how the spectacle trends have evolved n.
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The Right Pair of Sunglasses PowerPoint Presentation
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The Right Pair of Sunglasses

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The Right Pair of Sunglasses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find here tips on how to find right sunglasses.

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The Right Pair of Sunglasses

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how the spectacle trends have evolved

How the Spectacle Trends Have Evolved?

Fashion changes everyday and since eyewear has become an essential fashion accessory,

you can’t keep buying new and trendy spectacles every now and then for daily wear. Gone

are the days when people used to wear rectangular rimless glasses as with the advent of

new designs, people have started to wear fashionable spectacles.

The trend has changed from rimless glasses to acetate frames. And from fitted frame to

oversized glasses. This time the eyeglasses are sleeker and fashionable! The eyewear

trend is revolving in circles, from old 90s metal to plastic frames and now back to the

metal frames. Thick unisex spectacle frames are becoming outdated by the new oversized

metal frames. However, the retro look is minimized. The old geeky spectacles were

replaced by cat-eye frame and face covering aviators some years ago, yet they are still

trending now but are more tailored to fit the face size.

While different geometrical shape frames came in trend some time back, people who buy

spectacle frames online still love the old rectangular frames with bold colors and prints

now. No matter how much the fashion trend changes, we always come a full circle to the

old craze. Possibly, the world would soon be back to quadratic frames from the oblong