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Fluval 406 External Filter

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Fluval 406 External Filter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fluval 406 External Filter. About the Product.

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Fluval 406 External Filter

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about the product
About the Product
  • The Fluval 406 External Filter was designed to be a versatile aquarium filter which functions in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This filter services aquariums 70 to 100 gallons. Fluval does have other filters if the aquarium is smaller than 70 gallons.
about the product1
About the Product
  • This filter utilizes state of the art technology to make sure your aquarium will stay clear of impurities so your fish and marine life will have a clean and pure environment to swim.
about the product2
About the Product
  • Filters are very important to maintain clean water in the fish tank and help your fish to thrive. There are basically two kinds of filters- Internal and External filters.
about the product3
About the Product
  • Internal filters are preferred for aquariums of a smaller size. They are based on the principles of mechanical and biological filtration. They require cleaning regularly.
about the product4
About the Product
  • External filters are used for larger fish tanks. The Fluval 406 External Filter is placed outside the tank and connected via an output and an input cable.
product features and specifications
Product Features and Specifications
  • Works for both saltwater and fresh water aquariums
  • Filters aquariums up to 100 gallons
  • Clog proof intake strainer
  • Lock nuts for better security
  • Impellar cover to prevent it from breaking during cleaning
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
product features and specifications1
Product Features and Specifications
  • The Fluval 406 External Filter has plenty of positive feedback, and is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.
the negative reviews
The Negative Reviews
  • While the feedback is very positive, there are always a few reviews from customers who have had some difficulties with the product.
the negative reviews1
The Negative Reviews
  •  One of the biggest complaints from customers is the noise due to the impeller. This is a recurring theme and Hagen, the company which manufacturers Fluvals, has addressed this with their customers.
the negative reviews2
The Negative Reviews
  • The majority of the problems happened when this model which was first released in late 2011 and Hagen addressed the noise issue by sending out replacement impellers free of charge to customers who had problems. In the meantime Hagen has instituted new quality controls of the manufacturing of the impeller so this won’t be an issue for current and future customers.
the negative review
The Negative Review
  • Another problem some customers had was with getting the filter to mount and seal correctly. The written directions are clear, but as one review stated, the diagrams can get a little confusing to follow, but the written directions are clear and easy to follow. She went on to point out to remember to be careful when cutting the hose too short.
the negative reviews3
The Negative Reviews
  • Just keep in mind if you are not experienced at setting up an aquarium filter it can be a little intimidating. Fortunately there are videos on Youtube which show you visually exactly how to set up the filter correctly.
the negative reviews4
The Negative Reviews
  • Although there are a few negative comments, the feedback for this aquarium filter has been more positive than negative. If you would like to review comments and feedback about this product that are more critical then you can find them when you click the link below this video.
the positive reviews
The Positive Reviews
  • The positive reviews significantly outpace the negative review, with most customers stating that the filter was easy to install and works perfectly, and holds up over time.
the positive reviews1
The Positive Reviews
  • Having a Fluval 406 External Filter for your fish or other aquatic animals like turtles enjoy their surroundings. This is a very quiet filter according to the vast majority of reviewers. After installation the maintenance is a breeze. On top is a small lever which prevents the water from coming out from the lid. Then you take off the lid and you have access to your fish (or other aquatic sea life).
the positive reviews2
The Positive Reviews
  • Other reviewers rave that they have owned and maintained aquariums for years and their aquarium has never been cleaner in their life thanks to the Fluval 406.
  • Would we recommend the Fluval 406 External Filter to our readers?
  • Absolutely, and this is why:
  • The Fluval 406 External Filter built with high quality materials and is very solid. It keeps the water clear and clean to keep your fish happy and healthy.
  • If you want a safe and a relatively easy to install aquarium filter, the Fluval 406 External Filter is our recommendation. Have this filter help keep your marine creatures living and swimming in clean and pure water.

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