Powerpoint masters and animation
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PowerPoint Masters and Animation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Masters and Animation. William Klingelsmith. Using Data Between Programs. To utilize a query and/or table’s data in another program (such as Excel), you will use the ‘Import Access’ button under the data tab

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Powerpoint masters and animation

PowerPoint Masters and Animation

William Klingelsmith

Using data between programs
Using Data Between Programs

  • To utilize a query and/or table’s data in another program (such as Excel), you will use the ‘Import Access’ button under the data tab

    • On the dialogs that popup you will choose the appropriate object you wish to import and the position in the spreadsheet.

  • Similar to Word, PowerPoint can use objects from other Office programs

    • Commonly charts/graphs

  • The easiest way to move a chart into PowerPoint is simply by copy and paste

Master slides
Master Slides

  • Slide Masters are slides that are used to modify design characteristics such as layout, theme, color scheme, etc.

  • There are masters for your slides, notes, and handouts

Master slides1
Master Slides

  • All of the master slide views can be entered by clicking on the appropriate master button on the View tab

  • Once you click on the master button, notice your slide pane on the left has changed to a hierarchical layout

    • Each slide in this view represents the master for a slide layout

      • Title and Content

      • Two Content

      • Etc.

Master slides2
Master Slides

  • Any modifications made to a master slide will be present in all slides with that layout in your presentation

  • Common things changed in masters are design related

Master slides3
Master Slides

  • Let’s change the bullet styles and the font in titles.

  • Let’s also add a graphic to appear on all title and content slides

Notes on other masters
Notes on Other Masters

  • There are also masters for notes and handouts

  • Handouts are miniaturized versions of your presentation usually given to your audience

  • Notes master will modify the outputted look of your notes

Printing notes and handouts
Printing Notes and Handouts

  • To print any or all of your presentation, navigate to File->Print

  • Under settings, you can choose exactly what you want to be printed (notes, handouts, full presentation)

    • When printing handouts, make sure the size of the slides does not hinder legibility


  • We have learned how to construct and modify slide transitions

    • Animations between slides

  • Commonly, animations will be applied to individual objects in a slide

    • Bullets appear one at a time

    • Graphics move

    • Etc.


  • To begin applying an animation, one must select the placeholder

  • Different placeholders will have different animation options


  • Click on the content placeholder in the Programming slide and add an ‘Appear’ animation to it

  • Opening the animation pane will give you better control over how your animations are activated

    • On Click: You must manually trigger the animation

    • With Previous: The animation will activate with the last one

    • After Previous: The animation will trigger after a short time delay