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Job Interviews. A. Purpose of the Interview. 1. Company - Find the best person 2. Person (Interviewee) - Find the best job . B. Things that impress the interviewer. 1. Familiar with company and position Do your research!! 2. What prospective employees can do for the company?.

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A purpose of the interview
A. Purpose of the Interview

1. Company - Find the best person

2. Person (Interviewee) - Find the best job

B things that impress the interviewer
B. Things that impress the interviewer

1. Familiar with company and position

Do your research!!

2. What prospective employees can do for the company?

C things that do not impress the interviewer
C. Things that do not impress the interviewer

1. Applicants who claim to be so flexible that they can do anything

D interviewer will evaluate 1 physical attributes
D. Interviewer will evaluate1. Physical Attributes

a. Appearance

For Women:

  • Business Suit w/hose

  • Sensible polished pumps

  • Wear simple jewelry

For Men:

  • Business Suit or Jacket

  • Clean, ironed shirt

  • Conservative tie

  • Polished shoes

B grooming

For Women:

Moderate make-up & perfume

Hair & fingernails well groomed

For Men:


Facial hair neatly trimmed

Hair & fingernails well groomed

Use cologne/after-shave sparingly

b. Grooming

c. Posture

d. Eye Contact

e. Smile

f. Voice Quality

g. Handshake - firm, not wimpy

2 personal qualities

a. Promptness - 15 min. early

b. Intelligence - use proper English

c. Maturity

d. Self-confidence

e. Positive Attitude - w/o negative comments

f. Sincerity - wanting the position

g. Enthusiasm

h. Flexibility

I. Courtesy or Tact

2. Personal Qualities

3 communication skills

a. Listening

b. Speaking

c. Speech easily understood

1. Mumble

2.Talk too fast

d. Voice make a favorable impression

e. Enunciate clearly and pronounce accurately

f. Listen and think clearly under pressure

g. What you say logical and to the point

h. Exchange ideas easily

I. Tone reflect enthusiasm about job &company

3. Communication Skills

E preparing for the interview
E. Preparing for the Interview

1. Review your application

2. Bring add’l copies of resumes, list of references, portfolio or any work samples

3. Anticipate questions and plan points of emphasis

4. Prepare questions for the interviewer

a. About the job and the company

b. Sources: 1. Internet

2. Dictionary of Occupational Titles

3. Careers Encyclopedia

F rehearse the interview
F. Rehearse the Interview

1. Practice the Introduction

“Mr. Smith, I’m Susan Zocher. I’m an applicant for ______ position.”

2. Practice the Closing

“Thank you for interviewing Mr. Smith. I shall look forward to hearing from you.”

3. Rehearsals can make these flow & seem natural

G at the interview
G. At The Interview

1. Appearance Reflects:

a. Level of Maturity

b. Personality

c. Feelings about the interview

2. Be:

a. Polite b. Courteous

c. Alert d. Prompt

G at the interview cont
G. At The Interview Cont.

3. Make eye contact & smile as you shake hands

4. Don’t sit until invited

5. Use the interviewer’s name

6. Be honest and don’t bluff

7. Don’t chew gum, bring food, or use tobacco

8. Don’t bring a friend

9. Don’t be critical of anyone or anything

10. Avoid negative body language

H conclusion of the interview
H. Conclusion of the Interview

1. Rise

2. Shake hands

3. Thank the interviewer for his/her time and courtesy

I person who gets the job will
I. Person Who Gets the Job Will

1. Possess the knowledge & skills for the job

2. Communicates effectively with others

3. Gets along with and cooperates with others

4. Thinks logically and makes intelligent decisions

5. Demonstrates leadership potential

6. Seriously interested in pursuing a career

Congratulations you got the job
Congratulations!You Got The Job!!