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PowerPoint Animation. Linda Smith. Proving Your Point. To Both Sides of the Brain. Making the Point.

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Proving your point
Proving Your Point

To Both Sides of the Brain

Making the point
Making the Point

  • Some people type every word they are going to say on a slide in a PowerPoint presentation. While words can be very powerful and effective too many of them on one page can cause distraction and an occasional yawn or two. Regardless of the content the audience will lose interest when having to stare at slide after slide of text. It is better not to have a PowerPoint presentation at all if the audience is expected to follow word after word of text being read to them. So why not appeal to both sides of the brain? A great way to keep an audience engaged and stimulated may be just a few words and added graphics to bring the point home. Office 2010 PowerPoint has the capacity to bring a PowerPoint to life.









Powerpoint animation

Cerebral Cortex





Brain Stem

Anatomy of an animation
Anatomy of an Animation

  • Insert a shape

Click the insert tab

Choose Shape

Choose a rectangle

Click and drag to draw

Powerpoint animation

The default shape color is a blue shade.

Let’s change it to white.

Powerpoint animation

We now have access to the

drawing tab.

Click on the rectangle.

Choose the white fill with the blue border.

Powerpoint animation

Click the down arrow next to

Shape Effects.

Choose 3D


Next let’s

add dimension.

Powerpoint animation

Insert 4 Arrow Shapes.

Powerpoint animation

Insert 2 small Rectangle Shapes.

One vertical

One horizontal

Powerpoint animation

Use shape fill

to change the

color of the small

vertical rectangle

to white.

Powerpoint animation

Take away the

outline of the

rectangle using

Shape Outline

and choosing

No Outline.

Powerpoint animation

Click the down

Arrow next to

Effect Options

Click the


Tab, choose


Choose From Left

Select all

Arrows in the



Select all arrows.

Powerpoint animation



Anatomy of a stroke
Anatomy of a Stroke

Brain Tissue is Deprived of Oxygen

Clot Lodges in Smaller Artery

Clot Travels Upward Toward Brain

Clot Loosens in Carotid Artery