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Written Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Written Communication

Written Communication

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Written Communication

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  1. Written Communication Nicole – Clyn - Javier The passive voice

  2. Outline of presentation • How to change active to passive • When to use ‘by’ • Situations for passive • Different verb tenses • Play with the passive voice

  3. The definition of the passive voice In traditional grammar, verb form (or voice) in which the grammatical subject receives the verb`s action • Why use passive voice ? • The doer of the action is unknown, unwanted, or unneeded in the sentence • The writer wishes to emphasize the action of the sentence rather than the doer of the action •  The writer wishes to use passive voice for sentence variety.

  4. How to change active to passive Example: “Justin mailed the letter” 2 1 3 Active Voice Passive Voice Justin mailed the letter The letter was mailed by Justin Subject Verb Direct Object Subject Verb + be auxiliary Prepositional phrase

  5. When to use ‘by’ When the writer wishes to emphasize the doer of the action rather than the action that is being performed Example: A suspect was questioned for sixteen hours by the police

  6. Situations for passive • When do we use the passive voice? •  To emphasize the action with the unknown subject • Active: Someone killed that woman last night. (who killed her?) • That woman was killed last night. •  To emphasize an object • Active: All the Universities in US required 2recommend letters ( how many letters are required?) • Two recommend letters are required to apply for university

  7. Different verb tenses "to be" + a past participle • Simple Present: • Present perfect: • Past: • Past perfect: • Future: • Future perfect: • Present progressive: • Past progressive: • The car is designed The car has been designed The car was designed The car had been designed The car will be designed The car will have been designed The car is being designed The car was being designed

  8. Play with passive voice Simple Present Active The company ships the computers to many foreign countries ??? Passive Computers are shipped to many foreign countries

  9. Play with passive voice Present Progressive Active The chef is preparing the food ??? Passive The food is being prepared by the chef

  10. Play with passive voice Simple Past Active The delivery man delivered the package yesterday ??? Passive The package was delivered yesterday by the delivery man

  11. Play with passive voice PastProgressive Active The producer was making an announcement ??? Passive An announcement was being made by the producer

  12. Play with passive voice Future Active Our representative will pick up the computer ??? Passive The computer will be picked up by our representative

  13. Play with passive voice PresentPerfect Active Someone has made the arrangements for us ??? Passive The arrangements have been made for us

  14. Play with passive voice PastPerfect Active They had given us visas for three months ??? Passive We had been given visas for three months

  15. Play with passive voice FuturePerfect Active By next month we will have finished this job ??? Passive By next month this job will have been finished

  16. Play with passive voice Modals Active You can use the computer ??? Passive The computer can be used

  17. Thank you very much 非常感谢 cảm ơn bạnrất nhiều Muchas gracias