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Drosophila chamber PowerPoint Presentation
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Drosophila chamber

Drosophila chamber

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Drosophila chamber

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  1. Drosophila chamber SR Lab Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.

  2. At SR Lab Instruments, we want to guarantee that our clients procure the highest quality of equipment needed when it comes to the study of fruit flies; with this value and belief we offer the widely received Drosophila Chamber. The chamber is stacked with six shelves, Phenol coated coils and PUF insulation to maintain the best possible environmental conditions on the interior. INTRODUCTION

  3. Designed especially for drosophila incubation • This product also provides a lot of other applications like other insect incubation. APPLICATIONS

  4. Adjustable high and low temperature controls, audible alarms, and visual indicators are provided for optimization and precise control. • Controls to shut down all power to chamber and activate alarms. TEMPERATURE SAFETY LIMIT CONTROLS

  5. Refrigeration based humidity control from 30% RH to 95% RH available on request. • Humidity system requires de-mineralized water. HUMIDITY CONTROL

  6. Viewing lights are included inside the system for better view of the experiment. LIGHTING SYSTEM

  7. 2-44C (+/- 0.5C) with lights on and 2-44C (+/- 0.5C) with lights off (Extended range from -10 to +60 available on demand) TEMPERATURE RANGE

  8. CO2 Enrichment Package • Self-Contained Water-Cooled Condensing Unit • Dry Alarm Contacts • Please contact us for more optional items. OPTIONS

  9. Air-cooled condensing unit with hot gas bypass system for continuous compressor operation, extended life and close temperature control. • Top mounted refrigeration system allows easy access towards maintenance of the chamber and makes tasks like cleaning relatively easy and reduces the time consumed. • Solenoid valves have long a stem for quiet and long life operation. • Phenolic coated coils increase the life of the chamber by keeping them safe from the acidic environment that can be created by drosophila rearing. REFRIGERATION

  10. We have built a reputation of providing customized options for research scientists around the world. You can choose from the different levels of functionalities and alarm indication that meet your needs and customize your controller. CONTROLLER

  11. Interior constructed of 22-gauge electro-zinc plated steel. • Exterior constructed of 18-gauge exterior electro-zinc plated steel. • Welded seams and joints on outer and inner shells. • Insulation: Foamed in place rigid polyurethane. • Chamber is completely self-contained. • Overall wall thickness is 2”. • One 1 1/4” diameter access port on R.H. wall. CABINET CONSTRUCTION

  12. Chamber floor equipped with floor drain. • Contains caster wheels and adjustable levelling legs to balance out for floor unevenness in the lab. • Door with magnetic gasket & opening provides full access to chamber interior. • Six tiers of white epoxy coated steel wire shelving (each shelf is 27”D x 28.7”W). • Shelves are supported by shelf clips allowing 1/2” vertical adjustments. • Interior and exterior painted with high reflective, environmentally friendly, high temperature baked white powder coating.