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Food Web Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Web Game

Food Web Game

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Food Web Game

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  1. Food Web Game Welcome to the Food Web Game. The following slides are NOT a slide show presentation. They are spinners for the Food Web Game and signs for the stations needed for the game. Game created by: Karen Earp 4/5 LAD teacher Clarksburg Elementary School

  2. Directions • 1. Prepare for game by placing spinners (slides 3-25) in a large cleared space like the gym, AP room, or outside. Place a paperclip at each station to use for the spinner. Use the student page as a “map” for placement to make the stations easier to locate. Identify each station with the signs (slides 26-48). • 2. Each pair of students should have a student sheet. They should have crayons or color pencils. Students will choose one color to complete round one of the game. Each pair will begin at the sun station and spinner to determine which plant received the energy. The students should draw an arrow from the sun to the plant on which the spinner landed. • 3. The student pair will then proceed to the plant station and spin the spinner to determine where the energy goes next. At each station the students should draw an arrow to show the flow of energy through the ecosystem. When the students reach the end of a food chain (recycled through decay). They should return to the sun station and begin again with a new color to show round two. Do not draw an arrow back to the sun. • 4. At the end of several rounds of play the students should have clear food chains (color coded) that form a food web. • Note: There tends to be a bottleneck at the sun station, especially to start the game since everyone needs to begin there. It may expedite the game to have a few spinners for the sun station.

  3. Fruit Nuts Sun's Energy Leaves Herbs

  4. porcupine mouse bear bird Nuts squirrel raccoon deer

  5. deer squirrel earthworm turtle Leaves porcupine

  6. rabbit deer earthworm skunk Herbs porcupine squirrel mouse

  7. bear turtle turtle coyote Fruit fox rabbit bird mouse

  8. skunk raccoon Turtle bear coyote

  9. snake turtle bird frog Earthworm raccoon

  10. skunk snake hawk fox Mouse raccoon bobcat owl coyote

  11. coyote skunk Snake fox hawk

  12. owl fox Squirrel bobcat

  13. owl fox Skunk bobcat

  14. bobcat fox Porcupine owl

  15. bobcat coyote owl bear Rabbit hawk fox

  16. hawk bobcat owl snake Birds coyote bear

  17. coyote snake bear skunk Frog hawk raccoon

  18. bear Recycled by decay Deer fox

  19. bobcat Recycled by decay Hawk owl

  20. bobcat Owl Recycled by decay

  21. bobcat Raccoon Recycled by decay

  22. Bobcat Not hunted by any animal - Recycled by decay

  23. Fox Not hunted by any animal - Recycled by decay

  24. Bear Not hunted by any animal - Recycled by decay

  25. Coyote Not hunted by any animal - Recycled by decay

  26. Sun

  27. Leaves

  28. Herbs

  29. Fruit

  30. Nuts

  31. Mouse

  32. Bird

  33. Squirrel

  34. Deer

  35. Raccoon

  36. Bear

  37. Porcupine

  38. Earthworm

  39. Turtle

  40. Skunk

  41. Rabbit

  42. Fox

  43. Coyote

  44. Snake

  45. Owl

  46. Frog

  47. Bobcat

  48. Hawk