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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. “Proud Traditions” “Worthy Missions”. Joe Gregoria 9 th CR Robert Shafer. Travel Voucher or Subvoucher. Objective: Complete and send in your DD1351 - 2 for your Reimbursement . 1. Form of Payment. How do you get

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united states coast guard auxiliary

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

“Proud Traditions”

“Worthy Missions”

Joe Gregoria 9th CR

Robert Shafer

travel voucher or subvoucher

Travel Voucher or Subvoucher


Complete and send

in your DD1351 - 2 for

your Reimbursement

1 form of payment

1. Form of Payment

How do you get

reimbursed for your travel?

EFT – Approximately 4 weeks

Check – Approximately 6 weeks or longer

2 name

#2 Name

Last, First M.

Write or type your complete name

(use sequential order as indicated)

on Form CG-4251

3 grade

#3 Grade

#3 Grade



Write or Type CIV (Civilian)

as printed on Form CG-4251



#4 SSN

4. SSN



Enter your Social Security Number

(Necessary for Payment)


#5 Type of Payment

Check - TDY and Member

6 address

#6 Address

Enter your current address

6b city

6b city

Enter your City or Town

6 c state

6.c. State

Enter your State (Initials)

6 d zip code

6.d. Zip Code

Enter your Zip Code

6 e e mail address

6.e. E-Mail Address

Enter your current E-mail Address

(If you don’t have an Email – Write “N/A” )

7 daytime phone number area code

7. Daytime Phone Number & Area Code

Enter your current daytime telephone number and area code

(Mobile Number may be use)

8 tono no


Enter the complete Travel Order authorization number (TONO) as indicated on your original CG-4251 Travel Order

9 previous government payments

9. Previous Government Payments

N. A.

Write N/A (Not Applicable)

10 for d o use only

#10 for D. O. Use Only


Not Use



11 organization and station

11. Organization and Station

Write “ USCG Auxiliary”

12 dependants

12. Dependants

Do Not Use (Leave Blank)

13 dependents

13. Dependents

Do Not Use (Leave Blank)

14 household good

14. Household Good

Do Not Use (Leave Blank)

15 itinerary

15. Itinerary

15. a. Enter Year ,Day, and Month

15. b. Place “Home” (TAD Location (Hotel) or Activity, City, State; City, Zip Code, and Country, etc.)

15 c continued

15. c. Continued


GTR/TKT or CBA (See Note) – T Automobile – A

Government Transportation – G Motorcycle – M

Commercial Transportation Bus – B

(Own expense) – C Plane – P

Privately Owned Rail – R

Conveyance (POC) – P Vessel – V

Note: Transportation tickets purchased with a CBA must not be claimed in Item 18 as a reimbursable expense.

15 d continued

15. d. Continued


Authorized Delay – AD Leave En Route – LV

Authorized Return – AR Mission Complete – MC

Awaiting Transportation – AT Temporary Duty – TD

Hospital Admittance – HA Voluntary Return – VR

Hospital Discharge – HD

15 e continued

15. e. Continued

Only list the actual total cost per night of the lodging in this block.

Do not include taxes in the section.

15 f continued

15. f. Continued

Only list total miles if you are authorized mileage which is indicated on Original Travel order (Form CG-4251, Section 12)

16 poc travel

16. POC Travel

Only choose one of the blocks

17 duration

17. Duration

Place a check in only one block.

Note: If you will be receiving “Per-Diem it will be determine on your Original orders in section 12 of your CG-4251.

This will assist the FINCEN in calculating your exact Per-Diem amount.

18 reimbursable expenses

18. Reimbursable Expenses

18a. Date only

(“Do Not” place year in this section)

18b. Nature of Expense

18c. Write the actual cost for each item

18d. “Do Not” use this section

18 reimbursable expenses29

18. Reimbursable Expenses

List Room and State Tax on the same line, you only need to have the total cost.

Indicate each expenditure cost per line items such as for Fuel, Tolls, Parking Fees, Air Fare, and Air Fare SATO Fee.

19 government meals

19. Government Meals

Do Not Write

“Any information” in Block 19

20 a you sign here

20.a. You Sign Here

Sign your complete name in Block 20A

Signature must be in “BLUE INK”

20 b date

20. b. Date

Place current date in Block 20 b.

review and mail

Review and Mail

  • Remember to Review Travel Voucher
    • Attached all supporting documents in this order
      • Hotel, Fuel, Tolls, and Parking
      • Taxi , Air Fare, Sato Fee and Baggage Fee
      • Original Travel Order (CG-4251)
  • Mail to:
  • Commander (DPA)
  • Ninth Coast Guard District
  • 1240 East 9Th Street
  • Cleveland, OH 44199-2060
  • Ensure you have the correct postage
travel voucher status

Travel Voucher Status

  • To Submit EFT or Check the status of your claim use the following link
  • https://www.fincen.uscg.mil/tvs_aux/
    • Click on Coast Guard member -
      • Then enter your:
        • Social Security Number
        • Last Name
  • Check the status of your Travel Voucher approximately4 weeks after submitting
sit back

Sit Back

Your payment

will arrive in


four to six weeks