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Welcome. Councillor Michael Braley. ‘ Helping you deliver your promises’ The Business Case for Resilience Planning. Charlie Heritage Emergency Planning Officer WCC & Mike Mikkelsen FBCI MCMA. Tel: +44 (0) 1527 518810

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Councillor Michael Braley

Welcome 4253111

Helping you deliver your promises’ The Business Case for Resilience Planning

Charlie Heritage

Emergency Planning Officer WCC


Mike Mikkelsen FBCI MCMA

Tel: +44 (0) 1527 518810

Mob: +44 (0) 7771 686656


Why be prepared
Why be prepared?

Charlie Heritage.

A consideration it is going to happen sometime a fact
‘A consideration, - --it is going to happen sometime – a fact !!’

And when --it happens, will you be really prepared?

An overview of resilience planning
An Overview of Resilience Planning – a fact !!’

  • Origins and History

    • Where is Resilience Planning Today?

    • Where is Resilience Planning Going?

Origins of resilience planning
Origins of Resilience Planning – a fact !!’

  • Emergency Planning – Community Based

  • Disaster Recovery

    • Technology - Main-Frame Computers

    • IT Buildings

    • Recovery Times

  • Mmmm…….Deep Thinks!! What about your People ?

  • And so, Business Continuity Management as a part of Resilience Planning Evolved!!

Drivers incentives for the deployment of resilience planning
Drivers/Incentives! for the – a fact !!’deployment of Resilience Planning

  • Commercial Companies are being committed by Corporate Governance Obligations

  • All UK Government Departments are charged with creating a Resilience Planning capability – Civil Contingencies Act

  • Customer/Clients are applying pressure/expecting ‘always available’ services

  • Resilience Planning is able to compliment best business practice

Operational risk management supporting resilience planning
Operational Risk Management – supporting Resilience Planning

  • Issues directly affecting operations

  • Primary Considerations:

    • Emergency Management

    • HR and employment

    • Business Continuity Management

    • Security

    • Health & Safety and environmental

    • Behavioural and culture

    • Property (tangible and intangible assets)

    • Fleet

  • Preparedness,Training & Awareness

Welcome 4253111

Resilience Planning Planning-

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity














Business continuity management the bci definition
Business Continuity Management PlanningThe BCI Definition:

“Business Continuity Management is a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities”.

My definition of resilience planning by bcm
My Definition of Resilience Planning by BCM Planning

‘Appropriate Cost Justified Business Housekeeping with Exceptional Management Controls for Exceptional Circumstances’

Quote: Planning

“Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something. And the nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.”

Sir John Harvey-Jones

And finally does everyone really understand
And Finally - Planning‘Does everyone really understand?

Protecting your business
Protecting your Business Planning

Mike Mikkelsen

Mike Mikkelsen

The development of bcm standards
The Development of BCM Standards Planning

  • BS 25999-1- BCM Code of Practice’

  • BS 25999-2 – BCM Specification

  • B C I 's Good Practice Guide 2008 Rev 2

    • Practical methodology

  • BS 25999 ICT SC

  • Other Global standards - ITIL, Spring....

  • And there’s More!!!!


Welcome 4253111

Lets go Simple ! Planning

The Business Continuity

Management Cycle


A quote from the forces
‘A Quote from the Forces’ journey

‘Take a Risk but always have a plan B’

Understanding your business
Understanding journeyyour Business

  • Defining Priority Products, Services & Underpinning Processes by:

    • Business Impact Analysis

    • Risk Assessment

  • Simple Terms – What do you do?

Business impact resource dependencies
Business Impact - Resource & Dependencies. journey

  • Staff and Managers;

  • I C Technologies /Software applications;

  • Telecommunications;

  • Supporting Systems;

  • Data (all formats and media);

  • Facilities (workshop – stores – you know!)

  • Office& Specialist Equipment

  • Constraints (contractual or otherwise).


Outcomes of understanding your business by impact
Outcomes of Understanding your Business by Impact. journey

  • Prioritised recovery profile of Product, Services & Processes

  • Defined and documented risk (business impact) appetite

  • Documented schedule of priorities for BCM protection and the Ro I in the programme

  • A resource recovery profile

  • A Documented profile of your Business

Resilience bcm risk matrix

High journey










Resilience & BCM Risk Matrix

Developing resilience and bc strategies
Developing Resilience and BC Strategies journey

  • Organisational Strategy

  • Process Strategy

  • Recovery Strategy

Developing and implementing responses
Developing and Implementing Responses journey

  • Resilience & Business Continuity Plans

  • Business Recovery Solutions & Plans

  • Incident Management Plans

Initiating an incident response
Initiating an Incident Response journey

  • Location

  • Tactical

  • Strategic

Following the plan
Following the Plan journey

  • People Safety - ‘paramount’

  • Asset Register and Identification

  • Implications and Impact

  • Communications

Image reputation protection
Image & Reputation Protection journey

  • Stakeholders

  • Your People

  • Regulators

  • Partners

  • Suppliers

Incident communications
Incident Communications journey

  • Stakeholders

  • Your People

  • Customers

  • Partners

  • Suppliers

    Note: Do not depend on mobile phones !!

Building embedding a resilient company culture
Building & Embedding a Resilient Company Culture journey

  • Awareness and Understanding

  • Education & Culture – The H.W.W.W.W.

  • Training Programme to create resilience

Resilience bcm awareness
Resilience & BCM Awareness journey

  • Create Resilience and BCM Awareness Plans

  • Components;

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Media

    • Currency and Updates

    • Small is beautiful

  • Pictures paint a thousand words!

  • And share them with your clients and suppliers – don’t be shy!

Keeping the resilience current
Keeping the Resilience Current journey

  • Exercising

  • Maintenance

  • Audit

  • Managing Change – its essential !!

Business resilience management
Business Resilience Management journey

  • Programme Management - Investment Profiles

  • Policy - Appropriate/Current

  • Assurance - Outcome of Audit and Reviews

Future developments of resilience bcm
Future Developments of Resilience / BCM journey

  • Greater focus on Governance - following further ‘Drains-Up’s! post Global What’sit!

Conclusions journey

  • Understanding dependency on critical business components

  • ‘Prevention is far better than Cure - Create Business resilience - in depth

  • Ensure currency by maintaining a company Resilience & BCM Programme ‘its not just about plans!

  • Ensure it is effective and appropriate

Finally remember everyone has put their trust in you have you created a plan b
Finally -Remember Everyone has put their journeytrust in you – Have you created a Plan ‘B’?

And finally
And Finally! journey

‘That All Folks – Your Observations and Comments Please ’

‘Can I please thank you for your

contribution to the Day’

Sources of additional information
Sources of Additional Information journey

  • BS 25999-1&2 BCM Standards

  • BCI BCM Good Practice Guide-lines 2008

  • The Redditch Borough Council Web Site

  • BCI Website - www.thebci.org

  • Civil Contingencies Secretariat : http://www.ukresilience.info

  • www.continuitycentral.com - BCM Portal

  • www.continuityshop.com - Training