The big6 information literacy model
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THE BIG6 INFORMATION LITERACY MODEL. The Big6 provides a framework to approach any information based question. It can be used any time students need to gather information to solve a problem or complete a task. What is the Big6?.

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The big6 information literacy model


The Big6 provides a framework to approach any information based question.

It can be used any time students need to gather information to solve a problem or complete a task.

What is the big6
What is the Big6?

  • Is a process that will help you solve a problem or accomplish a task.

  • It helps you organize your thoughts and information.

  • It helps you find the answer to questions.

  • It helps you find solutions to problems.

  • It is an easy way to locate information.

What are the skill areas
What are the skill areas?

  • Task Definition

  • Information Seeking Strategies

  • Location and Access

  • Use of Information

  • Synthesis

  • Evaluation

Step 1 what do i need to do
Step 1: What do I need to do?

  • Define the Information Problem.

    *What does your teacher want you to do?

    *Ask questions if you do not understand

    theassignment or task.

  • What information do I need in order to complete this assignment?

    *Create a list of questions.

    *Use the “research topic triangle”

Research topic triangle
Research Topic Triangle

General: Electronic Technology

Narrower: Electronic Devices


Electronic Devices In Schools

Limited Topic:

Should Electronic Devices

Be Allowed In Schools?

Step 2 what can i use to find what i need
Step 2: What can I use to find what I need?

  • Brainstorm

    *Make a list of places you can search for


  • Evaluate the sources

    *Look carefully at your list to see what is

    available and easy to use.

  • Don’t forget web sources

    *Don’t always believe what you see. Make

    sure your sources is reliable. Use .edu,

    .gov, .org; be cautious with .com and .net.

Places to find information
Places to Find Information

  • School Library Books and Journals

    *You will mainly use Non-fiction and journals

  • School Library Databases

    *Encarta, Tennessee Electronic Library

  • Public Library Books and Journals

    *Mount Pleasant Public or Maury County

    Public in Columbia

  • Internet Websites

    *Use .edu, .gov., or .org. Be cautious using

    .com and .net.

  • College and/or University Libraries


Step 3 where can i find what i need
Step 3: Where can I find what I need?

  • Locate Sources

    *Where can I find these sources?

    *Who can help me find what I need?

  • Find Information within the Sources

    *Books: Use Index or Table of Contents

    *Encyclopedias: Use indexes

    *Web Sites: Use search box

    *Magazines: Scan front

Step 4 what can i use from these sources
Step 4: What can I use from these sources?

  • Read, listen, view, & touch the sources

    *Extract information: Ask for help if you

    don’t understand the information in the


  • Take notes

    *Use note cards for information & sources

  • Cite your sources

    * Use at least three sources

    *Cite your sources using the MLA style

    *Check your citation by using an online

    citation maker

Step 5 what can i make to use to finish the job
Step 5: What can I make to use to finish the job?

  • Organize your information

    *Write a rough draft

    *Create a storyboard

    *Create an outline or concept map

    *Create a multimedia presentation

  • Present your information

    *Remember to follow guidelines

    provided by your teacher

    *Include you ideas – do not just

    summarize your findings

    *Remember to create a

    bibliography and cite your sources

Step 6 how will i know i did my job well
Step 6: How will I know I did my job well?

  • Judge your product

    *Did I do everything that the teacher required?

    *Is my work neat?

    *Did I give the correct citations for information


    *Did I include name, date, etc?

  • Think about what you did to complete the assignment

    *What skills have I learned and what did I do


    *What would I do different next time?

    *What information sources did I need that the

    library did not have?

    *What information sources were the most


Project complete
Project Complete

  • Remember to complete all checklist for the best possible results.