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Putting People First

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Putting People First
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Putting People First

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  1. PuttingPeople First

  2. Devon’s vision… Our Putting People First overall vision… Our aim is to build strong communities in which everyone can play an active role and take control of their lives. We want to promote independence and choice and provide support and protection to the most vulnerable.

  3. Devon’s vision… Our staff must be able to: • support independence and well-being • support choice and give people a say in the services they receive • provide high quality care to people with high levels of need • provide services in local communities closer to people’s homes.

  4. Devon’s vision… The people we support must be able to: • stay healthy and safe in their own home • enjoy a good quality of life through access to leisure and social activities • make a positive contribution to their community through employment, volunteering and involvement in decision making • maintain personal dignity and take control of their lives by exercising choice • realise a sufficient income to meet their needs and participate in community life • have equality of access to services and protection from discrimination and harm.

  5. Why? • Changing context: • Demographic pressures • Financial pressures • Changing expectations • Changing priorities: • Develop capacity of people in their communities • Universal services; use what’s available to all • Targeted services; focused but not means-tested.

  6. Population structure in Devon • Devon’s population is older than the England average

  7. Population comparison • Devon’s population is older than the England average and the comparator group

  8. Assessments: 18-64 years • We assess more Physical and Sensory cases than comparative authorities, but it’s more stable

  9. Assessments – Older People • We assess more people than the England average and comparator authorities and this is rising • This takes into account our age profile as it is per 1000 of the population • We are efficient at assessing people, but assess too many and need to be meeting needs in other ways - info/advice, prevention, early intervention and reablement.

  10. Working together We consult and discuss Putting People First developments with: • Our User led Organisation Fusion, they take part in all the Theme Board meetings • Service User and Carer reference group • Provider reference group • Operational Staff Reference group • We are gathering case studies – do you have any examples?

  11. Progress – August 2010 Updates from each of the Putting People First (PPF) themes… Putting People First update – August 2010

  12. Choice and Control Theme We want people stay healthy and living independently for as long as possible, ensuring people have the choice and control over their own planning and support. • www.devon.gov.uk/choice_and_control Putting People First update – August 2010

  13. Personal Budgets A new factsheetPersonal Budgets (FS7) contains more information about this new way of working • www.devon.gov.uk/factsheets Answers to frequently asked questions are online: • www.devon.gov.uk/ppf_faqs Putting People First update – August 2010

  14. Charging Policy The consultation is now closed: www.devon.gov.uk/2010chargingpolicy Our aim is to offer Personal Budgets to eligible people, following an assessment, from October 2010. Putting People First update – August 2010

  15. Direct Payments There is an ongoing rise in Direct Payments. A charge-card option to deliver Personal Budgets is being considered. Putting People First update – August 2010

  16. Market Shaping We held a Provider Engagement Network (PEN) County Meeting on 27 July for providers to develop the role of social care services across the county. Read the more online: www.devon.gov.uk/providerengagement Putting People First update – August 2010

  17. Electronic Home Care Monitoring We could use this telephone service to monitor agency carers employed through Direct Payments and Personal Budgets. We are working with people who currently use DCC services and their carers to discuss the system in terms of Direct Payments and Personal Budgets. Putting People First update – August 2010

  18. Staff training • Staff and managers have completed Personalisation Culture Workshops • More 'Putting People First Practically' training is due in September for Care Direct Plus, Complex Care Teams and Learning Disability Teams. Putting People First update – August 2010

  19. Universal Services Theme Transport, leisure and education as well as information, advice and advocacy www.devon.gov.uk/universal_services Putting People First update – August 2010

  20. Public Information Strategy We have revised leaflet 1 ‘Social Care for Adults Explained’ (updated August 2010) It is available now with added information on personal budgets and other changes to the way we work: • www.devon.gov.uk/factsheets We will review our public information and web pages over the summer. Putting People First update – August 2010

  21. Public Facing Care Directory We hope to merge the web-based local information system – currently the public-facing Community Directory – with the internal Devon Care Directory of contracts information. • www.devonline.gov.uk/community We are also working with Libraries and Adult & Community Services to promote a social care presence. Putting People First update – August 2010

  22. Early Intervention & Prevention Theme Helping people early enough and in the right way, so that they stay healthy, recover quickly and maintain their Independence. www.devon.gov.uk/early_intervention_and_prevention Putting People First update – August 2010

  23. Social Care Reablement We are currently consulting with 600 staff employed throughout domiciliary and day care. A group made up from operational staff, OTs and project leads met for the first time and discussed the service design. A draft operating model has now been produced. Putting People First update – August 2010

  24. Community Equipment We held three successful evening retailers events in July across the county. • 42 retailers attended • 20 are interested in becoming part of the prescription model. A working catalogue has been prepared and staff have been consulted. Putting People First update – August 2010

  25. Telecare Staff should ‘Be aware – think Telecare’ when offering any care. Examples could include bed sensors and movement sensors. • An assessment tool is being piloted throughout Devon. Putting People First update – August 2010

  26. Residential Care Transfer June – we advertised for organisations to express interest to transfer ownership of 19 of our residential homes. July –we held a focus group question and answer session August –we aim to meet with potential bidders who have been short-listed in the pre qualification process to explain the tender process. www.devon.gov.uk/ext_res_care_services Putting People First update – August 2010

  27. Social Capital Theme Making sure everyone has the opportunity to be part of a community and experience the friendships and care that can come from families, friends and neighbours and community groups. www.devon.gov.uk/social_capital Putting People First update – August 2010

  28. Joint Engagement We have developed a Joint Engagement Strategy which has been jointly developed by Devon County Council Adult & Community Services, Children and Young People Services and NHS Devon in partnership with LINk Devon, Fusion and Young Devon. Find it online: www.devon.gov.uk/have-your-say Putting People First update – August 2010

  29. Contact us For further information, or to talk to someone about our services, call Care Direct in the ‘MyDevon’ Customer Service Centre on 0845 1551 007. More information on how Devon is working to put people first can also be found on our website: www.devon.gov.uk/puttingpeoplefirst Putting People First update – August 2010