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Environment in Córdoba PowerPoint Presentation
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Environment in Córdoba

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Environment in Córdoba - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environment in Córdoba. The Environment.

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Environment in Córdoba

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the environment

Environment means everything that surrounds a living or specially conditioned living circumstances of living things. It  includes all  ​​natural and social values ​​of a place and at a particular time. That is, it is not just the space that develops life ,

but it also includes living things , objects, water , soil , air and the relationships between them.

environmental problems
  • Ozone and its degradation
  • Acid Rain
  • Desertification
  • Loss of Biodiversity

Cosmos Group expects the company can burn up to 26,100 tons per year of used tires, 14,200 tons of plastics, 54,500 sewage sludge and 43,500 mixed municipal waste. This way, you can replace petroleum coke now employing these materials.

One of the main problems of burning waste in cement, as all incineration systems, is the emission of heavy metals and products of incomplete combustion, including dioxins, furans, and a long list of organic compounds.

worse air quality in cordoba
Worse air quality in Cordoba

A recent report reflects the poor air quality in the province of Cordoba. The situation is not better in the city. In Andalusia, Córdoba’s air is among the worst air people can breathe when taking into account the levels of particulate matter (PM10) and ozone which were recorded last year.

the tree overcutting remains in baena a village of c rdoba
Thetreeovercuttingremainsin Baena(A village of Córdoba)

The tree overcutting remains a constant in Baena. The last issue was a big logging. It  had many more years than the building it was in. It was totally healthy.

endangered species in c rdoba
Endangeredspecies in Córdoba

Black Stork: In Andalusia there are 108 specimens. In Córdoba there have been seen 28.

Golden Eagle: There are 586 eagles fixed in Andalusian census, of which 65 couples are living in our province.

Bonelli's eagle: In Cordoba, 76 specimens inhabit fields. In Andalusia, 649.

Common Hawk: There are 9 couples in Córdoba and 448 specimens in the region.

Black vulture: The province recorded 26 pairs of the 234 ones existing in Andalusia.

pools of the south of c rdoba
Pools of the South of Córdoba

Declared Nature Reserves in 1989for their special position as wintering and migratory bird nesting. Pools are six:Zóñar, Salobral, Jarales, Amarga, Tíscar and Rincó.

Laguna de Los Jarales is characterized as the smallest of all.

Species:  cranes, flamingos, swans, shelducks and pochards.

natural park carde a montoro
Natural Park Cardeña-Montoro

It has an area of 38,449 hectares. It is located east of the province, in the county of Los Pedroches. It includes the municipalities of Cardeña and Montoro and is bathed by the waters of the river Mares. Its landscape consists of meadows and Mediterranean forests.

its fauna and flora
Its Fauna and Flora

Its Fauna : colonies of otters, wolves, Iberianlynxes, fallowdeer, roe deer, wild boarsmouflons, wild cats, foxes, and imperial eagles, short-toedeagles, hawks, owls, tawnyowls, rabbits, genets, lesserkestrels, sheep, cows and pigs.

Its flora : olive trees, corkoaks, kermes oaks, rockrose and heather

its fauna
Its Fauna






its flora
Its Flora





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