the struggle of devinder kumar sehrawat n.
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The Struggle of Devinder Kumar Sehrawat PowerPoint Presentation
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The Struggle of Devinder Kumar Sehrawat

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The Struggle of Devinder Kumar Sehrawat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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the struggle of devinder kumar sehrawat

The Struggle of Devinder Kumar Sehrawat

Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat was an Aam Aadmi Party’s Lok Sabha contender having

served in the army for years. Working for about more than 20 years in the army, Devinder

Sehrawat decided to take up the cause of the weaker sections of society and started working

for farmers issues such as land acquisition who have been victimized by unfair laws. Devinder

Kumar Sehrawat has acquired success through his hard work, dedication, extraordinary

knowledge, and professional ethics. Devinder has grown into a model of professional

excellence. Devinder was born in a well reputed Jat family and attended the university of

Madras and Jawahar Lal Nehru University and achieved Master of Science and the Bachelor of

science degrees.

Sehrawat is a sparkling IIM Ahmedabad student having a multi-faceted personality. Col

Devinder Kumar Sehrawat is one such great personality, who is willing to take control of his life

and accept any changes. An exceedingly assured person with a good frame of mind towards

almost everything. He has played several roles all throughout his life from being a soldier,

journalist, social activist and what not. Moreover, he has been serving the nation with complete

dedication and has nurtured patriotic spirit right from his early childhood seeing his father and

grandfather being a part of the armed forces.

With the world being his oyster, Devinder Kumar Sehrawat has always continued to strive hard

for the well-being of the weaker sections of society for which he was very much concerned and

attain greater benefits. Sehrawat has always been a positive person and has always been up to

the challenges that crossed his path.

Not only this, but Devinder also worked with Jaagrati Foundation for solid waste management

in that particular area. Devinder made constant efforts to ensure that world-class cleanliness

instrument is installed in the specific area.

It is on behalf of the farmers that Devinder Kumar Sehrawat has been taking up a hit with the

government authorities at the highest levels. Through his dedicated efforts, the life of farmers

have also become known and we are able to see their problems. Farmers recognize him as a

guide and a leader all across India. With the support of AAP, he continues his fight to restore

the honor and dignity of the neglected farmers.

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