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Week Five
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Week Five

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  1. Week Five English III 9-19-2011 through 9-23-2011

  2. September 19, 2011Bell Assignment • Write a sentence using one of each of these words: • Affect • Effect • Then, write a quick explanation on the difference between the two.

  3. AFFECT vs. EFFECT Review • Affect: Verb – shows action • The bad weather affected holiday traffic, jamming up major cities for hours on end. • Effect: Noun – can sometimes be replaced with the word “result” (which is also a noun) • Do you know the effects of the bad weather? • EFFECT cannot have an ED at the end! • No TRIPLE e’s • EFFECTED

  4. Vocabulary 4 – Context Clues • Write a definition or synonym for the word underlined and bolded in each sentence.

  5. Context Clues – with student responses • When the soldier entered the combat zone, he knew this was going to be a severe test of his strength and will. This was the crucible of warfare. __conditions, basics, known fact,_____________________ • Some cultures allow the government to be run by the church; they have a theocracy. ___government run by the church______________________ • She is quite a dissembling girl, always lying and hiding her true intentions! I do NOT trust her because she is so two-faced!___socio-pathic, untrustworthy, triffling, dishonest, mean, two-faced, backstabber________________________ • He was a man of propriety—his honest, proper behavior made him a trustworthy individual in the community. ___honest, honorable, trustworthy, venerable, respect______________________________ • Dealing and trading trafficked substances or items is illegal. ___smuggled, shipped, illegal________________

  6. Context Clues pg. 2 – student responses • The witch conjured up a spirit using a magic spell. ___mixed up, concocted, brought back, formed________________________ • Mary Rowlandson counted all of her blessings as a sign of Providence in her life. She truly believed God took care of her in every step of her life. __favor, faith, divine protection, God_____________________ • That video game looks evil because of the demonic-looking characters on the front cover! ___demons, satanic, demon-related, devilish, possessed, Lucifer___________________________ • My brother corroborated my story that I had told mom. He provided evidence that I WAS at home AT the time Mom wanted me to be home. __supported, collaborated, changed, had her back, witnessed___________________________ • The girls were fighting and used calumny to hurt each other’s reputations. These statements were completely false, but their intentions were to simply hurt one another.___cruel, lies, gossip, slander, rumors________________________

  7. Vocabulary Unit 4 • Crucible (n) – a severe test • Theocracy (n) – government by the church • Dissembling (v or adj) – to conceal true feelings under false pretenses • Propriety (n) – proper behavior • Trafficked (v) – [past tense] to deal or trade in something illegal

  8. Vocabulary Unit 4 continued • Conjure (v) – to summon by magic • Providence (n) – the care of God • Demonic (adj) – evil or devilish • Corroborate (v) – to support with evidence • Calumny (n) – false statement to hurt others

  9. Pg. 48 “The Southern Planters” Southern Planters Northern Puritans North – Puritan; very devout; religion “ruled” their lives Land was difficult to farm (hard, rocky, colder weather) Farmers owned smaller portions of land (compared to the Southern plantations) A few locations had slave labor, but nothing in comparison to the South Less interested in worldly things (thought history/philosophy to be “distractions” from religious duties/thoughts) • South- more secular; Cavaliers (gentlemanly, aristocratic) • Land was fertile (rich soil; warmer, moist weather) • Plantations were HUGE; lots of land • Had a LOT of slave labor • Farmers were wealthier • Very straightforward individuals • More interested in worldly things (history, philosophy) than in religious things

  10. September 20, 2011Bell Assignment • Pick up a LITERATURE BOOK and have it on your desk. Open to pg. 52. • Have your VOC. UNIT 4 BOXES on your desk for a learning grade. • We will go take SCHOOL PICTURES in just a moment.

  11. The applause showed how deeply the presentation had __affected___________(-ed) the audience. • His attitude was __affected_______________ by his upbringing. • What __effect__________ do you think the news will have on her? • No matter what he does, it will have no __effect_______________ on me. • No matter what he does, it will not ___affect_______________ me. • What do you think the ___effect______________ of the decision will be? • How did her son's departure ___affect______________ Mrs. Sanago? • How was the team __affected_____________ by the loss of their coach? • I was impressed by the ___effect____________ of Churchill's words on Britain during that time. • Do you know what __effect__________ that medicine will have on you?

  12. Vocabulary Unit 4 – with student associations • Crucible (n) – a severe test • English tests, FCAT, EOC, ACT/SAT, sobriety, drug tests, war, racism, volunteering (9-11), gender issues, five pillars (religious tests), Holocaust • Theocracy (n) – government by the church • Muslim, Rome, Holy Roman Empire, Puritans, Native Americans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Ottoman Empire, Feudal Japan, the Vatican • Dissembling (v or adj) – to conceal true feelings under false pretenses • Lies, Sneaky, masked, Casque de Amontilliado, Mean Girls, Phantom of the Opera, Spiderman, masked heroes, Two Face • Propriety (n) – proper behavior • Goody two-shoes, manners, Etiquette, Rich people, Southern hospitality • Trafficked (v) – [past tense] to deal or trade in something illegal • Humans, Drug, Customs at the airport, Pirated, Cars, Dogs, Wildlife

  13. Vocabulary Unit 4 continuedwith student associations • Conjure (v) – to summon by magic • Warlocks, Pokemon, Wizards, Yu-gi-oh!, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, voodoo, witch doctors, witchcraft, Twilight • Providence (n) – the care of God • Mary Rowlandson, the Bible, baptism, blessings, divine protection • Demonic (adj) – evil or devilish • Corroborate (v) – to support with evidence • Casey Anthony, lawsuits, Mafia – covering their tracks, CSI, court • Calumny (n) – false statement to hurt others • Campaigns /elections, mud-slinging, debates

  14. September 21, 2011Bell Assignment • Complete the Affect/Effect worksheet. You may use your notes. • Reminders: • Go to my website and start reviewing the PowerPoint notes (Week 2 and 3) for the texts we’ve read in class. This will help you prepare for our quiz on FRIDAY. • Vocabulary Unit 4 quiz on Friday as well!

  15. “from The History of the Dividing Line”Pg. 50 – William Byrd • First colonizers were “Gentlemen” who were not accustomed to working; so, there was famine (no food) • They were solely living on the supplies they received from England • Captain John Smith – MADE the people WORK thereby, SAVING the colony of Jamestown • England “Replenished” the colony by sending more people (laborers) • Some had gotten sick (diarrhea) and died

  16. “The History of the Dividing Line” • English did NOT intermarry with the Native Americans (but the FRENCH did) • Virginia colonists starting planting and eating Indian corn (finally eat and be able to sustain themselves)

  17. Native American Religion • Interviewed Bearskin • Belief in a God with multiple subordinate deities • Version of “St. Peter at the pearly gates” = Venerable, Old man on the woven cloth at the crystal gate • After death, two paths (bolt of lightning) • “Hell” – Medusa-like woman (rattlesnake hair) • They don’t hold as much respect for women (because of the description of them in “hell”) • Scary depictions of women – panther claws, old, ugly, hags • Always winter; icicles, bitter potatoes for food (caused cramps) • Pain, ulcers, smell bad • “Reincarnation” – are punished for a while, but then are released to go back to earth to “try again” • “Heaven” – beautiful women, forever young, always spring, fruit trees, corn grew without being planted, turkeys, wildlife

  18. September 22, 2011Bell Assignment • Affect vs. Effect Quiz in just a moment • Review your notes and your worksheets that we’ve worked on this week!

  19. Affect vs. Effect Quiz • Explain the difference between AFFECT and EFFECT. • Use the word EFFECT in a sentence correctly. • Use the word AFFECT in a sentence correctly. • Write TWO things you remember (tips/hints) to help you choose which word to use in different situations.

  20. Announcements: • DEA testing for some of you on Monday • Reading test on the computer • Substitute tomorrow – be on BEST behavior please! So Mrs. Goad doesn’t worry  • Assignments are: • Voc. Quiz 4 • Essay Quiz • Do not ask to leave the classroom for ANYTHING (restroom, locker, etc.) • You may listen to iPods as you complete your work tomorrow.

  21. Review Sheet • Review the slide notes on the handout I’ve given you. • If needed, re-read sections of the stories to help you prepare for your quiz. • What you need to know: • How does RELIGION affect LITERATURE in the texts we’ve read? • What are some characteristics of PURITAN religion and NATIVE AMERICAN religion? • Be able to provide examples from our stories.

  22. Background information:pg. 77 – Jonathan Edwards • 1703-1758 • “Fire and brimstone” preaching – he would call out the “sinners” in the congregation • Yale at age 13 • 8 years of missionary work with Sarah • President of Princeton • Died from a smallpox VACCINATION • Brought back Puritan beliefs

  23. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” pg. 79 • “you are going to hell” • “the mere pleasure of God” “God’s hands” – keeping you from hell right now! • Scare-tactic • Mean, all-powerful, judgment, hateful, almost like a game, angry, wrathful • Everyone-sinners • Compares God’s coming wrath to: flood; bow and arrow

  24. Voc. Review • Crucible: a severe test • Theocracy: church/government • Dissembling: sneaky; triflin’, Two-Face • Propriety: honorable, venerable behavior • Trafficked: illegal substances; shipping • Conjure: to summon/call magically • Providence: blessings from God • Demonic: evil, devilish • Corroborate: to support with evidence • Calumny: false words to hurt others, lies, rumors