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Best Ideas to Choose Right Sunglasses PowerPoint Presentation
Best Ideas to Choose Right Sunglasses

Best Ideas to Choose Right Sunglasses

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  1. Best Ideas to Choose Right Sunglasses

  2. An Overview You might have noticed that sunglasses the look pretty on the face of your friend or cousin, the same appears to be ugly on yours. This is neither a problem with your face, nor that product, but it all depends on your selection. If you did not follow a deliberation using the purchase of glasses then, it may spoil your personality. There are dozens of such items available in various colors, shapes, sizes. You can pick right sunglasses according to your choice by following these best ideas.

  3. Four General Tips to Keep in Mind • Contrast: Contrast is an important aspect that should be considered while making purchases of sunglasses. If the shape of glasses should match the shape of your face. If you have a round face, the angular glasses are the best choice. • Proportion: Proportion of frames of glasses matters a lot with the shape of your face. While shopping, check which covers your face largely but that looks good. • Color: Always select that color of glasses that perfectly looks beautiful on your face. Black goggles have ever been the first choice of every person as these help to protect your eyes. • ShapeofyourFace: This is a more complicated task as most of the people do not very much aware that which type of sunglasses best suits on their face as each one is different in context to face shapes.

  4. Choosing Sunglasses according to shape of your Face 1. NarrowFaces: Taller or narrow faces are best fitted for squared-off or more circular frames with thicker arms (decorative details at the temples). These are helpful to grab attention on both sides of your face.

  5. Continue….. 2. Trapezoidal Faces: A face which is wider from the bottom is suitable for half-rim style sunglasses. This enhances your beauty and gains the attention of every person as well.

  6. Continue….. 3. Squared Shaped Face: A narrow oval and rectangular styles with rounded edges is a great choice to make your square jaw and lengthening the face beautiful.

  7. Continue….. 4. Round Faces: Angular, rectangular frames broaden the face elegance that the eyes look farther apart.

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