six essential elements of geography n.
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Six Essential Elements of Geography

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Six Essential Elements of Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Six Essential Elements of Geography. Warm-up prompts. Why does most of the U.S. speak English? Why is Klein Intermediate predominantly Hispanic?

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Presentation Transcript
warm up prompts
Warm-up prompts
  • Why does most of the U.S. speak English?
  • Why is Klein Intermediate predominantly Hispanic?
  • “There’s a big hurricane churning over that body of water and it’s heading in that direction. It’s predicted to hit that state in 3 days.” What do you do?
  • Why are the Rocky Mts. higher than the Appalachian Mts.?
option 1 gallery walk
Option 1: Gallery Walk
  • Have student visit each station. Read material and study accompanying image.
  • Students are to fill in the table in their notebooks.
  • Teacher should monitor for misunderstanding, questions, and participation by all.
  • After gallery walk is completed, show key to make sure students have captured essentials.
option 2 museum docents
Option 2: Museum Docents
  • Have all students create table to record notes. Use two pages for adequate space.
  • Divide students into six groups.
  • Give each group one of the six elements handouts to become an expert of.
  • Groups will create a display to teach the element to the class, which will include:
    • Explanation/Definition
    • Illustration
    • Example
  • Students will record info from display in notebooks.
capsule vocabulary
Capsule Vocabulary
  • How does geography affect people?
  • Students must use all the terms below in 5 sentences or less.
  • Modify, adapt, physical characteristics, climate, migration, location, culture, landforms, interact, affect
  • Include a visual (map, picture, graph)