melvin mazier motivates people to donate happily l.
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Melvin Mazier

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Melvin Mazier is an economics major from Boston College class of 1993 and he spends considerable time and resources in supporting a host of charities that work for the welfare of women and children. Melvin Mazier has donated significantly in Robin Hood Foundation by understanding its strength and dedication.

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Melvin Mazier

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Melvin Mazier has demonstrated a true example for other people by his philanthropic activities. Even though he has busy work schedule, he finds time to perform his bit in favor for children who are deprived of a deserving life.


According to Melvin Mazier, having a good self-conscience is part of a person’s psyche that enables him to help others who need it most. Melvin Mazier has supported several charity organizations working for the unaided children community by providing them better upbringing to lead a meaningful life in the future.


From past many years, Melvin Mazier has been donating for many causes. Teak Fellowship, Robin Hood Foundation, Milton Academy, Children International are those organizations with whom he has been closely associated with.


Melvin Mazier consider that education is the strongest base to create a bright future. Milton Academy works hard in regards to provide a pursuit of excellence, confidence and character in students to get right education standards morally.


With Milton Academy, Melvin Mazier has given better education opportunities to needy lives as he believes education is the strongest base to create a bright future. This organization strives to support families through strong partnerships. Melvin Mazier has played a significant role in helping unprivileged children and families by raising funds for the organization.