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The. Marketing Plan. Instructed by Bill Erickson. Day 2: A) Class Presentations B) Get Started Binder 1. Marketing Implementation 2. Web library resources 3. E-mail marketing resources 4. To do lists. Day 1:

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Instructed by bill erickson


Marketing Plan

Instructed by Bill Erickson

Marketing agenda

  • Day 2:

  • A) ClassPresentations

  • B) Get Started Binder

  • 1. Marketing

  • Implementation

  • 2. Web library resources

  • 3. E-mail marketing

  • resources

  • 4. To do lists

  • Day 1:

  • A) Marketing Plan Presentation

  • 1. Marketing Strategy

  • 2. Objectives & Tactics

  • B) Selling 101

  • 1.One-on-one selling skills

  • 2. Open House selling

  • role play

  • C) Referral Source Marketing

  • 1. Promotions & tools

  • 2. Networking/marketing to

  • agents

Marketing Agenda

A solid foundation

A Solid Foundation

1) Determine your services & prices

2) Match services to customer segments

3) Select promotion strategies for

obtaining and maintaining customers

4) Implement tactics to carry out your


Your Marketing Plan

Services and pricing

Services and Pricing

  • Check on your competition, services/fees (phone,visit websites)

  • Set reasonable inspection fees

  • Check with other NPI/GPI franchisees in your state/province for their list of services/fees

Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Your Service


Your Competitors’


  • Computerized reporting/ Time saved/ Ease of use

  • Training/ Confidence/Reduced liability

  • State of the art equipment/Thorough inspection

  • Insured/ Confidence/Peace of mind

  • Availability/ Convenience/ Simplicity

  • Re-inspection service/ Peace of mind/ Value

  • Moderate pricing/ Value

Their reputation







Well rounded diversified business

“Well-rounded” Diversified Business

  • More stable business

  • More growth for your business

  • More valuable business

  • Refer to list of services/Avg. fees

Provide a variety of inspection services to multiple market segments:

Residential, commercial, buyers, sellers, banks,

Instructed by bill erickson

Primary Inspection Services:

  • Home buyer preclosing

  • Home seller prelisting

  • Employee relo (origin)

  • Builder warranty 11th month

  • New construction draw/phase/final

  • Commercial inspections for

  • owners, buyers, tenants

  • 7) Field Service/Misc.

Common add on services

Common Add On Services

These vary by geographic area, licensing, local protocol, etc.

Radon Monitoring

Well potability test/Sampling

Septic System inspection


Termite (WDI or WDO)

Home buyer inspections

Home Buyer Inspections

Buyer Pre-closing inspections

  • Primarily via Realtors

  • Web

  • Inspection clause in purchase agreement

Home seller inspections

Home Seller Inspections

Seller’s Pre-listing


  • Sells homes faster

  • Brings top dollar

  • Promote via agents

Instructed by bill erickson


Most Relo companies will require you to

submit the ERC report format

Usually inspecting homes at point of origin,

not destination

Estimate repair costs used to determine

home value

Promote by contacting the Relo companies

on the NPI/GPI Field Service list

Most companies pay $185-200 to start plus add-ons

Employee Relocation Inspections

Builder s warranty inspections

Builder’s Warranty Inspections

  • “11th month” inspections

  • For new home owners. All components/workmanship

  • Regular home inspection, regular NPI report. (Ask homeowner for a list of concerns)

  • Promote through direct mail and referrals. Need list or door hangers

Builder s warranty inspections1

Builder’s Warranty Inspections

  • NPI’s Centralized Direct Mail Program

  • Mailed from our mail shop in Omaha $.70 per household complete.

  • Pre-printed door hangers for you to distribute.

  • Neighborhood referrals from your recent customers. Leave them brochures, coupons or cards to pass out. Offer a $15 gift card referral reward per customer they refer.

  • Optional postcards

New construction

New Construction

  • Draw Inspections

  • (Progress/Percentage completion)

    • Residential & Commercial

    • For Banks

    • National draw inspection companies

  • Report forms available in the Web library or

  • provided by the bank or company

  • Market to banks and sign up with national

  • companies (NPI Field Service List)

New construction1

New Construction

  • Phase and/or Final Inspections

    • Mostly Residential

    • Quality of construction

    • Local buyers

  • Obtain mostly via Realtor referrals

  • Market to agents who work with builders!

Your services

Your Services

  • Field Services Industry Inspections

    • Residential

    • Commercial

  • Field service companies act as a clearinghouse

  • of inspections for insurance companies, mortgage

  • servicers and banks.

  • Market by signing up with companies on the NPI

  • Field Service List.

Your services1

Your Services

  • Property Preservation Tasks:

    • Window replacement board up

    • Lock change

    • Lawn service

    • Debris removal

    • Pool covering

    • Water pumping

    • Bids/Estimates

    • Winterization

    • Promote by contacting companies on the Field Service List.

Commercial property inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

Customers are:

1) Buyers (pre closing due diligence)

2) Existing owners (maintenance or lease inspections)*

3) Tenants (leases)*

*Triple net leases hold the tenant responsible for maintenance and repairs often including HVAC.

Commercial Property Inspections

Commercial property inspections1

Commercial Property Inspections

Promoting Commercial Inspections

  • Web:

  • Your website.

  • NPI’s website attracts clients and from our corporate Google Adwords advertising campaign.

  • NPI has a number of national accounts that order commercial inspections.

  • Contact your local commercial brokers. Unlike residential agents, commercial brokers don’t refer as often. They need education. Offer to present to the brokers.

Specialties hud 203 k

Specialties: HUD 203(k)

Property rehab/loan program requiring a HUD 203(k)consultant/inspector to assist with monitoring the construction including draw inspections where repairs are over $35,000.

To become a 203(k) consultant you need training (seminar) and a minimum of 3 year construction or inspection related experience.

HUD 203(k) Program Consultant:

Specialties expert witness

Specialties: Expert Witness

Lend Your expertise as a home inspector: To attorneys, for law suits, arbitration and mediation services. Charge a fee for your expert opinion. (Over phone, in court, etc.) Sign up at


A homeowner sues their home builder for repairs for poor workmanship. Their attorney needs your expert opinion or testimony.


Expert Witness

Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

How do you Obtain and Maintain Inspection Clients?

  • 1) You gain Referrals from professionals

  • and past customers

  • 2) You obtain business Directly from

  • consumers

Marketing strategy1

Marketing Strategy

Who are your Referral sources?

  • 1) Real estate agents

  • 2) Banks/lenders

  • 3) Past customers

  • 4) Other professionals (attorneys,

  • insurance agents, networking

  • groups, etc.)

Marketing strategy2

Marketing Strategy

Why Referral Source Marketing?

  • 1) Provides repeat business

  • 2) Economical & Targeted:

  • no mass advertising

Marketing strategy3

Marketing Strategy

Obtaining Initial Referrals:

  • 1) Requires constant contact/communication

  • 2) Email, print, personal contact

  • 3) Getting to know your leads, building trust

  • 4) TRUST leads to REFERRALS

Instructed by bill erickson

Strategy for marketing to agents is:

Positive Attitude. We “Partner” with agents to assist them in completingtransactionswhile providing an unbiased inspection service to their clients. We help to reduce agents’ liability.

2. Maintain constant contact by email, print, and in person w/ potential and existing referring agents.

3. As a result, potential referring agents will think of you when they are looking for a new inspector and existing referring agents won’t forget you.

Marketing to Agents

Instructed by bill erickson

Agent marketing (cont.):

4) The more they trust you the more they will refer you.

5) Network with agents to meet other agents.

6) Better to get introduced by an existing referring agent or office mgr. than to cold call them.

See Kim’s Promotion training for tactics for working with agents.

Marketing to Agents

Marketing strategy4

Marketing Strategy

Maintaining Ongoing Referrals

1) Requires constant contact

and communication

2) Depends on your performance

and customer satisfaction

Instructed by bill erickson

Marketing to Banks

Commercial Banks

1)Draw inspections on new home construction

2) Commercial mortgage underwriting

3) REOs (Real Estate Owned) foreclosure Inspections and property preservation services.

Call and survey each bank to identify the decision maker. Mail intro letter/brochure, follow up to set a meeting. See How to Market to Banks in web library.

Instructed by bill erickson

1) Read/study “how to network,” to promote


2) Network within the real estate community,

to meet real estate professionals.

3) Join your local real estate association

and volunteer to assist them.

4) Join a formal networking group (e.g. BNI) to

improve your networking skills, to

broaden your network beyond just real

estate professionals.


Learn to Network

Marketing strategy5

Marketing Strategy

Obtaining business directly from customers (not referred)

1) Customers who respond

to your advertising

2) Customers who find you on

the web

Marketing strategy6

Marketing Strategy

Advertising to consumers

  • 1) Should be targeted--avoid mass

  • marketing

  • 2) Example: builder warranty

  • Inspection marketing (mail list)

  • 3) Google Adwords(web)for those looking

  • for your services

Instructed by bill erickson

Advertising to Consumers


Your Web site at name

See examples of inspector home pages at:

Instructed by bill erickson

Advertising to Consumers

Promote your business online

Google local

providers (Listed above regular search results)

Yahoo Local (top of regular search results)

MSN Local

***FREE sign up with the above. See your back folder in this manual for instructions on signing up with directories.

Instructed by bill erickson

Online Directories

1) and most effective) $250/yr. (1st yr. $50-Discount with marketingcode “NPI”)

2) Inspector

3) See the NPI/GPI list of various other online directories such as superpages, etc.

3) AOL and Yahoo free yellow pages. You must submit.

Instructed by bill erickson

Advertising on Internet

  • Ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing (PPC Pay per click).

  • Keyword driven –Campaigns for each service: ”Home, commercial Inspections, radon testing, etc.”

  • Drive visitors to your NPI Web site

  • Target your local area and those searching for inspectors in your area from out of area

  • NPI Marketing Dept. can help set up your campaigns

Instructed by bill erickson

Advertising to Consumers

Recommended Print Publications:

1. Yellow page directories (not as popular as web)

2. FSBO publications (homes 4sale by owner)

3. Local Realtor Association Newsletters (targeted at agents)



Instructed by bill erickson

Advertising to Consumers


Consumers typically only respond to inspector’s ads after they have found a home and realize they need an inspector, not when they are searching for a home.

NOTE:Be cautious of other “home for sale” publications as traditionally they haven’t produced business. Also avoid newspaper ads.

However, if you run an ad, be sure to include a $25 or $50 coupon to compel the consumer to take action!