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1. Presentation Overview. Solar Industry Overview Intro into Solar Photovoltaics Types of PV Systems Solar Product Offering Solar Combiner Boxes Solar Pass Through Boxes Solar Cord Grips. Solar Industry. Solar Industry Market Expected to increase to $127B by 2016

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presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Solar Industry Overview
  • Intro into Solar Photovoltaics
  • Types of PV Systems
  • Solar Product Offering
    • Solar Combiner Boxes
    • Solar Pass Through Boxes
    • Solar Cord Grips
solar industry
Solar Industry
  • Solar Industry Market
    • Expected to increase to $127B by 2016
    • Driven by Renewable Energy acts
    • Federal and State funding
    • Rebates for extra energy consumption
    • Falling module and installation costs
    • ARRA certification

The Solar Industry Is Big, Global & Growing!


off grid solar pv systems
Off-Grid Solar PV Systems
  • Off-Grid PV systems
    • Stand alone system
    • Battery back up
    • Low voltage electricity generation 12, 24, or 48V
    • Typically provide DC power to smaller systems (lights, signs, etc)
    • “I don’t want to run power from the line side”
grid tied solar pv systems
Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems
  • Grid-Tied (on-grid) PV systems
    • System that is connected to a large independent grid (typically public) and feeds power into that grid
    • The electricity demand is met by the system and the excess is fed directly to the grid
    • Inverter is required to convert DC electricity to AC
    • Used in high voltage electricity generation – 600-1000V (buildings, residential rooftops, solar farms)
solar combiner solutions
Solar Combiner Solutions

Typical Grid-Tie PV System

combiner box basic offering
Combiner Box Basic Offering
  • 600VDC continuous duty
  • UL1741 Listed
  • 90°C output terminals
  • Fiberglass enclosure provided as standard
  • UV absorber
  • Touch safe components
select enclosure type
Select Enclosure Type
  • Fiberglass N4X (standard)
  • Painted Steel N3R
  • Stainless Steel N4X
select number of input circuits
Select Number of Input Circuits
  • Offered from 1 to 48 input circuits
  • Touch safe
  • Din Rail Mounted
select fused or not fused
Select Fused or Not Fused
  • PV specific fuse
  • Offered in 8, 10, 12, or 15A
  • Rated at 1000VDC
  • Breaking capacity 33kA
select integral disconnect
Select Integral Disconnect
  • Disconnect switches offered in 100, 200, 400A
  • Max current can never exceed disconnect rating
  • Save time, labor & space!
select surge protection
Select Surge Protection
  • PV specific surge protection
  • Rated at 600VDC & 1000VDC
  • Rated 15kA per pole
additional combiner options
Additional Combiner Options
  • 1000VDC Rated Combiners
  • Custom & Complete Solutions
cch solar product offering
CCH Solar Product Offering
  • Recombiners
    • Larger PV systems may require a need to combine the wires from several combiner boxes
    • Sometimes referred to as array or sub combiners
    • Consult factory
cch solar product offering1
CCH Solar Product Offering
  • Heavy Duty Disconnect Switches
    • 600VDC/ VAC
    • 30, 60, 100, 200A
    • 3 Pole 3 Wire
    • N3R & N4X
    • Fusible or Non-Fusible
    • *400A & 4 Pole available upon request
solar pass through box
Solar Pass Through Box
  • Used in residential applications
  • Provides low profile, cost effective solution
  • Transitions solar PV wire into traditional building wire
  • Designed for PV applications where over current protection is not necessary due to the low power rating of the PV string
  • Sometimes referred to as a “Transition Box”
  • Available in 3 and 4 circuit
solar pass through box1
Solar Pass Through Box

Fiberglass (N4X) enclosure provided as standard offering long dependable service in the most environmental conditions

Rated 600VDC continuous duty

Lightweight design offers easy mounting capabilities. Optional mounting feet are available for increased customer flexibility

Constructed in accordance with UL1741 standards providing spacious wiring room for quick easy wire termination

Skinned over glands offer flexibility to use from 1-13 available holes while still providing a liquid tight seal around the wire(s)

Factory installed 9 or 13 Multi hole CG allows for entry of multiple PV wires

solar cord grips
Solar Cord Grips
  • Used in residential applications
  • Multi-hole design allows for the entry of multiple PV wires coming into a combiner or pass through box
  • Provide mechanical strain relief as well as a liquid tight seal around the solar panel wires
  • Available in 1” (9 hole) and 1-1/4” (13 hole)
solar cord grips1
Solar Cord Grips

No disassembly required!

Solar cord grips offer customer flexibility by allowing the termination from 1 to 13 PV wires in a single connector

Skinned over glands provide a durable, liquid tight seal around the wires

Multi-hole cord grip to allow for entry of multiple PV wires

contact information
Contact Information