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Warm-ups, 2 nd 6 weeks PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-ups, 2 nd 6 weeks

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Warm-ups, 2 nd 6 weeks

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  1. Warm-ups, 2nd 6 weeks Pre-AP English I, 2013-2014

  2. Please summarize “The Knight’s Tale” in FIVE sentences (No more). Be sure that your first sentence identifies the title and author (Chaucer), and that the last sentence tells how the story ends. Warm-up #1 Knight’s tale summary 10/07/13

  3. Imagine the most exciting future for yourself (Realistic or not). Then, write a brief scene in which the future you is doing something very exciting! Make sure you include sensory detail (5 senses), and don’t tell the reader who you are or what you do, let us discover it through your writing! Warm-up #2 Future me! 10/08/13

  4. READ : Please re-read through paragraph one of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (TSLOWM). Warm-up #3 “Commander” Mitty Analysis 10/09/13 • Write: • Then identify at least 3 adjectives that describe the captain. For each one, find and write the text evidence that gave you that idea. Be prepared to share!

  5. Warm-up #4 Vocab TEKS 10/17/13 Read: The following is a list of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for English I that can be seen when students complete a set of vocabulary sentences. Write each one in your own words: 1.1 E Use a dictionary or thesaurus to determine or confirm the meaning of words. 1.1-A Use and understand the function of parts of speech in writing 1.17-C Use a variety of correctly structured sentences (Simple, compound, complex, etc.) 1.13 Revise drafts to improve sentence variety after rethinking

  6. Warm-up #5 Vocab synonyms 10/18/13 • Vocabulary, Weeks 7-8 • antiseptic, bedlam, boisterous, cheerio, derisive, disdainful, disengage, distraught, ebb, interminable, intermittent, jovial, overshoe, pandemonium, paraphernalia, petulant, profuse, rakish, regress, sober, tendency, tertiary, tousle, underfoot • **Vocabulary test on Monday! • Synonyms • abundant, agitated, beneath, chaos, charming, cheery, ciao, continuous, decay, derisive, disarrange, ebb, gear, habit, irritable, mocking, occasional, rowdy, ruckus, serious, sterilizer, third, withdraw, work boot • **Be prepared! In a minute you will find on this screen a list of your vocabulary words for weeks 7-8. Also, you will find a list of synonyms. Please consider each synonym and find its matching vocabulary word. Write down each synonym pair! **Vocabulary Test on Monday.

  7. Warm-up #6 APES and restating 10/24/13 Restating: Take out your apes notes Example Question: What is the capital of the state of Texas? Example Answer: The Capital of the state of Texas is _____________. Question 2: Consider the significance of the title “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in relation to the story. What is one way that the title is significant? Answer (2)(Please write a one sentence SET-UP to answer this question. Look at the example, use a blank in place of the actual answer)

  8. Warm-up #7 Adjective clause story 10/30/13 Read:The story you have been handed. Think:about what really happened in this story. With your seat partner, brainstorm a scenario which would make the ending make sense. Write:Then, together, create this scenario using adjective clauses! (See handout) • **Remember that adjective clauses begin with relative pronouns (that, which, whom, who, whose) or Relative Adjectives (where, when, why).

  9. Warm-up #8 TV Facts and figures 10/31/13 Read through the handout on “Facts and figures about our T.V. habits” Writea paragraph in which you discuss the HANDOUT. Here are some ideas (which you may use, or not!) What fact or figure was the most interesting to you? In what way? Do you think about TV viewing differently after reading through this sheet? What would a “Facts and figures about our cell phone/internet habits” look like? Which is the bigger issue in 2013?

  10. Warm-up #9 Vocab practice 11/13/13 I have ____ this burden longer than I thought possible. I want ____ from the man that has done me wrong. It is time for him to grow up and ____ the unthinkable act he has committed. With the cross I have borne all this time, all I desperately want is ____ from the weight of this. His ____ sin has ____ me to the path of life I no longer wish to lead. My anger towards his unthinkable act as well as his inability to make amends allows the opportunity for me to fantasize about his ____.