometimes Improvements in Publisher

  21. Cropping • Replacing pictures • Using picture placeholders • Add captions Improved Picture Technology

  22. Users can use templates and insert building blocks of content (for example, mastheads, borders, and graphics) to create professional-looking pages. • Insert / Building Blocks • File / New / Templates (choose Installed or Online) Improved templates and building blocks online

  23. Has Ribbons • Save as PDF Access 2010

  24. Help Video One Note

  25. Questions? • Please fill out your survey Conclusion