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How to choose Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses. One of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses were originally designed for movie, Aviator. Aviator Classic sunglasses are a timeless model that combines great styling with exceptional quality, performance and comfort. With a classic frame, you can see the world through a variety of lens colors including crystal brown, crystal green, G-15 polarized and more that provide optimum visual clarity and 100% UV protection.

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How to choose Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

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  1. How To Choose Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

  2. Classic Teardrop • Functionality: the teardrop shape provides the most coverage from sunlight. • Face Shape: if you have a longer face, a teardrop-shape aviator will have the unfortunate effect of making your face look even longer and droopier.

  3. Navigator • Sunglasses Shape: It’s more squared off than the teardrop shape. • Face Shape: This is an ideal shape for men with longer faces.

  4. Sporty • Sunglasses Shape: Sporty aviators have a squared-off bottom, but the lenses themselves are wider. • Face Shape: Sporty aviators aren’t going to be as front-heavy as traditional teardrop aviators.

  5. Metal • Body: The classic aviator is made with a metal frame with a brass or silver finish. Metal-framed aviators are heavy, but looks damn cool. FACT >> the original aviator frames from WWII were made from real 12k gold.

  6. Plastic • Body: The frames are thicker than traditional metal-framed aviators, providing you with a bolder, sportier style.

  7. LENS COLOR each tint color provides different degrees of light blocking and color enhancement.

  8. Brown Lens • Tends to brighten and create saturation with color so you can see details better. These lens are ideal for when you’re driving a car or a motorcycle.

  9. Mirrored Lens • The mirror lens both absorbs and reflects glare, providing you with maximum glare protection

  10. Dark Gray • Dark gray lenses knock out light and will keep you from squinting on even the brightest of days.

  11. Gradated Lens • Gradated lenses provide the best of both brown and dark gray lenses. They are darker on the top, providing you overhead sun reduction while you’re driving, and are lighter on the bottom, so that you can see details.

  12. Green Lens • Green doesn’t really saturate color nor does it darken things. It’s sort of neutral.

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