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t he story. $. $. $. the problem. x. t he solution. t he team. . Samuel Klein Business Development. John David Klausner Brand Management. Daniel Shemesh Finance. Sara Djavaheri Social Media Marketing. Uri Snyder Strategy. Karina Chocron Lead Designer. o ur c apabilities.

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T he story

the story.




T he story

the solution.

T he story

the team.

  • Samuel Klein

  • Business Development

  • John David Klausner

  • Brand Management

  • Daniel Shemesh

  • Finance

  • Sara Djavaheri

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Uri Snyder

  • Strategy

  • Karina Chocron

  • Lead Designer

T he story

our capabilities.

T he story

the creative process.

T he story

our market.

Small-Medium Sized Enterprises


Tel Aviv Based

T he story

our work.

T he story

the past.


    • Over 50% of target likely to use Verticalloop.

    • Over 40% of respondents do not consider “strategy” as an integral part of web development process.


    • The need to educate the market about the importance of developing a concrete strategy prior to web design in order to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the company.


T he story

the past.


  • # of startups in Israel: 3,500, mostly hi-tech

  • per capita, Israel has the highest number of startups in the world

  • According to small-medium size business authority data, there are 400,000 small businesses in Israel that employ more than 50% of Israel’s workforce constituting 96% of all businesses in Israel

  • Source: Israel Business Connection, IBC.

T he story

the past.

  • Marketing campaign results

  • digital campaign on the linkedin platform 'web design with strategy'!

  • highlights verticalloop's key offerings and most successful website 'israel experience.

  • $56 spent, 5,305 impressions, 27 clicks and a 0.58% engagement rate so far.

T he story

the future.

T he story

the future.

CEO – Business Development

Marketing Firm

Account Management Team

COO – Manage Overall Workflow




  • * Infrastructure of “pods” that will include:



T he story

Letter of Intent.

To Whom it May Concern;

The Gvahim organization is currently working closely with Vertical Loop to develop our new website. Our work so far with this boutique agency has been a fantastic experience and we look forward to completing this process with a beautiful and highly intuitive website dedicated to our users. We intend to continue working with Vertical Loop in any future endeavors and also site maintenance and updates as we grow our business with the years. For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Art Vandelay, Marketing Director, Gvahim

T he story

the future.

  • Verticalloop has produced beautiful work and fantastic results for our clients.

  • Grow customer base and provide them with a better end-product, executed flawlessly in a faster time frame.


    • Invest in organizational infrastructure and marketing to ensure that our product and services are of the highest quality.

  • HOW?

    • Seeking investment of 120,000 NIS to:

      • Build an office as both a workspace and a location for client meetings

      • Recruit and Hire Verticalloop’s first pod

      • Retain marketing firm to coordinate promotional campaigns

T he story

Our assumptions.

  • Revenue

    • Billing per project (up to 12 pages): 28,000

    • Billing per page thereafter: 963

  • Cost

    • POD Cost (Monthly): 47,000

    • Customer Acquisition: 800

    • Rent: 4,000

T he story

the numbers.

  • At current levels of cash flow, you can expect to see return on your investment within 10 months, an an ROI of 79% in first year.