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Digital Soil Mapping

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Digital Soil Mapping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Soil Mapping
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  1. Digital Soil Mapping Alan Price Tri-State Soil Scientists Meeting Pasco, WA Feb. 27-Mar. 1, 2007

  2. What’s the problem? • How do we get DSM from R&D to implementation? • What DSM methods have been developed already? • How do we select the right method for our area? • What data layers do we need for each method? • What will be the workflow process? Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  3. What’s the problem? • What kind of training is needed? • Software/Hardware requirements? • How do we get DSM products to SSURGO certification? • Will we be more efficient? (i.e., better and faster) • Will DSM work for initial and update surveys? • What’s our national strategy for the NCSS? Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  4. National Geospatial Development Center (NGDC) organized workshop to address these and other questions • Hired Innovation Expedition Inc. to facilitate a workshop • Sent out “challenge dialogue” for feedback from stakeholders • Compiled responses and prepared workbook • Conducted workshop Jan. 9-11, 2007 in Davis, CA Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  5. Key challenge: To chart a shared vision and plan to promote and guide the progressive development and implementation of Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) using predictive modeling and other methods within the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) system with respect to the production, delivery, and use of soil survey information Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  6. Results of workshop: • Attended by many of the leaders in DSM from academia, consultants, government • Major outcomes of workshop: • Shared Vision and Overarching Plan for DSM — A vision and plan describing how DSM will be adopted and applied by NCSS participants, and by extension, the larger DSM community • Affirm and verify the need to develop and integrate DSM into the existing structure of the NCSS by assessing associated economic costs and benefits (e.g. efficiency and productivity), effects on data quality, impacts on human resources, and customer needs Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  7. Major outcomes of workshop (cont.): • Formulate NCSS technical and operational requirements for DSM • A framework and process for assessing and documenting the ability of existing, emerging and future DSM methods and products to meet NCSS requirements • Digital Soil Mapping is too narrow in scope, and may exclude topics such as characterization, classification, interpretation, data collection, and data delivery. Other potential terms include Digital Soil Survey and Digital Soil Science. Second, several definitions of Digital Soil Mapping already exist Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  8. Major outcomes of workshop (cont.): • One major advantage of DSM is the capacity to easily produce a variety of soil information products. At least in the near future, however, traditional soil class maps that meet SSURGO standards are a requirement. Other useful DSM map products include raster soil property maps, raster soil class maps, soil component or series maps, and uncertainty or probability maps. In addition to map products, DSM knowledge products such as models and rules are also desirable. Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  9. Major outcomes of workshop (cont.): • Adequate training is critical and has to be integrated into the soil surveyor’s work plan. DSM needs to be encouraged among willing soil surveyors. • Establish benchmark testing areas • Initial area will be the Mojave Desert Area, CA where various DSM methods will be tested and compared • Need additional areas in each NCSS region • Establish on-line DSM clearinghouse or catalog from which DSM tools or procedures could be accessed (NGDC) • Create a “DSM Brand” and apply to completed or on-going DSM projects. Identify these projects and feature them on a website Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  10. Next Steps: • Continue working on “active” action items including the DSM website, DSM Tools Catalog and Survey, and the Mojave Desert DSM Project • Establish interim communication protocols • Set up periodic teleconferences (quarterly?) to discuss issues related to implementing action items • Set up DSM e-mail list Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  11. Next Steps (cont.): • Review workshop summary and action items (due by March 2, 2007) • Form small teams to address action items Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  12. Workshop draft: Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  13. Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA

  14. Tri-State SS mtg, Pasco, WA