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Adding Value to ISU Travel

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Adding Value to ISU Travel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adding Value to ISU Travel. Presented by: Jodi Renze, Purchasing Agent. Introductions . Name Department What is your role in booking travel/meetings? What is one thing you want to learn more about today?. Travel Policy Basics.

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adding value to isu travel

Adding Value to ISU Travel

Presented by:

Jodi Renze, Purchasing Agent

  • Name
  • Department
  • What is your role in booking travel/meetings?
  • What is one thing you want to learn more about today?
travel policy basics
Travel Policy Basics
  • Iowa State University’s Travel Policies are based primarily on Board or Regents and State of Iowa requirements for business travel
  • Travel expenses for ISU Faculty and Staff are personally reimbursable
    • Meaning transportation and expenses are paid by the traveler, then reimbursed when travel is concluded. Expenses must meet travel policy requirements.
  • Travel expenses for groups (or non ISU employees), where ISU pays expenses directly or reimburses expenses for the group or individual must follow the University’s procurement policies
    • Determine both allowability of expenses and issuance of payments
    • Ensure safety and well being of group participants
  • Programs which are partially or wholly funded with Federal grant funds must comply with federal policies
before the trip
Before the Trip
  • Get Authorization prior to Traveling
    • Travel Status Insurance Coverage
    • Funding Approval
  • Business vs. Personal Travel
    • Get documentation of the cost difference between a business-only trip and a business/personal trip
      • Cost difference of flights
      • Hotel room (add’l cost for double occupancy)
      • You are responsible to pay the difference if it’s more
      • Include the entire length of your trip on the authorization form, and state which days are business, and which are personal
      • Required to take leave for personal travel days
expenses are based on actual up to the daily maximums
In-State Maximum

Breakfast - $6

Lunch - $9

Dinner $16

Gratuities may be included

Alcohol is excluded

Must be in travel status during these times to claim each meal:

Breakfast: 7:30 AM thru 8:00 AM

Lunch: Noon through 1:00 PM

Dinner: 5:30 PM thru 6:30 PM

If you don’t spend it, don’t claim it!

Out-of-State Maximum

Breakfast - $8

Lunch - $12

Dinner - $20

Gratuities may be included

Alcohol is excluded

Expenses are based on actual up to theDaily Maximums
air travel policies
Air Travel Policies
  • ISU has contracts for travel services with two travel agencies. ISU travelers can order air tickets from any of the contracted agencies. No comparative quotes between the agencies are required.Each of the contracted agencies will accept a faxed copy of the Air Ticket Requisition (ATR) form as payment, and departments will be billed intramurally. Tickets ordered from Travel & Transport can be delivered by courier to campus locations, although most tickets are now E-tickets sent via e-mail.
Phone: 515-292-8182 or


Fax: 515-292-8952

ResX Booking Site: guides available)

Service Fees - $28.50 per transaction (ATR) fee will be charged (multiple tickets are covered by this fee). If the ATR is changed in a way that results in a new ticket being issued another $28.50 fee will apply.

Insurance: $100,000

travel agency pros
Travel Agency Pros
  • Include insurance
  • 24-hour personal assistance
  • Crisis Management
  • Monitor for preferred seats and lower airfare until departure
  • Manage non-refundable tickets, unused tickets, voiding and refunding
  • Assistance with group travel
  • Complete knowledge of your traveler’s location at all times
  • Assistance with international documentation
airline contracts
Airline Contracts
  • Northwest
    • Published fares greater than $599
      • Domestic – 10% discount
    • Published fares between $299 and $599
      • Domestic – 5% discount
      • Transpacific – 2% discount
      • Transatlantic – 2% discount
    • All other fares
      • 2% discount
  • Continental Airlines
    • 2% discount on all fares

Tickets have to be purchased through one of our contracted travel agencies with an ATR to be eligible for the discount

online booking
Online Booking
  • Effective July 1, 2002, travelers are allowed to use their personal credit cards or Corporate American Express Cards to purchase tickets from Internet sites. Please review the Travelers' Responsibilities and Unallowable Expenses sections before purchasing tickets from a source other than ISU's contracted travel agencies.
  • Reimbursements are not made until AFTER travel has taken place
  • When using a travel agency other than the contracted agencies, travelers and departments should use caution to determine that the agent or consolidator is reliable. Since advance payment is required for the purchase of airline tickets, the financial reliability of the agent is important in order to ensure that the purchased tickets are delivered
car rentals
Car Rentals
  • Ask yourself if renting a car is necessary
    • Are free shuttles available?
    • Will a taxi cost less?
  • Don’t purchase “Add-ons”
    • Insurance
      • Risk-management insurance cards
    • Navigation system equipped cars
    • Pre-paid fuel options
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Carbon contributions
      • Pay $1.25 and company will match contributions
rental car contracts
DSM Airport Rates

One-way rates are as low as $29.28 (inc. tax) for Intermediate

Enterprise will pick up and drop off at your house

Other transportation companies charge $75-$85 for one-way transfer to DSM airport

Nationwide Rates

ISU Corporate Contract Number: NA62C10

Code: IOW

ISU Contract ID# 5760478

Sign up for the Emerald Club through the ISU specialized link and $50 sign-up fee is waived

Members can make reservation for midsize, skip going to counter, pick any car available for the midsize price

Rental Car Contracts
rental car contracts13
Rental Car Contracts
  • ISU rental car contracts include appropriate insurance when used for business
    • Collision, Loss, and Liability
  • All car rentals need to be paid out of pocket and reimbursed
  • Car rental contracts can be used for personal trips, however, insurance is not provided
airport parking
Airport Parking
  • Discount at Keck Parking
    • Have to tell them you are with Iowa State
    • $.75/day discount - $4.75
    • Normal pricing is $5.50/day
charter bus contract
Primary Contract

Midwest Coaches

1501 E Lincoln Way

Ames, IA 50010

PH: 515-232-7270

- Travel throughout 48 states

- Call them to get a quote

- Call Jodi Renze for a release number

Secondary Contract

CIT Charters

2701 Ford StreetAmes, Iowa 50010(515) 233-0286 Ames(515) 309-3924 Des Moines(877) 866-3687 Toll Free(515) 233-9171 Fax

- Use only if Midwest is not available

- Call to get a quote

- Do web. Requisition for payment

Charter Bus Contract
corporate american express card
Corporate American Express Card

As an alternative to using personal credit cards or P-cards for charging business travel expenses, ISU implemented the American Express Corporate Card program.

The AMEX cards differ from P-Cards as follows:

  • AMEX bills are sent to the card holders home address
  • There are no pre-set spending limits on this card
  • Expenses charged to the AMEX card are submitted to your department for reimbursement. Unallowable expenses are the personal responsibility of the card holder
  • AMEX cards have a 60-day payment grace period
  • AMEX account activity can be viewed real time (within 24 hrs of a charge) and paid by departments in cases where faculty or staff engage in extended travel

To apply visit this website:

sourcing hotels
Sourcing Hotels
  • Bidding Requirements
    • Any meeting/conference over $10,000 must have evidence of competition
    • Get written quotes from at least three hotels and ask for their best offer up front
    • If lowest price is not selected, need a justification on why vendor was selected
  • Convention & Visitors Bureaus
    • Great resource
    • Can provide you with free materials
negotiating hotel contracts
Negotiating Hotel Contracts
  • If there are legal terms
    • Purchasing needs to review
  • Ask for concessions:
    • 1:20 as opposed to 1:50 comp. ratio
    • 50% discount for meeting planner room
    • Discounts on audio visual
    • Guaranteed or discounted menu pricing
    • Complimentary house phone lines or phone hook up
    • Complimentary meeting space (should always be comp. with F&B in the room)
    • Always ask for government or corporate rates or ask for a lower rate than what your were offered
sheraton west des moines contract
Individual Travel

Government rate of $80 guaranteed up to 75% hotel occupancy

Free hotel shuttle to airport and within 3 mile radius

Group Travel

Government rate of $80 if available

$129 maximum rate guaranteed (except during blackout periods such as city wide events)

1:40 comp. room ratio

Menu pricing guaranteed for 6 months from date of signature

Pre-negotiated hotel terms & conditions

No bidding required

Sheraton West Des Moines Contract
hotel contracts
Hotel Contracts
  • Renaissance Savery Hotel
    • Maximum rate of $139
  • AmericInn Hotels
    • Ames - $75 rate
    • Ankeny - $74 rate
    • Iowa Falls - $55
    • Coralville - $69.95
signing hotel contracts
Signing Hotel Contracts
  • All contracts must be signed by purchasing
      • Departments do not have authorization to commit the university.
      • If you sign, even though you don’t have authorization, the Uniform Commercial Code says a contract is in place if the vendor believes you have signature authority and proceed as if a contract is in place.
      • If the vendor knows you don’t have signature authority, the contract can still be valid because the UCC uses past precedent.
      • YOU could be held PERSONALLY liable for the cancellation or attrition charges, or any lost savings that could have been realized.
      • Future relationships with the hotel may be harmed
University Conference Services

University Conference Services

what do we do
What do we do?
  • Provide Full Conference and Event Management for groups of 50 -30,000
  • Groups range from Cheer Camps, Science Fairs and Sporting Events to International Conferences and Expos
  • Facilitate events both on and off campus

University Conference Services

conference and event history
Conference and Event History
  • 1st Ever National Special Olympics
  • Odyssey of the Mind World Finals
  • National Collegiate Honors Conference
  • Big 12 Black Student Leadership Conference
  • Iowa County Engineers Annual Conference
  • Call to Action Summit
  • Growing the Bio Economy Annual Conference
  • Society of Women Engineers Region H Meeting
  • Iowa Shrine Bowl
  • Scholars and Leaders Recognition Ceremony
  • Biennial Conference for Chemical Educators

University Conference Services


Our services include:

  • Proposal/Bid Assistance
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Site selection & contract negotiation
  • Concept Development
  • Facility and Event Logistics
  • Speaker Management
  • Sponsor and Fundraising Management
  • Program Marketing
  • Transportation Services
  • On-line and on-site Registration services

University Conference Services


Advance initiatives within the discipline/movement

  • Showcase Iowa State University and its resources and programs
  • Work with student leadership on developing further leadership skills
  • Heighten awareness for the issues/strengths of your program
  • Attract leadership/students/partnerships from other Institutions
  • Demonstrate institutional leadership within your association

Why Host a Conference?

University Conference Services

University Conference Services


Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau

A Cooperative partnership to assist you with all of your

Conferencing and Outreach Needs

University Conference Services

Any Questions?

University Conference Services

determining elements of risk
Determining Elementsof Risk

Services which may subject group participants to risk of personal injury must be reviewed by the Office of Risk Management prior to contracting for the service.

Some examples of Services which may involve an enhanced risk to participants are:

  • Chartered aircraft or balloon trips
  • Chartered private or commercial boat trips
  • Commercial bus trips in rural areas of third world countries
  • Safari or camping trips in rainforests, jungles, deserts or savannas.
  • Events which provide participants alcoholic beverages paid for by ISU.
traveling overseas
Traveling Overseas
  • Taking Equipment Overseas
    • US law places restrictions on export of certain equipment. Prior to acquiring equipment for overseas projects, or prior to taking equipment in our inventory it is important to check with Purchasing to assure no violation of export control laws will occur.
  • Register with the US Dept. of State
    • So you can be contacted in case of a family emergency or if there is a crisis in the place you are visiting (9/11, political unrest, etc.)
  • Check for U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
fly america act
Fly America Act
  • You must use a US Flag Carrier on all flights
    • American, Delta, US Air, Continental, Northwest, United, etc.
  • Code Sharing is allowed – flight must have US flag carrier’s designator code and flight number
    • Example: UA 544 operated by Lufthansa
  • Some exceptions apply if using a US carrier would:
    • Extend your time in travel status by 24 hours or more
    • Requires a traveler to wait 6 hours or more to make a connecting flight
    • Require at least 2 or more aircraft changes than a foreign carrier

Exceptions need to be confirmed by a travel agent (can’t do online)

federal per diem rates
Federal Per Diem Rates

Hotel and food per diems must not exceed the federal guidelines

If guidelines can not be met, must come up with alternative funding (non-federal) to pay for the difference

Federal Per Diem rates can be found at:

western hemisphere travel initiative

Passports are now required for all U.S. citizens traveling to or from any international destination via air, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands


From January 31, 2008 to Summer 2008, U.S. citizens traveling to or from the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean or Mexico must present a government-issued photo ID with proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate).


Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
new airline regulations
New Airline Regulations
  • Airline passengers in the United States may no longer carry loose lithium batteries in checked luggage over concerns of battery fires
  • The U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said the legislation allows passengers to carry up to two extended-life rechargeable batteries in carry-on luggage provided they are kept in plastic storage bags
  • Passengers may continue to check bags containing devices with lithium batteries already installed, such as laptop computers and portable DVD players
  • Lithium batteries can overheat and ignite under certain conditions
new airline regulations37
New Airline Regulations

Most all airlines are implementing a new checked baggage policy

  • If you:
    • Have a nonrefundable economy domestic ticket
    • Do not have Premier status in the Mileage Plus program
    • Do not have Silver status or above in the Star Alliance

You will now be charged $25 for your 2nd piece of checked luggage

  • Controller’s Website
  • Purchasing Website
  • Federal Per Diem Rates
  • Res X
    • Company Name: ISU
    • Login Name: Your full email address
    • Leave blank for your first login
  • Hotel Sourcing