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  1. eBay

  2. Présentation de l’entreprise • Qu’est-ce eBay ? • Comment e-Bay a démarré ? • Comment ça marche ? • Quelles sont ses caractéristiques principales ?

  3. Rapport annuel 2002 • The year 2002 was a defining time in eBay's history Ì a time when all the aspects of the business came together to demonstrate the company's true potential. The eBay community led the company to another year of record performance, rejected in extraordinary growth across all metrics. • Registered users grew to nearly 62 million by the end of the year, an increase of 46% from the year-ago level. And those users listed more than 638 million items in 2002, a 51% year-over-year increase. • Gross merchandise sales, which is the value of all items sold on eBay, totaled nearly $15 billion in 2002, a 60% increase over 2001. • For the first time in our history, net revenues surpassed $1 billion, totaling $1.21 billion for the full year. Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  4. Ebay’s mission • Our mission is to build the world’s most efficient and abundant marketplace in which anyone, anywhere, can buy or sell practically anything. • We pioneered online trading by developing an Internet-based marketplace in which a community of buyers and sellers are brought together in an entertaining, intuitive, easy-to-use environment to browse, buy and sell an enormous variety of items. • Through our PayPal platform, we enable any business or consumer with email to send and receive online payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively. Tiré du rapport annuel 2003

  5. eBay is now a global, mainstream shopping destination • A truly global marketplace, eBay ended 2002 with a presence in 27 markets around the world and 62 million users in more than 150 countries. • In total, our users can find more than 16 million items listed in more than 27,000 categories on any given day, from collectibles to clothing, and everyday household items to automobiles. • Providing this broad and ever-changing selection are eBay sellers, now representing every link in the distribution chain, from large manufacturers and wholesalers, to small businesses and individual merchants. Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  6. Our Value Proposition • Our marketplace makes inefficient markets more efficient. Traditional offline marketplaces can be inefficient because: • They are fragmented and regional in nature making it diffiult and expensive for buyers and sellers to meet, exchange information and complete transactions; • They offer a limited variety and breadth of goods; • They often have high transaction costs due to intermediaries; and • They are information ineÇcient, as buyers and sellers lack a reliable and convenient means of • setting prices. • We make these inefficient marketplaces more efficient because: • Our global community of users can easily and inexpensively communicate, exchange information and complete transactions; • Our marketplace includes tens of millions of items creating a very wide variety and selection of goods; • We bring buyers and sellers together for a fee much lower than those of traditional intermediaries; • Our marketplace provides for eÇcient information exchange. • In particular, large markets with broad buyer and seller bases, wide product ranges, and moderateshipping costs have been successful on eBay. Our marketplace is most eÅective, relative to availablealternatives, at addressing markets of new and scarce goods, end-of-life products, and used and vintageitems. Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  7. An Internet-based, centralized marketplace offers the following benefits: • Facilitates buyers and sellers meeting, listing items for sale, exchanging information, interacting with each other and, ultimately, consummating transactions; • Allows buyers and sellers to trade directly, bypassing traditional intermediaries and lowering costs for both parties; • Is global in reach, offering buyers a significantly broader selection of goods to purchase and providing sellers the opportunity to sell their goods efficiently to a broader base of buyers; • Offers significant convenience, allowing trading at all hours and providing continuously updated information; • Fosters a sense of community through direct buyer and seller communication, thereby enabling interaction between individuals with mutual interests; and • Establishes fair market prices for items where no efficient market exists, for example, for rare items, distressed and surplus goods. Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  8. Mécanismes d’enchères • Enchères ouvertes • Enchères au second-prix • Heure fixe d’arrêt • “Buy-now” • Prix de réserve • Enchères mulit-unitaires • Prix unique (plus basse mise gagnante)

  9. Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  10. Tarifs Tiré du rapport annuel 2002

  11. Trust and Safety Programs • Feedback ForumVérifie les contributions passées des membres de • Safe Harbour • Fraud Protection ProgramCouverture jusqu’à C$300 sur la plupart des items • Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) ProgrammeS’assure que les items en vente ne violent pas les droits de propriété intellectuelle. • Dispute ResolutionUne tierce partie indépendante pouvant régler des litiges entre les membres

  12. Qu’est-ce qui fait le succès de e-Bay ?