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Crucible Reverse Jeopardy

Crucible Reverse Jeopardy . Who is the protagonist of The Crucible?. John Proctor. Back. Who are the Antagonists of The Crucible?. Abigail and Danforth. Back. Why is Parris so afraid to have Betty named as a witch?. He could lose his job and reputation. Back.

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Crucible Reverse Jeopardy

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  1. Crucible Reverse Jeopardy

  2. Who is the protagonist of The Crucible?

  3. John Proctor Back

  4. Who are the Antagonists of The Crucible?

  5. Abigail and Danforth Back

  6. Why is Parris so afraid to have Betty named as a witch?

  7. He could lose his job and reputation. Back

  8. How do John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse see the events differently from the rest of the community?

  9. They think the whole situation is fake and that it will just blow over after a while. Back

  10. Mary Warren “I’m- I am an official of the court, they say, and I-”

  11. Mary has a new sense of power and likes to feel important. Back

  12. What does Rev. Hale possibly believe regarding the guilt of people by the end of Act 2?

  13. Perhaps innocent people are being accused. Back

  14. Why do people “part like the sea” when Abigail enters the room?

  15. They fear her power to accuse them. Back

  16. Why does Mary Warren continue to accuse people even after first admitting that Abigail is a fraud?

  17. She is afraid of Abigail. Back

  18. Which character is the center of all the land disputes?

  19. Thomas Putnam Back

  20. What does Abigail mean when she states, “Think you be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits? Beware of it!”

  21. I can accuse you (Danforth) just as easily as anyone else. Back

  22. Where does The Crucible take place?

  23. Salem, Massachusetts Back

  24. In what year does the Salem Witch Trial take place?

  25. 1692-1693 Back

  26. What about the Puritan mindset made it possible to accept the events of the trial?

  27. High religious focus and the focus on the spiritual realm. Back

  28. What can you conclude about Parris after a dagger is thrown at him?

  29. He is fearful for his life.Or He was hated by the community. Back

  30. Daily Double

  31. How does Danforth handle the accusations against his court?

  32. He finds reasons not to listen to evidence regarding his failing court. Back

  33. What can you conclude from the references made to the town of Andover?

  34. People have rebelled and overthrown the courts in Andover. Back

  35. Which two people would be considered an example of a literary Foil?

  36. Parris and HaleorMary Warren and Abigail Back

  37. Why is it important to Danforth and Parris that Proctor confess?

  38. It will prove that the court was right. Back

  39. What is the mood of the play after the opening scene of Act 3?

  40. Dark and Despairing Back

  41. Elizabeth states, “He have his goodness now”

  42. He now has self-respect and a good heart.OrShe and God have forgiven him. Back

  43. What event foreshadows the accusing of Elizabeth Proctor?

  44. The private conversation between Proctor and Abigail Back

  45. What is the climax of Act 3?

  46. Proctor is accused Back

  47. What is implied by John’s statement,“It is my name”

  48. John does not want to discredit his name with a lie. It is more important to have honor than life. Back

  49. Why are Tituba and Goody Good some of the first characters to be accused?

  50. They are of lower social status Back

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