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  1. Chamber Introduction to MAPS

  2. Purpose •  Educate and Empower Business Owners in the Use of MAPS for Candidate Selection, College and Career and Personal Development

  3. Mike Adams Profile System Why MAPS

  4. Wisdom from Mark Twain “Mark Twain told a wonderful story about one man’s search for the world’s greatest general. The man spent an entire lifetime looking for the general and finally the day came for him to travel on. When he arrived in heaven he walked over to St. Peter and said, ‘I’m looking for the world’s greatest general.’” “St. Peter said, ‘I know, I know, we’ve been expecting you, and I have good news. If you’ll look right over there, you will see the world’s greatest general.’” “The old man excitedly looked over and said, ‘That is not the world’s greatest general. That man was a cobbler on Main Street in my hometown!’” “St. Peter responded, “But had he been a general, he would have been the greatest general ever.”

  5. Our True Genius • Most of Us in This Room Will Take Our True Genius to the Grave with Us

  6. A Person Can Perform Only From Strength Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. More often, people know what they are not good at—and even then more people are wrong than right. And yet, a person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weaknesses, let alone on something one cannot do at all. - Business Guru Peter F. Drucker (1909 - 2005)

  7. Potential Most of the people that work for you, and that you hire, are not providing you with the potential value they have to offer

  8. Living on Purpose • Ignoring our design puts us on a path of reactionary living. • Tell your life what to do or the world around you will dictate it. •  If we understand how we are designed, our design will give us insight as to what that purpose is!

  9. Living Purpose is Now a Choice Today you will make a choice to pursue your designed purpose, or risk taking your true Genius to the grave with you. I choose to live my design; to live my purpose; to live my life in a way that I may live it more abundantly.

  10. Purpose • Living my purpose allows me to live with purpose, without regret, without apprehension.

  11. What MAPS Can do for You Knowing whatonly you can do; MAPS will help you spot that ONE THING! • Even Curly in the movie City Slickers knew that we all need to know what that “one thing” is.

  12. What is MAPS?  MAPS is a Computerized Web Based System

  13. MAPS is Your Life Compass • MAPS Helps You Find That “One Thing” Or Your “True North” • It works like a compass • Guiding you within a few degrees of your “true north” • Your big dream is your “true north”

  14. MAPS is for: • Finding Your Purpose and New Direction in Your Life • Finding Candidates to fill positions who have the highest effectivity potential • Building more effective teams by getting people to fill others weaknesses • College and Career Bound Students

  15. MAPS and Your True North • MAPS is Designed to Help You, Your Kids, Your Employees and New Hires Find True North: • Identifies a candidates potential at specific jobs • Identifies strategies for increased effectivity and efficiency • Identifies weaknesses • Identifies objectives that should be pursued • Identifies generic purpose • Provides video and text coaching tailored to the individual • Identifies Leadership, Management and Practitioner/Technical Potential • Identifies potential for business careers relative to size and types of positions

  16. MAPS as a Business Tool • MAPS is Designed to be used by Businesses • To test candidates • To identify strengths and weaknesses • To build strength into organizations • To drive effectivity in your business

  17. MAPS Consists of • Four tests • Charts • Reports • Video Coaching • Text Coaching

  18. Application How to use MAPS in Your Business and Personal Life

  19. Decreased Turnover, More Productive Employees Find out if new hire candidates have the sustainable potential in the role you want to hire them into

  20. Build Your Organization From A Position Of Strength Find out who are the potential leaders; who are the potential managers and who has the highest potential as a practitioner, technician or worker

  21. More Free Time, Earn More, Grow Your Ability To Produce Increase your effectiveness by using MAPS guidelines to hone your strengths and talents

  22. Have A More Enjoyable Work And Personal Life Save time by having others cover your weaknesses (identified by MAPS) with their strengths

  23. Grow Your Company Organically Discover your company’s cumulative strengths to more effectively position yourself in the market place

  24. Launch Your Life To Intentionally Live Your Purpose Avoid expensive diversions in life (read mid life crisis) by discovering how to act on your purpose

  25. Offer Your Staff Personal Development Coaching At No Extra Charge To You Or Them Get MAPS text and video coaching on how you and your team can capitalize on objectives and purpose MAPS has identified MAPS becomes a ongoing part of your benefits package

  26. Save The Money - 70 Percent Of All College Grads Work In A Field Outside Their Degree Increase your college or career bound student’s personal effectivity by pointing in the direction of their highest potential

  27. The next step Put down you name, email and phone number on the list; you will receive an email with a link that will start you on your way

  28. Costs $149.95 - Personal • Discounts For Business Clients (Quantity) • $149.95 gets the owner and first employee • $100.00 thereafter

  29. Choices There is a price to pay for ignoring your purpose

  30. Q&A