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Disability Services Overview & Inclusive Teaching PowerPoint Presentation
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Disability Services Overview & Inclusive Teaching

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Disability Services Overview & Inclusive Teaching - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disability Services Overview & Inclusive Teaching. Norma Rodley Disability Advisor Andy McMahon IT Disability Support Specialist/Alternative formats manager. How we support students. C onfidential one to one meeting with agreed outcomes Review meetings (minimum 1 per year)

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disability services overview inclusive teaching

Disability Services Overview & Inclusive Teaching

Norma RodleyDisability Advisor

Andy McMahon

IT Disability Support Specialist/Alternative formats manager

how we support students
How we support students
  • Confidential one to one meeting with agreed outcomes
  • Review meetings (minimum 1 per year)
  • Dyslexia screening and diagnosis
  • Study skills support
  • Mental health mentoring
  • Study skills with learning technology support
  • Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) assessment:
    • Equipment and consumables
    • Personal support (note takers, lab support, organisational and proof-reading)
    • Travel (if required)
how we support you
How we support you
  • We support you to support disabled students:
    • We will liaise with your School with regards to student support
    • We can provide bespoke training at your request
    • We will offer advice, guidance and support as you need it
staff with disabilities
Staff with disabilities
  • Staff would normally be referred to Disability Services via Occupational Health Services
  • We can support staff who require:
    • Assessment for ergonomics
    • Personal assistance
    • Information Technology specialist setup/adjustments
    • Travel
    • Access to work referral and assessment
discussion statements
Discussion Statements
  • When a student discloses a disability to you in the course of your employment you should not share information about that disclosure with anyone else.
  • Making the curriculum inclusive for all students means that there is no need to make reasonable adjustments for disabled students.
  • Providing course materials in electronic formats makes the materials accessible to disabled students.
discussion statements1
Discussion Statements
  • Assistive technology makes it easier for disabled students to undertake their coursework.
  • Making adjustments for disabled students gives them an unfair advantage over other students who also experience difficulties on their course.
  • Ensuring equal access for disabled students is Disability Services’ responsibility.
how to approach a student you suspect might have a disability
How to approach a student you suspect might have a disability?
  • Provide generic advice to all students on the course regarding student services support & disability services
  • Private conversation with student (e-mail, 1 to 1 meeting)
what would you do if a student disclosed a disability to you
What would you do if a student disclosed a disability to you?
  • Student consent to share information:
    • Disability Services have a form available for this purpose
  • Encourage the student to self refer:
    • Help the student make contact
    • Use your office phone to call Disability Services
    • Email Disability Services
    • Direct the student to Disability Services reception
where can i find existing disability adjustments for a student class
Where can I find existing Disability adjustments for a student/class?
  • E-vision
    • Disability Class list – enter module code, or search name/matric
    • School class list
      • Last 2 columns, date updated, and adjustments
common adjustments
Common Adjustments
  • Inclusive teaching & best practice reduces the need for individual adjustments:
    • Provide materials in an accessible format (Disability Services can advise/provide training
    • Teaching materials posted tomy.dundee in advance of classes
    • Follow the University’s reading list policy
    • Refer to the University’s policy on recording lectures – students are now permitted to record lectures by defaultbut with exceptions.
adjustments continued
Adjustments Continued:
  • Teaching Considerations:
    • Use Styles and Templates when creating new teaching materials (Disability Services can advise/provide training)
    • Switch on the microphone
    • Repeat any questions raised from the audience before answering them
    • Face the class when speaking (some students may be lip reading).
    • Use verbose descriptions as opposed to pointing at objects.
    • Provide clear instructions and objectives
    • Ensure your contact details/profile is up to date
    • Make yourself accessible to students
get to know your disability support officer dso
Get to know your Disability Support Officer(DSO)
  • There is a DSO representative for every College/School.
  • The DSO is the 1stpoint of liaison between Disability Services and the School
  • Find out who your DSO is:
support training for academic d epartments
Support & Training for Academic Departments
  • Disability Services can provide:
    • Support with assessing inclusiveness of the curriculum
    • Tailored Training courses:
      • Inclusive Learning and Teaching
      • Creating accessible documents
      • Supporting Visually Impaired Students
      • Deaf Awareness
      • Dyslexia Awareness
      • Supporting Mental Health Students
legal policy
Legal & Policy
  • Disabled staff and students are protected by the Equality Act. 7% of Dundee University students and 5% of staff have disclosed a disability (March 2013)
  • The Equality Act covers physical and sensory impairments, medical conditions, mental health difficulties. The University should take a proactive response in its approach to the Equality Act. Some examples:
    • University Recording Policy
    • University Reading List Policy
  • Contact Disability Services
inclusive practice resources
Inclusive Practice Resources

Disability Services - Inclusive Teaching Resources:

Quality Framework - Inclusiveness of the Curriculum:

Inclusive Practice Award:

Inclusive Practice Showcase:

Alternative Formats Service:

disability services
Disability Services


Telephone: 01382 (3)85402