Unit 66 3d modelling
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Unit 66 – 3D Modelling. 3D Application. Application of 3D. Models can be created through the use of 3D applications (including both hardware or software) to represent three dimensional objects. Product Design. 3D models can be designed to represent new or existing products

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Unit 66 3d modelling

Unit 66 – 3D Modelling

3D Application

Paris Roberts

Application of 3d
Application of 3D

Models can be created through the use of 3D applications (including both hardware or software) to represent three dimensional objects

Product design
Product Design

3D models can be designed to represent new or existing products

There are various products that Product Designers are able to create, and once a model has been made it becomes quite straightforward to change it’s appearance


3D modelling can also have animation applied to it.

Using a virtual camera we can move around and view 3D models from every angle.

3D models can be also be animated through manipulation of different elements of the model (changing it’s shape, colour etc.)

Tv adverts
TV Adverts

Television adverts are a great example of 3D application

Many adverts in today’s media use a lot of 3D modelling to grab their audiences attention (many having nothing to do with the actual product)


Above is an example of 3D modelling in advertisement, the advert for Gavisconuses 3D modelling to represent Firemen battling off a heartburn as a means of informing the consumer of this products purpose

Iphone game
iPhone Game

3D applications have even made it onto games for handheld devices such as the iPhone (a mobile phone that is not solely made to play games like consoles are)

Though the iPhone is very impressive in that it can handle 3D games, it is still very limited to what it can handle at the moment (as it not a specialized gaming device) and the polygon count in an iPhone game will considerably less than they would be in a standard Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or PC game


Here are a few examples of iPhones using 3D application

A completely 3d feature film
A completely 3D Feature Film

3D Films are vastly different in terms of limitations than and iPhone game is

3D films are not nearly as limited to amount of polygons they can use at a time and so a great deal more detail may be added, resulting in a much more complicated model


The size of each model is also a lot less limited due to the models not having to fit a small screen

3d console games
3D Console Games

Though 3D console games are a lot less limited in the amount of polygons they’re able to use they do still have a limitation on the amount they can use at a time because their respective consoles needs to be able to process so many frames per second and if the frame rate drops the game play becomes sluggish and is ruined


Though a bit more limited than 3d films are, 3d console games can still produce brilliant visual art through their models and effects

3d games i have recently played
3D Games I have Recently Played

The 3D console game I have recently played is Devil May Cry 4

This game has amazing graphics considering the year it was made (2008)

Nero – Main protagonist of DMC4

Devil May Cry 4



Dante is the main protagonist in the DMC series, he is a very cool, witty and laid back man (in his 20’s in DMC 4) that is half human and demon, he inherits long and shiny white hair, and loves to wear red long coats (these are all apart of his signature look/ design) his weapon of choice is a huge sword that is almost as big as his body in length that he calls ‘Rebellion’, though he is half demon he takes on a completely human form until he activates his ‘Devil Trigger’...


Trish is one the female protagonists in the DMC series, her design is that of a slender women in her early 20’s

Lady, another female protagonist, has a very similar physical design at to Trish, however features like her hair and style differ greatly as well as her choice in weaponry (she likes big guns)


Berial is one of the boss characters in DMC4, he is the first boss in the game and is the first demon to appear out of a fake Hell Gate


Here is a model of Berial using Zbrush, Berial takes on the form of a Centaur from Greek mythology with a very Lion-like face, framed by to massive horns at on each side of his face

3d models i ve made
3D Models I’ve Made

Here are some 3D models I was tasked with making on 3DS MAX. For this task I had to build a house and texture it using my knowledge of 3DS MAX.