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MY independence, MY choice, MY life. ‘PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST’. Colin Pitman January 2009. Putting People First. Putting People First’: A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of adult social care…through personalisation, prevention and early intervention

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putting people first1
Putting People First
  • Putting People First’: A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of adult social care…through personalisation, prevention and early intervention
  • Systems wide transformation, 3 year programme started April 2008 with significant progress expected by 2011
  • signed by 6 Government Departments, the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

To give people more control over the services and support they get, and therefore more control over their lives.



Services and support tailored to individual needs

Accessible information

Universal and Preventative services

Working in partnership

Developing communities

Personal budgets for everyone eligible for adult social care services

visioning events lincolnshire
Visioning events - Lincolnshire
  • People want to be treated as equal citizens
  • People don’t want to feel they have to come ‘cap in hand’
  • People want access to activities the same as any one else in society
  • People want jobs
  • People want to be allowed to take risks and make mistakes
  • People want good quality information that helps them in the choices they make





what is an individual budget
  • A person centred assessment
  • A transparent allocation of resources
  • A person centred planning process
  • Flexibility on how to spend the budget
  • Monitoring arrangements that are appropriate
how it fits together
How it fits together

The process by which services can be adapted to suit you


Support that is determined and controlled by you, based on an assessment of need. (Includes receiving cash, spending on services that meet your needs.)

Self directed support





Like an IB but solely made up of social care funding



An indicative amount of money that can combine several funding sources that you can use to purchase services, from the public, private or voluntary sector

A cash payment paid directly to you so you can acquire your own services, rather than having them delivered by the council

the ib model
The IB Model

Self Assessment /




Resource Allocation

Support Planning



a learning process
A Learning Process
  • Not a prescriptive policy document – there is no detailed roadmap, councils are still learning how to deliver this
  • There are many things to be decided locally to ensure that personalisation works
  • PPF doesn’t say you’re doing a bad job – this is about building on what we do well and extending greater choice and control to those using services
ib evaluation headlines
IB Evaluation: Headlines
  • Published 21st October 2008
  • Most outcomes better for no additional cost
  • People more likely to feel in control of their lives than under traditional provision
  • Best results with physical disability and mental health, less effective for older people
  • New systems and integrating funding streams were a challenge for local authorities
providers and commissioners
Providers and Commissioners
  • Providers and Commissioners have welcomed the principles of IB;
  • Commissioners have a new role in ensuring people can make good decisions when directing their own care and support;
  • Commissioners have recognised the importance of working creatively with providers;
  • Some movement away from block contracts towards more flexible arrangements;
  • Some providers have used the opportunity to grow service base or develop new services.
what to expect
What to expect
  • During IB pilots most people continued to buy similar types of services to those that the Council had previously brought - 60%
  • But 88% also accessed different types of support than they had previously drawn upon, often from within the community
  • Evidence suggests people will gradually move away from traditional services to become more creative in designing their support
transition period will be challenging
Transition Period will be challenging
  • There may be temporary gaps in supply of certain underdeveloped services –

i.e. brokerage

  • Cost pressures as one customer becomes many
  • Individual choices constrained by lack of information and/or new services
  • Supplier attrition rate may increase for those that are dependent on block contracts and slow to react
new opportunities
New Opportunities.
  • Stability based on customer satisfaction
  • Small providers selling niche services
  • Providers working together to coordinate different services around an individual
  • New services – information, financial, brokerage etc
  • Councils signposting services for self-funders as well as personal budget holders
  • “ all I want is to have a life just like you, to do the things that you do, the only difference is I need some support in order to do this”
  • “what you provide to me at the moment allows me to exist not live”
  • “receiving direct provision made me feel like a child, receiving a direct payment made me feel like an adolescent, now I have an Individual Budget at last I feel like an adult.
next steps
  • We need to work together to determine a way forward that ensures the people of Lincolnshire, flexibility, choice, control, services that are tailored to individual need and of high quality
  • Lincolnshire are adopting a ‘Whole System Change’ through an ‘Action Learning Programme’ Skegness.