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2 nd Nine Weeks PowerPoint Presentation
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2 nd Nine Weeks

2 nd Nine Weeks

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2 nd Nine Weeks

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  1. SAT Vocabulary 2nd Nine Weeks

  2. abhor VERB Definition: To regard with extreme repugnance; to detest utterly; to loathe If there is one particular food I abhor, it is canned apricots. Use this word in a sentence.

  3. Accolade noun Definition: praise; an award He received many accolades for being an excellent athlete. Respond in one sentence: What have you received accolades for?

  4. Ascetic Definition: absent of luxury The rich fool could not understand the ascetic life led by the monk. Think of 2 antonyms for this word.

  5. Bequeath Definition: To hand down; to give or to leave in a will I bequeathed my gym shorts to my brother after I graduated from high school. If you knew you were going to die, what would you bequeath to a friend? Use the word in your response.

  6. charlatan Definition: One who claims to know something that he does not The side show featured a charlatan posing as a mind reader. Ask a question using this word.

  7. Conflagration Definition: a large fire The nation was shocked to see the Confederateflag overwhelmed by a conflagration. Use this word in a sentence.

  8. Dearth Definition: A lack of, scarcity What do you lack? Write a sentence using the word dearth. The dearth of water led to the cracked earth.

  9. Diffidence Definition: shyness, reserve, unassertiveness List two antonyms for this word. My niece’s diffidence causes her to appear less silly than she actually is.

  10. Effervescent Definition: showing high spirits Actress Kate Hudson is known for her effervescent personality. What other well known person is known for an effervescent personality? Answer this using the word in your sentence.

  11. Ethereal Definition: heavenly, unusually delicate, light, lacking material substance, intangible Elves in Lord of the Rings give off an ethereal glow. What can you think of that is ethereal? Write a sentence using the word.

  12. Expunge • Definition: to remove, to erase The misdemeanor was expunged from his record when he turned seventeen. What do you wish you could expunge from your past? Write a 3 sentence response using the word expunge.

  13. Guile Definition: Deceitfulness, cunning The woman was a victim of guile when the lawyer lied to convince her to give him all her money. Name two antonyms for guile.

  14. Implausible • Definition: not believable His description of UFOs and flying saucers was so implausible that no one would believe him. Write a sentence using this word. What is something that is implausible?

  15. incongruity Nonconformity, disagreement, incompatibility The incongruity between the two types of styles made me question if I was in the right store. Write a sentence using this word.

  16. Insularity Definition: narrow mindedness of opinion The insularity of the judge made it difficult to convince him that I was innocent. List 1 synonym for this word.

  17. Morose Definition: being sullen or gloomy, bad tempered My boss had a morose personality that made me grumpy at work. List 2 antonyms for Morose.

  18. placate Definition: to appease, calm, or pacify by making concessions (or giving in) The husband forgot his wife’s birthday so he tried to placate her by buying her perfume. Write a sentence using this word.

  19. Poignant Definition: piercing, incisive, and keen The saleswomen’s poignant words about her weight made her cry. Think of 1 synonym and 1 antonym for this word.

  20. Provincial Definition: lacking sophistication, narrow- minded It can refer to someone who has a limited, restricted, or non-sophisticated mentality or habits. The family was so provincial they did not allow their daughter to date until she was twenty. 1. What connotation is associated with this word? Positive or negative? 2. What other vocabulary word is this related to?

  21. Reiterate Definition: to repeat The coach wanted to reiterate how badly he wanted to win in order to motivate the players. Write a question using this word. Good Luck Football & Volleyball!

  22. Spontaneous Definition: acting on impulse The girls decided to spontaneously jump in a fountain. Write a sentence using this word.

  23. Synthesis • Definition: combination of parts into a whole Write a sentence for this word. The partners decided that their collage would be a visual synthesis.

  24. Toxic Definition: poisonous Kryptonite is toxic to superman. List something you can think of that is toxic.

  25. Vigilant Definition: very alert, watchful Batman is vigilant and considered a Vigilante because he watches over Gotham City. Write a sentence using another character/ superhero who is vigilant.

  26. Voluble Definition: ability to use words easily , fluent The anchorman had to be a voluble speaker in order to be good at his job. In what other professions do you need to be a voluble speaker. List 2 professions using the word in a sentence.