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SSR time…get back into the groove . College Prep 4-1-13. Critical thinking. You get SSR AND critical thinking in one day?! Lucky….. For your critical thinking, you have a couple choices…. . 20 min . Choose one. Integrated Curriculum vs Traditional school

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Critical thinking
Critical thinking

  • You get SSR AND critical thinking in one day?! Lucky…..

  • For your critical thinking, you have a couple choices…..

  • 20 min

Choose one
Choose one

  • Integrated Curriculum vs Traditional school

    • Should schools teach classes by subject matter OR should we teach projects that include all subjects

  • Cell phone use in school

    • Should students be allowed to use cell phones or should we ban them

  • Random locker searches

    • Should schools conduct random locker searches regularly

Now lets debate a bit
Now lets debate a bit

  • I want to see who chose what and what side they were on…

  • You now have another choice, would you like to debate me or another student

    • I reserve the right to debate whenever I feel the need…ha ha

  • As you listen to the debate, evaluate the effectiveness of the arguments

    • Look for:

      • Claim, evidence, warrant

      • Counterargument

Ill judge you for judging
Ill judge you for judging

  • First topic:

    • What arguments were raised?

      • Thesis for both sides

    • Evidence to support the thesis?

      • Was the evidence pertinent? (relevant…vocab #2)

    • Did each speaker anticipate and address a counterargument?

      • If not….how could we have addressed these issues?

  • Second topic:

    • See above

  • Third topic:

    • Ditto for sho dough

Generating criteria
Generating Criteria

  • YAY!!!!! We get to do some of my favorite stuff all over again

  • Lets generate criteria about what makes a good argument

    • Hope we remember how to do this

    • (You are going to be so rad at this by the end of the semester)

  • NOTE: This criteria list will become my evaluation tool by which your eventual papers will be graded (along with MOVIES). So you better make sure your voice is heard

    • But this should be an evolving document, so its not set in stone today

Our criteria for effective arguments
Our Criteria for effective arguments

  • Here we go yall

  • Help a brother type this up Brie

Our unit
Our Unit

  • As I told you a few weeks back, we are now going to work on research papers

  • But these research papers are not like the ones you’ve done before (well…they are but the will be framed differently)

  • We are going to write argument research papers

  • EVENTUALLY, you will chose a controversial aspect of the topic you chose, research that issue, and construct an argument for or against a position

This is important because
This is important because…

  • 1) Everything is an argument!!!!!!!!!!!! But you know this

  • 2) You will do this type of research paper in your first year of college (at most universities).

  • 3) And, maybe most importantly, the skills needed to be successful in this endeavor will help you get what you want for the rest of your life

    • And we always want to get what we want (tautology….here’s your vocab word of the day)

How we re going to break this down
How we’re going to break this down

  • You should remember some of this because we have gone over it before

  • Throughout the unit you will:

    • Take a position on an issue

    • Develop a series of claims in support of the position

    • Supportclaimswith specific data or evidence

    • Include warrants to clarify the connection between the data and the claim

    • Anticipate counterarguments or counterevidence

    • Respond to or rebut counterarguments or counterevidence

    • RAFT the heck out of writing

    • Our old friends, ethos, pathos, and logos will make an appearance

    • Mind Trap…if you are lucky


  • Lookie here

  • This is college level stuff here ladies and gents

Wanna see what this looks like in real life
Wanna see what this looks like in real life?

  • This is an actual conversation between teachers…debating the first topic