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Mrs. Melvin

Mrs. Melvin. Welcome to Second Grade!. Please sign in tonight. There is one sheet on each table. Include your email address…even if you think I already have it. All About Me. Educational Background Bachelors in Business (Western Illinois University)

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Mrs. Melvin

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  1. Mrs. Melvin

  2. Welcome to Second Grade! • Please sign in tonight. There is one sheet on each table. • Include your email address…even if you think I already have it.

  3. All About Me • Educational Background • Bachelors in Business (Western Illinois University) • Teaching Credential (University of Phoenix) • Masters in Education (University of Phoenix) • Experience • 12 years with the Etiwanda School District • 10 years teaching kindergarten • Beginning my second year in 2nd grade. • NCLB Certification • CLAD Certification

  4. Teacher Web • Sign up for NEWSFLASH • If you haven’t received any announcements from me, then you are not yet registered. • Enter your email and/or cell phone number • Please sign up tonight on my TeacherWeb • East Heritage website • Choose 2nd grade • Select Mrs. Melvin

  5. Attendance Information • Class begins at the 8:15 a.m. bell. Students not in seat by this time are considered tardy. This is a school wide policy. • Absences must be cleared with the office as soon as possible. • Please contact me for class work or homework when your child is absent.

  6. Arrival • 8:00 a.m. – Bell rings allowing students onto campus. • 8:08 a.m. – Bells rings. Students squat and freeze on the playground. Adults on duty blow a whistle. Then they line up in number order (standing quietly & safely). Morning Milers ends at this time. • 8:10 a.m. teacher picks up class from playground. There is no bell. • 8:15 a.m. Students in seat. Say pledge of allegiance and recite classroom rules.

  7. Curriculum and Instruction • CCSS – Common Core State Standards • The standards are rigorous with the intention of preparing students for the real world (college and careers). • 3 Key Ideas for Parents handout. • Thinking Deeply • Integrating Learning • Showing How They Know • Support at Home

  8. Binders must come to school every day. All inserts & information must stay in the binder for use at home and school. Place notes, lunch money, office paperwork, etc. in the “Return to School” pocket. Please remind your child to take it out as soon as they enter our classroom. I do not check student binders. Please check their School Folder NIGHTLY. Remove all “Keep at Home” paperwork. Review the “Return to School” paperwork. When a binder is lost, stolen or damaged, please replace it as soon as possible. Binders (1/2 or 1 inch)

  9. Classroom Management • Rule #1 – Listen when the teacher is talking. • Rule #2 – Follow directions quickly. • Rule #3 – Respect others, respect yourself, respect your school, and teacher, and guest teacher, and staff, and parent volunteers. • Rule #4 – Raise your hand to speak to the class. • Rule #5 – Be safe, be kind, be honest. • Rule #6 – Participate in your learning. • Rule #7 – Keep our classroom neat and tidy. O - Outstanding G - Good S - Satisfactory N - Needs Improvement U - Unsatisfactory

  10. Discipline • Every student begins each day on G (good). • The goal is to remain on G (good) or move up to O (outstanding). • Additional Outstanding's receive a sticker. • 5 Outstanding's go to treasure box. S = Satisfactory • N = Behavior Needs Improvement • (lose 5 minutes of recess) • U = Behavior is Unsatisfactory • (email parents, loss or recess, principal referral).

  11. Behavior Calendar • Check your child’s behavior each day. • Be sure to sign it every Friday. This lets me know that you are aware of your child’s behavior on a daily & weekly basis. • Please do not remove the calendar. I use it monthly for grading purposes. • Extreme behavior incidents result in a referral to the principal’s office.

  12. Grades • Progress Reports – every 6 weeks • Report Cards – end of each trimester • Set up an ESPRI account for grade updates. • Returning Parents – reset password on line • New Parents • Create account on line • Print activation printout to front office • You will receive email notification with your login/password • Etiwanda School District

  13. Homework • Homework goes home every Monday and is due the following Monday. • Set-up a homework station at home. • Have supplies readily available. • Guide your child to complete each assignment correctly. Check their work. • Points may be deducted for late, missing, and incorrect homework.

  14. Spelling – Phonics Homework • Each Monday we introduce a new spelling rule. • It will be updated every Monday on TeacherWeb. • The list appears on the homework cover letter. • Use the Spelling Menu Card to choose the practice activities. • Spelling tests are given on Fridays. • The test will include all 8 words on the list and 4 other words that follow the same weekly rule. • HFW (high frequency words) are also tested on Fridays (one row at a time).

  15. Fluency Homework • Student reads passage for 1 minute out loud. Parent marks the last word read. Subtract any words the child missed. • Record the score on the bottom of the practice page (only the correct words). • Repeat this two more times • CWPM = correct words per minute

  16. Writer’s Workshop Homework • The process is very similar to first grade. • Students will choose a topic of interest using the reference sheet in the binder. • Writing Steps • Brainstorming (circle map) • Extending (flow map) • Pre-writing (use your best “detailed” writing) • Editing (parent & child sit together) • Use the “green” reference sheets in the binder as a guide.

  17. Math Homework • We have a new math program called Go Math. • Math website ThinkCentral • Username & Password reference sheet • Math homework is attached to the packet each week. • Math Masters – students are given 30 math fact questions. They have one minute to complete as many questions as they can. The goal is 90% accuracy by the end of each trimester. • Math fluency will also occur in the classroom. • Flashcards are on TeacherWeb.

  18. High Frequency Words • Word list is in the binder. • 6 sets of words. • Students must orally spell, write, & read each word independently. • One row of words will be tested each week along with our spelling words. • Please refer to the dates on the binder sheet for “must know by” dates.

  19. Assessments • Math Tests • Based upon the pacing guide. • Fridays • Spelling Test • HFW Test • Vocabulary Test • Comprehension Test

  20. Accelerated Reader - AR • Star Testing - sets the AR goals. • Renaissance website will help you monitor your child’s goal at home Etiwanda School District • Students must maintain an average of 60% accuracy and meet 100% of their point goal to attend AR party celebrations. • Students may take tests in class: • During AR reading time (20 minutes/day) • Early finishers • Before/After school

  21. Birthdays • Students and teacher sing Happy Birthday. Teacher gives a small token. • Some students in our class have food allergies. Food and drink items are highly discouraged. You may bring in a small goodie bag. Be sure to send enough for every student. • Please contact the teacher in advance before sending in any treats or goodie bags. • Birthday Party Invitation Etiquette

  22. Student of the Week • Students will be chosen based upon classroom behavior and citizenship. • They will complete a “Star Student News" poster. They will also write a story for class. • Directions will also come home with the poster. • The items go home Friday with student. • They return them during the following week.

  23. Dismissal • Students are dismissed from the classroom based upon behavior of the day. • Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory. • Duty – Wednesday & Friday students will be released a few minutes early at dismissal. A buddy teacher will help watch them.

  24. Parent Volunteers • Thank you for completing the volunteer form at the start of school. • I will be contacting our in-class volunteers to confirm a monthly schedule. • A volunteer packet must be completed. • All volunteers will need to be trained on our copy machines & other office equipment.

  25. Special Events • Watch for flyers, newsflash announcements, and calls from our room mom regarding special events. Donations may be needed. • Field Trips (two this year) • Snazzy Snacks (monthly) • Chocolate Party • Camp Day

  26. Disaster Pack • Each student must have an emergency pack in the event of a disaster. • Please turn in your emergency pack no later than Friday, August 29th. • You can make your own or purchase one thru our PTO (on sale tonight). • Label the pack with your child’s name and also the teacher’s name..

  27. Emergency Information • Please notify me and the front office of any changes to the following: • Address • Phone Numbers • Emergency Contacts • Health & Medical Information • Custody or Marital Changes

  28. Questions? I appreciate all of your donations at the start of school. Thank you so much!

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