enhance your customer s experience prospect order management and service n.
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Enhance Your Customer’s Experience: Prospect, Order Management and Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Enhance Your Customer’s Experience: Prospect, Order Management and Service

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Enhance Your Customer’s Experience: Prospect, Order Management and Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhance Your Customer’s Experience: Prospect, Order Management and Service. Mary Ann Guthrie, Sr. Director, Research & Development Cheryl Crane, Principal Business Analyst Brian Wintz , Architect. Customer Management. Enhance Your Customer's Experience. Safe Harbor Statement.

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Presentation Transcript
enhance your customer s experience prospect order management and service
Enhance Your Customer’s Experience:Prospect, Order Management and Service

Mary Ann Guthrie, Sr. Director, Research & Development

Cheryl Crane, Principal Business Analyst

Brian Wintz, Architect

Customer Management

safe harbor statement
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceSafe Harbor Statement

The following is intended to outline QAD’s general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, functional capabilities, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functional capabilities described for QAD’s products remains at the sole discretion of QAD.

Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceAgenda
  • Customer Management (CM)
    • The Effective Enterprise, Customer Management Suite and You
  • In Partnership
    • Customer Success
  • New for today and tomorrow
  • Q&A
the effective enterprise

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

The Effective Enterprise

Every business process working at

peak efficiency and perfectly aligned

with your strategic goals.

customer management suite
Customer ManagementCustomer Management Suite
  • CRM
    • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales
    • Order Management, Distribution, CSS, Configurator
  • Service & Support
    • SSM, Field Service Management
qad customer management philosophy
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceQAD Customer Management Philosophy
  • Smart simplicity
    • Role-based concepts
    • Information access
    • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Customer partnership
intuitive informative intelligent
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceIntuitive, Informative, Intelligent
  • Role-Based Centers
    • Speed access and ability to respond
    • Reduce training cost
    • Simplify and personalize
  • Related reports and operational metrics
monitor measure message
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceMonitor, Measure, Message
  • Sales metrics
    • Overdue orders
    • Not shipped on time in full
  • Services metrics
    • Open calls by queue
    • Fault code analysis
    • Engineer utilization
  • BI Sales Module
  • Alerts
    • Sales orders on credit hold
    • Call assigned
support for th e global enterprise
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceSupport for the Global Enterprise
  • Internationalization: Legal Documents



  • Brazil : Nota Fiscal
  • Argentina: Remito
  • Chile: Guiade Despacho
  • Turkey:Irsaliye
  • Poland: Dokumentymagazynowe
  • Thailand: “Stock Card”
qad business process management
QAD Business Process Management

Enhance Your Customer's Experience


bpm for continuous improvement
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceBPM for Continuous Improvement

Link People and Process

  • Define Process and Roles
  • Execute Business Process
  • Measure Results
  • Identify Bottlenecks and Costs
  • Refine and Document Change
synergic solutions for the effective enterprise
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceSynergic Solutions for the Effective Enterprise


  • Role-Based Centers
  • Operational Metrics
  • New Reports
  • Process
    • Business Process Management
    • Business Intelligence
  • Systems
    • CRM
    • Order Management
    • Service & Support
customer success
Customer Success

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

encoder products company epc
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceEncoder Products Company (EPC)
  • EPC is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium rotary incremental and absolute encoders used for motion feedback
encoder s crm and sales challenges
CRM Customer SuccessEncoder’s CRM and Sales Challenges
  • Pain points
    • Needed effective tools to generate marketing campaigns
      • Frequent campaigns with hundreds of targets
    • Transitioning salespeople
    • Customer data fragmented in different systems
    • Poor usability of previous sales automation system
qad crm benefits
CRM Customer SuccessQAD CRM Benefits
  • Encoder Products rolled out CRM in marketing, sales, and customer service
    • Effective 360 degree view of customer data
    • Increased campaign hit rate
    • Uncovering new opportunities with better targeted marketing activities
    • Customer service able to immediately respond to customers regardless of the original sales channel
    • Increased levels of customer service and employee satisfaction
qad crm
CRM Customer SuccessQAD CRM

"Our customer service group just loves QAD CRM. Nowfor the first time, they can quickly and easily determine which distributor the caller is purchasing product from."

Bob White, IT Director - Encoder Products

epc configurability as a differentiator
ConfiguratorCustomer SuccessEPC Configurability as a Differentiator
  • Encoders are highly configurable and governed by a complex rule set
  • EPC distinguishes itself from the competition in cost, quality, delivery and value
encoder s challenges and opportunities
Configurator Customer SuccessEncoder’s Challenges and Opportunities
  • Customer Service
    • Speeding up order entry
    • Shorten training time for operators
  • Engineering
    • Support for MTS, ATO, MTO and ETO
    • Complete and accurate BOMs
    • Convert lengthy catalog numbers
  • Marketing
    • Sales trends by encoder options
qad configurator
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceQAD Configurator
  • A powerful application designed to simplify processing of configure-to-order products
    • Captures engineering knowledge
    • Guides through the selling process
    • Automatically generates work orders and routings
configurator benefits
Configurator Customer SuccessConfigurator Benefits
  • Order entry training reduced from 6 to 1 month
  • Reduction of order entry errors by over 50 %
  • Satisfying customers standard delivery times
fei company

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

FEI Company
  • Ion-beam systems and electron microscopes for nanotechnology
  • 3 research centers and 50+ service locations in Americas, Europe, and Asia
fei s field service challenges
Service & Support Customer SuccessFEI’s Field Service Challenges
  • Pain points
    • Global with inconsistent methods
    • Lack of workforce scheduling visibility
    • Accuracy of field service reports
    • Delays in invoicing and payments
    • Service call information siloed
qad ssm with mobile field service
QAD SSM with Mobile Field Service

FEI rolled out QAD Mobile Field Service to 400 Field Engineers

Improved Field Service Reporting data entry time and accuracy, consistent and more detailed capture of repair comments

Electronic parts ordering, ability to create new service requests in the field

Improved Planned Maintenance timelines by 5%

Increased field service engineer utilization by at least 5%

Reduced aged parts write-off by 10%

Electronic capture signature for customer proof of service

  • Service & Support Customer Success
qad service support suite

Service & Support Customer Success

QAD Service & Support Suite

"QAD offers a world-class Service and Support product suite that enables us to manage our service organization with transparency and efficiency. QAD’s solutions improve the exchange of information between FEI’s field Service, logistics and service support teams.

The result is that we have effective planning, professional logistics control and better call management. When a customer calls for service, we are confident that we are providing them with the best service based on up-to-the-minute information."

Jim Fetterman, Vice President Worldwide Services - FEI

today and tomorrow
Today and Tomorrow

Customer Management

foundation for the future
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceFoundation for the Future
  • Access for varied and changing needs
  • How today’s APIs enable tomorrow

Business Layer



Business entities

Data access

ecustomer icustomer droidcustomer
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceeCustomer, iCustomer & DroidCustomer
  • Evolution of CSS
    • Web-based Configured Orders
    • New web framework
    • Web-based service & support
    • Enhanced up-sell and cross-sell
  • Mobile for iPhone, iPadand more
    • Mobile Field Service
    • Workflow and BI
    • CRM/Sales
introducing remote online qad crm access
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceIntroducing Remote, Online QAD CRM Access
  • Run QAD CRM as a Progress thin client
  • Simplified and lower cost deployment
  • No need to deploy CITRIX or Terminal services for WAN deployment
crm webclient benefits
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceCRM WebClient Benefits
  • Much lower deployment cost
    • No requirement for CITRIX or Terminal services for remote users
  • Simplified Client Installation
    • Click on a URL and the client automatically installs
  • Simplified Remote User Experience
when can i have it
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceWhen can I have it?
  • CRM 6.5 Will be available for On Demand Internal release and selected Early Adopter customers in Winter 2011 and will support:
    • EE for QAD EA 2009 through QAD EA 2011.1
    • SE for QAD EA 2007.1 through QAD EA 2011
lotus notes integration for crm
Future CRM ReleasesLotus Notes Integration For CRM
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Notes client for simple installation
    • Activities, Contacts and Mail
  • Integration makes available Qxtend API’s for major business objects to all CRM customers
    • Future improved Outlook integration
  • Early Adopter implementation currently underway
    • GA planned for Sept 2012
qad configurator1
QAD Configurator

Customer Management

configuration for the web
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceConfiguration for the Web

CSS - March 2012

Support of QAD Configurator

CSS - Sept 2011

Full “Configured Products” support

qad configurator and css
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceQAD Configurator and CSS
  • What customers have asked for!
    • Full product configuration in CSS
    • Easy shopping cart order process
    • Visibility of configurations
five simple steps
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceFive Simple Steps



1. Select configurable product from catalogue

2. Review standard configurations

5. Check out

3. Use as-is or change configuration

4. Add to shopping cart

when can i have i have it
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceWhen can I have I have it?
  • Configurator and CSS
    • Release planned for March 2012
    • eB2.1 SP4 and higher, including EE
  • No additional charge
    • CSS and Configurator need to be licensed and on maintenance
web warranty
Web Warranty

Customer Management

what is web warranty
Enhance Your Customer’s ExperienceWhat is Web Warranty?

Web, e-mail,

fax, other

Corrective Action


Approve / Reject

Vendor recovery,

collaborative quality & cost management


Credit Memo



Material Transfer


web warranty1
Enhance Your Customer’s ExperienceWeb Warranty
  • Claim Submittal
    • Create and process warranty claims over the web
    • e-mail notifications
  • Claim Review
    • Review/correct/complete claim information
    • Track warranty claims
  • Claim Processing
    • Approve/Reject the warranty claims
    • Submit approval to AP for payment
  • Part Usage & Returns
    • Send materials to the warranty customer
    • Receive broken parts from warranty claim customer
    • Capture and track total cost associated with the claim
  • Record Inspection Results
  • Warranty Contracts & Analytics
when can i have i have it1
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceWhen can I have I have it?
  • Web Warranty
    • Release to Early Adopter in Summer 2012
    • Future support for EE
  • Creates the Foundation for a new Web Framework for QAD
qad bi mobile for ipad
QAD BI Mobile for iPad

Enhance Your Customer's Experience


bi future sales kpis
QAD Enterprise Effectiveness ScorecardBI Future Sales KPIs

Supplier Fulfillment

% In Full And On Time By Order

Forecast Accuracy

% In Full And On Time By Line

Inventory Turns

% of Backorders

Forecast Accuracy

Delivery In Full and On Time (DIFOT)

Safety Stock Level

Average Order Cycle Time

Requirements Plan Accuracy

Delivery Schedule Adherence

Production Plan Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy

Changes to Production Plan

Order Management Costs

Unplanned Maintenance

Freight Costs as % of Sales

Obsolescence Cost

Order Documentation Accuracy

bpm and customer mgmt
BPM and Customer Mgmt

Customer Management

bpm concepts
Enhance Your Customer’s ExperienceBPM Concepts
  • Supports pre-defined, long-lived business processes
  • Involves multi-user collaboration
  • Manages state of in-process work
  • Continuously monitors events, work status
  • Collects work history
when can i have it1
Enhance Your Customer’s ExperienceWhen can I have it?
    • Release for March 2012
    • Framework and Working Samples
    • Few or no application code changes
    • Deployable as add-on with QAD EA EEor SE
  • Future
    • Defined and Validate Flows for Major Business Processes across the Enterprise
customer management proposed flows
Enhance Your Customer’s ExperienceCustomer Management Proposed Flows
  • Sales Quote with Discount Approval
  • Sales Order with Compliance Check
  • Sales Order with Credit Hold Resolution
  • CSS order with Credit Card Validation at Shipment
  • Manage Marketing Campaign with Budget Approval
  • Opportunity to Customer and Order
  • Configure to Service
  • Call to Invoice with MFS
  • Request for Return to Replacement/Repair
trade promotion management
Trade Promotion Management

Customer Management

trade promotion management tpm
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceTrade Promotion Management (TPM)
  • A New Approach across the Suite
    • TPM across QAD EA
  • Four primary functions
    • Promotions
    • Rebates
    • Deductions
    • Claims
trade promotion management1
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceTrade Promotion Management

Maintain Groups



Maintain TPM Accounts

Sales Orders,

Sales Quote,

Pend Invoice

Maintain Deduction Categories



Price Lists/

Best Pricing



Deduction Maintenance

Generate Claims

Deduction Review


Process Deferred Discounts

Process Accruals

AP Check Run

AR Open Items


Sales and Invoicing


when can i have i have it2
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceWhen can I have I have it?
  • Trade Promotion Management
    • Planned for Early Adopters Sept 2012
    • EE 2011 and beyond
and in addition
And in Addition…

Customer Management

business attributes provide a custom fit
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceBusiness Attributes provide a Custom Fit
  • Need to tailor the business process – by industry, process, differentiators
  • Based on ever-evolving characteristics of your products and processes
  • Create the “Custom Fit”
    • Attributes that drive business processes
    • Defined by System or Customers
attribute management
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceAttribute Management
  • Extend Static Data or Transactions
    • Contracts, Items, Sale orders, S/O lines…
  • Define, create and leverage attributes
    • Such as Version, Color, Type…
    • Leverage Attributes for Processing
    • Creating configurations, pricing, contract creation…
best pricing
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceBest Pricing
  • More flexible pricing
    • Attributes and SO/SQ analysis codes (i.e. order type, color, etc.)
    • % of net price or list price of an other product
    • Periodic or manual price increase (%) of selected price lists
  • Dynamic analysis code generation
    • Currently batch and in advance only
  • Enhanced Best Pricing API and What-if-Pricing
enhanced capabilities and collaboration
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceEnhanced capabilities and collaboration
  • Sales quote and sales order
    • Core Sales Quotes/Orders improvements
    • BPM enabled
    • Sale of service during quote and order taking
  • Service & Support Management
    • Automated contract creation, renewals
    • More sophisticated contract management
services and sales collaboration
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceServices and Sales - Collaboration

Sales Quote

Sales Quote

Sales Order

Sales Order







synergic solutions for the effective enterprise1
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceSynergic Solutions for the Effective Enterprise


  • Role-Based Centers
  • Operational Metrics
  • New Reports
  • Process
    • Business Process Management
    • Business Intelligence
  • Systems
    • Promotion Management
    • Dynamic Pricing
    • Warranty Management
let us know
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceLet us know

We would love to feature you!

Please contactus to let us know

about benefits of QAD Enterprise Application

for Customer Management for your Organization

thank you
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceThank you!

Time for Q&A

Mary Ann Guthrie – mtg@qad.com

Cheryl Crane – cvc@qad.com

Brian Wintz – bkw@qad.com

customer and contact management
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceCustomer and Contact Management
  • Better “CRM” related information
    • Customer tier, channel, industry
    • Extend with Customer attributes
    • Enhanced integration with CRM
  • Manage Contacts, Relationships and Roles
    • Define Customer and End Users
    • Multiple internal representative contacts (employees)
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceConfigurator
  • Enhanced kit functionality
    • Kits, bundles, or sets of products and services
    • Creation of a kit without a new variant item number
  • Pricing Enhancements
    • Leverages Enhanced Best Pricing
    • Displaying Price at Kit or Component Levels
  • New Attribute creation rules
  • New SO/SQ Line Charge creation rule
sales order sales quote and invoicing
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceSales Order, Sales Quote and Invoicing
  • SQ/SO Capture Enhancements
    • Linked Lines
    • Attributes for line items
    • Enable line charges for Quotes
  • SQ/SO Approval Status
    • System and User-defined states
    • Preparation for workflow
  • Seamless link to Service Contracts and ISB
  • Invoice Consolidation and Reporting Enhancements
service and support management
Enhance Your Customer's ExperienceService and Support Management
  • Sale of Service
    • Auto-create contracts and ISB
    • Invoice product and service together or separately
    • Auto-create sales quotes for contract renewals
  • ISB enhancements
    • Customer-defined ISB attributes
    • Pricing item during sale or sale of service coverage
    • Ability to set an expiration date on an ISB item
  • Extensive Service Contract Improvements
    • Best pricing for contracts
    • Improved contract renewal quoting and tracking
    • Flexible Contract Maintenance and Billing