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Performance Analysis to Field Practice: The Key Steps Paul Earley PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Analysis to Field Practice: The Key Steps Paul Earley

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Performance Analysis to Field Practice: The Key Steps Paul Earley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance Analysis to Field Practice: The Key Steps Paul Earley. Key Principles of Game Plan. Play a fast attractive attacking brand of football creating as many scoring opportunities as possible (point and goal)

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key principles of game plan
Key Principles of Game Plan
  • Play a fast attractive attacking brand of football creating as many scoring opportunities as possible (point and goal)
  • We get inside the opponents 45 as often as possible and have high conversion targets.
  • Develop a high scoring team with 10 or more players capable of scoring and providing assists regularly. Much harder for opposition to defend against a team with a high number of scorers.
  • Have a clear core defensive strategy which involves limiting the number of frees we give away in the scoring zone and instead forcing the opposition to shoot under pressure from open play.
  • Continuous movement in the forward line is imperative and makes it easier for outfield players to make decisions. We look for forwards to make multiple and unselfish runs into space as this creates the information for the player in possession to make good decisions.
key principles of our game plan cont d
Key Principles of our Game Plan – cont’d
  • We set a very high standard for work rate
  • When we lose possession we aggressively work as a unit to recover the ball.
  • Players support each other verbally and by actions in particular when mistakes or poor decisions are made.
  • We are constructively vocal during games and training.
  • We play with discipline at all times including zero tolerance for arguing with referees.
  • We don’t talk to opponents during games and instead channel all energy and focus at the ball.
  • We react quickest at the stoppages or restarts. Eg frees for or against, sidelines, kickouts. Demands alertness and high concentration levels.
key performance indicators
Key Performance Indicators
  • No of attacks inside 45m, no of shots and no of scores – 32/22/15 (68% shot to attack ratio and 68% shot to score ratio)
  • Kickouts won/lost – no of attacks from kickouts won.
  • Contested possessions (50/50 balls) – (reflects intensity)
  • Uncontested Possessions – (reflects work rate)
  • Dispossessions – no of times we dispossess opposition
  • No of scorers and no of assists.
  • Scoring frees we give away.
  • Discipline KPI – eg no of yellow/black cards. No of times ref moves ball
  • Kicking efficiency/handpassing accuracy
kellyville positives room for improvement
Kellyville Positives/Room for Improvement

Positives RFIs

  • Attacks and Attempts 1. No of scores
  • Total Possessions 2. Kickouts – won 41%
  • Scores from frees -100% -- lost 13 clean
  • Excellent second half – fitness?
  • Forced dispossessions -10
  • Won more of the breaks at midfield.
lea gaels positives room for improvement
Lea Gaels Positives/Room for Improvement

Positives RFIs

  • No of attacks 1. No of attempts from attacks
  • Kickouts won -59% 2. No of scores from attempts
  • Clean kickouts won -13 3. Possession given away -20%
  • Total frees given away -14 4. Second half performance
  • Have a clear game plan documented – key principles.
  • Understand what are the key 3 or 4 things that will win you most games if you do them well – Key Performance Indicators – discuss/agree/reinforce/measure at all times and show to players at h/t and full time. These are your stats.
  • Base your training decisions on trends rather than one off games. Also ask yourself if it’s a team or individual development area.
  • Training sessions should focus 70% on improving what’s working well at moment and 30% of RFI areas. – more/better/different/less – if it’s not focused on improving the game plan don’t do it.
  • Concentrate on the same 3 or 4 things at each session and vary the way you do them occasionally.
  • Overcommunicate to players – game plan, KPIs, individual performance, what you are doing at training and why.