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During your sales call, put a mark in one of the four boxes every time you hear the customer use words or phrases which are similar to those in the box. The box with the most ticks is likely to be their predominant personality. Step 1. Your customer needs…. Your customer needs….

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Presentation Transcript

During your sales call, put a mark in one of the four boxes every time you hear the customer use words or phrases which are similar to those in the box. The box with the most ticks is likely to be their predominant personality

Step 1

Your customer needs…

Your customer needs…

Impact that they can measure

Enhanced value for their business

Trusted partnerships

A great experience for their travellers

What does success look like for you?



Your customer needs…

Your customer needs…

Fast, reliable service

A flexible solution

A convenient solution

A step by step process



Step 2

Select the brand benefit and Prove It Points based on the customer type identified above to help sell the most relevant brand benefits for the customer needs

You need to PROVE…

With Smart extras and a consistent experience Holiday Inn Express offers everything you need at good value.

You need to ASSURE…

We ensure customer satisfaction by providing a Spot On experience every time, that offers travellers everything they need and nothing they don’t.

  • Prove-It Points:
  • Share the savings that can be realised from our Free Breakfast and outline the benefits of Free Wi-Fi for business travellers
  • Map our locations relevant to the customers business and share our growing number of hotels
  • Prove-It Points:
  • Free Wi-Fi - Forgotten Something Promise
  • Free Breakfast - Business Advantage
  • Our yearly Service Behavioural Training
  • Share 3rd party endorsements



Holiday Inn Express delivers you success by…

You need to FIX…

Holiday Inn Express takes care of your travel needs by providing simple & smart solutions where ever they stay with us.

You need to RESOLVE…

Our passion is to provide travellers with a streamlined and efficient stay which is supported by our staff & logistical network.

  • Prove-It Points:
  • Highlight transparent pricing packaging
  • Explain our ‘Easy Groups’ online booking tool & our offering of over 340 meeting rooms (UK & ROI)
  • Share the key points covered in the Make Every Interaction Count Service Behavioural Training
  • Share our guest satisfaction survey results
  • Prove-It Points:
  • Map the relevant locations based on the clients requirements & highlight any in development
  • Share our BDRC 2012 results
  • Introduce our on-property sales team and share our systems




Prove-it Points

Supporting Information

  • Sales professionals should leverage the Prove-It Points to reinforce specific brand features during the sales process. Below are some of the key points to help you support your position.
  • Service Training
  • All Holiday Inn Express team members complete Stay Real service training. There are 4 key points to the Stay Real training service style of behaviors and observable actions:
    • Be You: natural, professional and personable
    • Get Ready: be knowledgeable, prepared and notice what’s going on
    • Show You Care: welcome, connect socially and be thoughtful
    • Take Action: show initiative, take ownership and go the extra mile
  • OSAT (Overall Satisfaction) & Guest Return Ratio
  • Over 90% satisfaction rating by guests (2011, Global Brand OSAT)
  • In a Smith Travel Research study conducted in Q4 2010, the brand realized the following positive change in guest satisfaction:
    • Up 2% in total OSAT
    • Up 2.3% in intent to recommend
    • Up 1.3% in more satisfied in the product
  • Third Party Endorsement
  • Holiday Inn Express came in second (only to Holiday Inn) in Business Travel News’ 2011 U.S. Hotel Chain Survey, as top midprice brand and best in the following categories:
    • Overall price/value relationship
    • Corporate rate programs
    • Physical appearance of hotels