sharepoint is down solutions for high availability and disaster recovery l.
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SharePoint is Down: Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint is Down: Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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SharePoint is Down: Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SharePoint is Down: Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery
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  1. Required Slide SESSION CODE: OSP318 SharePoint is Down: Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery Bill Baer Technical Product Manager Microsoft Corporation

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  3. Agendawhat we plan to cover… • Introduction • New in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010… • Planning and Other Considerations • Scenarios • Q & A

  4. Introductionsome information about me… • Technical Product Manager in the SharePoint Product Group • Previously Technology Architect in SharePoint Online • Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2007 • Microsoft Certified Master Instructor for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 • Hewlett-Packard MVP in Hewlett-Packard’s Technology Solutions Group • Connect w/ Bill on • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Spaces • TechNet

  5. Forwardwhat we will and won’t discuss… • What’s covered… • Improvements in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 • Business continuity management solutions on the Microsoft “stack” • What’s not covered… • Partner, ISV, and 3rd party solutions • Design and implementation of business continuity management solutions

  6. Objectivesat the end of this session you should… • Understand the improvements that support business continuity management solutions in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 • Understand the basic capabilities of Data Protection Manager 2010 • Understand the importance of planning solutions targeted at specific scenarios

  7. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010what’s new and improved… • Improved site deletion logic • Configuration only backup • Script dependent operations have UI entry points • Browse content through Central Administration • Unattached content database data recovery • Snapshot support • Read only support • Database mirroring support • New Service Application architecture

  8. Planninggetting started with continuity management solutions… • Understand what to protect before how to protect it… • Apply objectives • Service Level Agreements • Recovery Point Objectives • Recovery Time Objectives • Understand what is provided out of the box… • Understand business continuity management is an ongoing process

  9. Technology Positioning Failover Clustering Geo-clustering or Synchronous Database Mirroring P2P Replication Log Shipping RTO Backup/Restore

  10. Understandwhat you need to know before you get started… • Content comprises a deployment in most cases • Configuration is key to replication • As RPO/RTO decrease, continuity costs increase • Understand differences between cold standby versus warm standby solutions • Understand what SharePoint provides and how to use it to your advantage • Data loss is non-negotiable

  11. Cold Standby Solutions Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  12. Recycle Binprovides simple content recovery… • Recycle Bin • Two-stage implementation • Self service recovery of most content in first stage • Site collection administrator recovery in second stage • Enabled by default • Configured on per Web application basis • Relatively unchanged in 2010

  13. Versioningprotects items and files from overwrite… • Provides multiple copies of the same document • Protects documents from overwrite • Enabled at the library or list level • Items and files can be versioned • Relatively unchanged in 2010 • New Efficient File Transfer (FSSHTTP) between client and server

  14. Unattached Content Database Data Recoveryprovides simple content recovery +… • Enables recovery of… • Site collections • Sites • Lists • Document Libraries • Does not require database Web application attach • Supports SQL Server snapshots • Enables content browsing

  15. Snapshotsprovide additional backup resiliency… • Creates a stable point-in-time view of the site data to minimize the possibility of corrupt backups, while still allowing the site to be read+write for end users • Can be programmatically leveraged with Backup-SPSite and Export-SPWeb • Can use the SPDatabase.Snapshots property to access the SPDatabaseSnapshotCollectionclass to schedule snapshots • Test your solution to ensure that it's appropriate for your data type • Databases that involve a lot of updates will cause poor performance and high storage needs as more snapshots are taken

  16. Unattached Content Database Data Recovery / Snapshots Bill BaerTechnical Product ManagerMicrosoft Corporation DEMO

  17. Data Protection Managerprovides simple content recovery and much, much more… • Enables recovery of… • Site collections • Sites • Lists • Document Libraries • List Items (I.e. Large Binary Objects) • Not limited to just content database subordinate objects • Does not require a recovery farm (2010) • Does not protect Search Service applications

  18. Data Protection Manager 2010enterprise ready… Disk-based Recovery Online Snapshots (up to 512) Active Directory® System State Up to Every 15 minutes Data Protection Manager Tape-based Backup Disaster Recovery with offsite replication & tape Data Protection Manager file services

  19. Large Binary Objectsare the bulk of your content… • Think “inside” of the box • BLOBs are contained in Content Databases • SQL Server or SharePoint backups are adequate in most cases • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 enables limited recovery without Web application attach

  20. Service Applicationsconsiderations and general information on protection… • SharePoint backup provides optimal coverage with minimal effort • Improved resiliency and scale, particularly Search • Data Protection Manager can be used

  21. Service Applicationswhat can I use…

  22. Farmsolutions for all of the above and then some… • SharePoint and Data Protection Manager are the key solutions • SQL Server alone is not an option • VSS Writer potentially, but would require significant investments – reserved for ISV’s in most cases

  23. Farm Backupwhat can I use…

  24. Configurationbacking and restoring configuration settings… • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 enables new configuration-only backup • Supported through Central Administration, STSADM, Windows PowerShell, and code • Primarily protects solutionsh • * Can be used for replicating one environment’s configuration to another

  25. Configuration Backupwhat can I use…

  26. Customizationsbacking up and restoring customizations… • Note to developers – package all customizations as solutions • Web application (content database) and Farm backup cover custom and user code solutions • Redeployment is required on recovery

  27. Gradual Site Deleteresolves lock escalation… • Gradual Site Delete • Mitigates locks and lock escalation • Benefits ECM scenarios Gradual Site Delete Remove Content Check dbo.SiteDeletion dbo.SiteMap dbo.Sites /sites/contoso dbo.SiteDeletion /sites/contoso Remove SiteMap Reference Remove Sites Reference <GUID> Add SiteDeletion Reference

  28. DIYbusiness continuity management on your terms… • API available to create SharePoint-based solutions • VSS Writer • Think “outside” of the box • Site Recycle Bin • Uses SiteDeleted and WebEvents + backup or PRIME APIs • CodePlex solution works in 2010 without modification

  29. Backup Recovery Scenariosgetting it all back… • Backups can be performed to support many recovery scenarios. Common scenarios include: • Recreate a farm on new hardware, or in a different location, assuming that no parts of the original farm are available. (Disaster recovery) • Create a new farm based on an existing farm’s configuration and backups • Create backups to support highly-available farms • Archive versions of a site • Use unattached databases to recover site collections, sites or lists (documents possible with OM)

  30. Partners • Quest • AvePoint

  31. Warm Standby Solutions Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  32. Service Application Architecturehow the new Service Architecture can help… • Shared Services Provider concept retired • New model provides a set of components that can be distributed across servers • Servers become role agnostic • Flexibility, scale, redundancy through component-based approach • Services are now a logical architecture • Example: Search • Components: Crawl, Property, and Administration • Internal: Index Partitions

  33. Read-Only Modedisaster recovery scenarios through read-only environments… • Read-only support provided for • Service Applications • Content databases • Service Applications • Implemented through applying a IsReadOnly flag on the Shared Service Application Layer • Granularity of Read-Only can span a Subscription (Partition) ID to allow for a multi-tenancy hosting environment perform maintenance on groups of users • Content databases • Implemented through setting the IsReadOnlySPDatabaseproperty programmatically

  34. Read-Only Content Database Bill BaerTechnical Product ManagerMicrosoft Corporation DEMO

  35. Database Mirroringnew support for SQL Server database mirroring… • New Database Mirroring awareness in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 • Expands out of the box high availability solutions beyond Failover Clustering • UI entry points in most cases; otherwise, complimented with Windows PowerShell support (code sample coming up)

  36. Database Mirroring Param([String]$database,[String]$server ) functionMain() { $db= get-spdatabase | where {$_.Name -eq$database} $db.AddFailoverServiceInstance($server) $db.Update() Write-Host "Database $database configured with failover server instance $server." } Main * Commands vary for Service Applications

  37. Failover Clusteringnew opportunities, same supportability… • Windows Server 2003 • Status quo • Windows Server 2008 • Supports geographically dispersed clusters is Multi-Site Clustering • Nodes can now reside on different, routed subnets • Enables both high availability and geographically disperse disaster recovery • Improved scale with GPT

  38. Log Shippingcontent replication solutions through SQL Server Log Shipping… • Think “inside” of the box • Cost effective and available to 99% of deployments • Think “outside” of the box • Distributed File System Replication attach opportunity • Use in lieu of Log Shipping Copy Job • Provides increased performance and security • New Configuration Database changes eliminate detach/attach scenarios

  39. SQL Server 2008get more with SQL Server 2008… • Backup Compression • Transparent Data Encryption • Torn Page Repair • Log Stream Compression Content database with ~370K documents SQL 2008 with compression ran the backup 48% faster and consumed only 20% of the disk used by SQL 2005

  40. Partners • Hewlett-Packard • EMC

  41. Summaryin the end… • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 opens the door to new business continuity management solutions • Business continuity management is an ongoing process • Data loss is non-negotiable • Planning is critical and tested when you need it most • Out of the box, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides a robust set of capabilities to drive effective business continuity management

  42. Additional Resourcesto compliment what we covered… • TechNet • Plan for Business Continuity Management (SharePoint Server 2010) • Plan to Protect Content by using Recycle Bins and Versioning (SharePoint Server 2010) • Plan for Backup and Recovery (SharePoint Server 2010) • Backup and Recovery Overview (SharePoint Server 2010) • Backup and Recovery (SharePoint Server 2010) • Getting Started: Backups

  43. Database Mirroring Mechanics Web Server Confirmation sent to client 4 Transaction submitted to mirror Acknowledge message sent to principal 2 Mirror SQL Server Principal SQL Server 3 Transaction completed on mirror Write transaction to log Write transaction to database 1 2 2

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