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(Problem solving)

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(Problem solving)

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  1. Формирование и развитие социальной компетентности, как одной изсоставляющих процесса социализации

  2. Социальная компетентность – это индивидуальный комплекс качеств характера, знаний, умений, навыков и социально-психологических характеристик, определяющий уровень взаимоотношений индивида и социума и позволяющий ему принять единственно верное решение в разных жизненных ситуациях

  3. The Truth is out there (Problem solving)

  4. Gillian Anderson • Was born • Had lived in _____ before _______ moved back to _________. • As a result _________ sounded _________ -> had problems ________. • Despite ______ was a talented girl and showed ________. • Took part in _______ at the age of _________. • Moved on to study ______ and gained the degree in ______. • After ________ had graduated from _____ went to ____________. • Before __________ auditioned from _________ went to __________. • Now ________ is playing _________.

  5. Mary Celeste Arthur Conan Doyle J. HabakukJephson's Statement

  6. Background information • The Mary Celeste was found abandoned at sea in 1872. A crew disappeared without a trace, leaving no indication as to why they had left the ship. The disappearance of the crew from an undamaged ship remains one of the most famous maritime mysteries. The disappearance is sometimes linked to the Bermuda Triangle, although the ship was nowhere near that area when found.

  7. Listen to the story and complete the sentences. • British officials believed there had been a __________ on board, or that the two captains had been _________________. • However, the American authorities believed Briggs was not the kind of man to cause __________. • The court could not decide why the crew ________________ the ship. Mutiny Working together A mutiny Had abandoned

  8. A short story about the Mary Celeste • People became interested in the mystery when Conan Doyle wrote ___________________________________. • Conan Doyle said the ship’s ______________ was there, but in fact it was missing. • According to the writer, the ship may have hit ___________ under the surface of the sea. • Why didn’t the crew return when they realized it was no longer _________? Lifeboat Rocks In danger

  9. Answer the questions: • Where does the story take place? • What problem did the Mary Celeste have? • Where did the captains met before? • What was the Mary Celeste carrying? • What condition was the ship in?

  10. Read the information and discuss the following theories A – 139 B – 140

  11. Find the explanation of the mystery. What was the most likely reason for abandoning the ship? • There had been a mutiny on board. • The two captains had planned the ‘accident’ together to make money. • The crew had got drunk, killed the captain and escaped in the lifeboat. • The crew had abandoned the ship because they believed it was going to sink.

  12. Useful language box • They might have… • They must have… • There can’t have been (a mutiny) because… • I think it’s most likely that… • It’s difficult to say, but I’d guess (that)… • From the evidence, I recon (that)…

  13. Well, you could be right, but… • That’s a good point, but on the other hand… • I don’t think that’s right because… • I think you’re right. • I agree with you. • I’d go along with that.

  14. Explanation Briggs had never shipped crude alcohol before and being a typical New England Puritan, undoubtedly mistrusted it. The change in temperature between New York and the Azores would have caused casks of alcohol to sweat and leak. The night of storms, in which barrels would have been shaken violently, would have caused vapor to form inside the casks, slowly building up pressure until the lids of two or three blew off. The explosion gave the impression the ship was about to explode and Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat. He failed to secure the lifeboat to the Mary Celeste with rope. The sea was fairly calm then, but later a gale blew up. The wind blew Mary Celeste into distance, while the crew rowed frantically in an effort to catch up. The remainder of the tale is tragically obvious.

  15. Put the headlines in the correct order: Assault Aftermath Flashpoint Plight

  16. Read the words and fill in the gaps: later and just before as when eventually minutes later before however after

  17. Give your solution: How had they managed to hide the mines and bombs in that school?

  18. Патриотическое и нравственное воспитание как условия социализации учащихся

  19. Модернизация российского образования как отражение интересов российского общества и государства, связанных с формированием российской гражданской идентичности