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Google has introduced one more feature, and this time it is to gratify those fanatical game lovers who like to capture their virtual conquests.

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Google has introduced one more feature, and this time it is to gratify those fanatical game lovers who like to capture their virtual conquests.

Google has decided to enable the excited game players to record their whole journey from the moment they start playing it until the moment of the final result of the respective game.

With this provision, game developers active on Android app developers will now find it easy to let players feel the power of live-streaming.


In the previous month, Google made an announcement that they are soon going to open up Android’s built-in gameplay recording to Android developers. Developers can use this power of Android studios to deliver this stunning gaming solution with which those enthusiastic game players can start recording as well as broadcasting their game play with as quick as the touch of a button.

It means a lot of players playing, for instance, American Snipers or Clash of Clans since they will no longer be needing the paid services of additional software or extra hardware to record their personal game in a video content. It will be a matter of true joy for players who will then be able to upload these video clips directly to YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo or any other online video streaming service providers.


Mobile gaming industry immensely leverages the potential delivered by YouTube video content service to demonstrate their capacity and their features to massive audience out there. Google shows the promise to launch this soon in the coming months as a most fruitful solution to afford those Android developers an opportunity to reach YouTube’s heavy target audience.

Gaming covers the large chunk of YouTube content categories. Google saw this fact, as an opportunity to contribute more into game-video space. As SuperData Research estimates, the game-video portion claims close to $3.8 billion with YouTube Gaming app.


Google will live the two-birds-one-stone adage with this move: Exposing videos to more people will boost their content value on YouTube while also posing as and influential marketing maneuver for Android games.

Game players’ ability to instantly start recording and live-streaming the gaming content is conceived as a viable idea by the gigantic billion dollar gaming industry. If executed well, Google’s Game video feature will transform the gaming experience for those who seek more to their gaming fun.


YouTube has met certain competition in this area. Though it might be fair to say that YouTube predominantly rules the world of on-demand-video content, Twitch precedes YouTube when it comes to feeding enormous live contentedly. Considering the mobile-specific scenario, both YouTube and Twitch confront a bit of a struggle as they vie with their existing competitors Kamcord and Mobcrush also straining to be a favorite among gamers.


Still, Google holds the influential spot where they have the benefit of putting an option for broadcasting the content right into the game without having to install extra software to meet the purpose like experienced in Twitch. Android developers can simply create the facility for game players, giving YouTube the competitive advantage they have not enjoyed before.

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