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Words, words, words…

Words, words, words…. Leadership & DYNAMIC Speaking. dy ● nam ● ic /dī-n ă m´ ĭ k/ adj. Marked by vigor and energy Of or relating to variation of intensity Characterized by continuous change, adaptable. William Shakespeare. ~ Julius Caesar Act III, Sc. 2.

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Words, words, words…

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  1. Words, words, words… Leadership & DYNAMIC Speaking

  2. dy ● nam ● ic/dī-năm´ ĭk/adj. • Marked by vigor and energy • Of or relating to variation of intensity • Characterized by continuous change, adaptable

  3. William Shakespeare ~ Julius Caesar Act III, Sc. 2

  4. Art vs. SciencePUBLIC Speaking is highly PERSONAL • My way is NOT the only way • No formulas • No rules • Practice, practice, practice

  5. Mission: Communication • Free and open exchange of ideas and information • Two-way street • What you SAY • What they HEAR • Objective: make both the SAME THING!

  6. Success =WHAT you say + HOW you say it • Master the WEAPON • Words, words, words • Perfect the DELIVERY • Eliminate the distance: CONNECT • Physical • Emotional/Economic/Educational • Make them listen, make them FEEL

  7. Begin at the BeginningGathering Intel: Know the obstacles, know your audience • 5 W’s • Who • How many; age/level of education; race/creed • What • Lecture, pep talk, brief, discussion • Where • Be familiar with the space/medium • When • Time of day, year – what else is going on? • WHY • KNOW your message: 1 sentence, 1 headline, 1 word

  8. SentenceA lecture about understanding, harnessing and exploiting the power of language to communicate ideas and inspire imaginations. HeadlineUnlocking the Powerful Potential of WordsWordPowerspeak

  9. Energy: The Great Equalizer • You WILL BE nervous • Energy is Energy • Cannot be created or destroyed (or suppressed) • Use it, channel it • Energy is INTOXICATING, Passion is ADDICTIVE • Audience will respond to the energy with which the message is delivered BEFORE they respond to the message itself

  10. YOU, Version 4.0Cannot be something -- or SOMEONE -- you’re not • No one does YOU better than you • Find your STYLE & BE YOURSELF • Do what you do, just do it better • Streamline and Support • Exploit strengths, minimize weaknesses • Make that gesture, just make it bigger • Make that point, just make it clearer • Any and ALL distractions, must be cut away • Self-Study • HONEST assessment

  11. The Power of One • Eye contact • Let them IN • Invite them IN • “Exit sign” acting • Speak to individuals, not “the group”

  12. Shock and Awe • Do something DIFFERENT • Ordinary is quickly forgotten • “Perform” outside the box • No rules • Fourth wall

  13. KISS • Keep it simple… • Make it EASY for them • HELP them to see, hear, feel • Talk TO them, not AT them • “Kindergarten” exercise

  14. Easy does it • Push the envelope • Find the edge • Know the limitations • TOO MUCH just as deadly as NOT ENOUGH

  15. Words as Weapons • We use language to GET what we WANT • We get what we want because of two things: • The WORDS we use • The WAY in which we use them

  16. From the bush leagues to the Show • Not all words are created equal • From novel… to short story… to poem • As number of words goes DOWN , the value of each individual word goes UP • What gives a word power? • Sound – BLOW TO THE EAR • Buick vs. Oldsmobile • Meaning – BLOW TO THE HEAD AND HEART • Definition (denotation) – what it actually means • Stupid vs. ignorant • Association (connotation) – what it implies • Cheap vs. inexpensive

  17. Sound and Fury:Signifying EVERYTHYING • The nature of words • Invented to express emotions and/or ideas • The story of the hammer and the thumb • ALL words built with same four sounds: • Long and short vowels • Oh, say can you see… • Pit, cup, sat • Sustained and perCUSSive consonants • Mmmmm, buzz • Smack, snip, spit, pop

  18. When 2 + 2 = 5 • Some words are greater then the sum of their parts • History, context, community • $25 words • Honor, commitment, freedom

  19. The Dynamic Duo • Verbs (Superman) • Packed with TNT • “Doing” words – shock the squirrel • Nouns (Batman) • Change/define: • Status, state and significance • Princes into paupers • mountains into monuments • fans into fanatics • fantasy into foolishness • cards into collectibles • automobiles into antiques

  20. Don’t forget about Robin (and the rest) • Adjectives • Classify, clarify, codify • Spice and sophistication • Caveman Romeo • Half the language, half the man • Need the “glue” to hold it all together With love’s light wings did I o’er perch these walls. ~Romeo and Juliet

  21. The Head vs. the Gut • The constant battle between intellect and emotion • Kirk vs. Spock • Anglo Saxon vs. Latin • Simple, short • complex, multi-syllables, often with suffixes & prefixes • Where do you want to hit them?

  22. Latin vs. Anglo Saxon • Unattractive or ugly • Regurgitate or puke • Expectorate or spit • Benevolent or kind • Contemplate or think • Deceased or dead • Illustrate or draw • Offensive or rude • Preposterous or silly • Uncommon or weird • Reconcile or make up

  23. Call to the Bullpen • Uncommon words • Amuse and confuse • Cliff’s Notes & Context • Space to breathe • Time to digest • Feeling stupid

  24. Rhetorical Mercenaries • Add color and clarification • Simile and metaphor • Antithesis • If-then statements • 180° words • alliteration

  25. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow • Words combine to form LANGUAGE • Be precise • Be concise • Remember: • Success = what + how • Style vs. Substance • Making Music/Poetry

  26. Variety is the spice of life…and the LIFEBLOOD of public speaking • Mix it up • Pace • Don’t let them get too comfortable in the saddle • Rhythm • The seductive power of three • Volume • Verbal electro-shock

  27. Final Four • Diction • Projection • ENERGY • Imagination

  28. Contact Information • Tyrus Lemerande Artistic Director KNIGHTHORSE Theatre Company • (814) 442-6072 • tyrusm@aol.com

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