the nominating process and presidential primaries l.
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The Nominating Process and Presidential Primaries PowerPoint Presentation
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The Nominating Process and Presidential Primaries

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The Nominating Process and Presidential Primaries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Nominating Process and Presidential Primaries. “ Elections in the United States ” Ch. 7, Sec. 1. How does a candidate get from this point… . … to this point? . Let’s illustrate why “narrowing the field” is important… . “$1,000 Bill example”. The Nominating Process.

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the nominating process and presidential primaries

The Nominating Process and Presidential Primaries

“Elections in the United States”

Ch. 7, Sec. 1


Let’s illustrate why “narrowing the field” is important…

“$1,000 Bill example”

the nominating process
The Nominating Process
  • …narrows the field of possible candidates for public office.
  • Why do political parties need to “narrow the field?”

Now, let’s look at the nominating process!

(We will use the Presidency as an example)

self announcement
  • Rick Perry and his big announcement...
  • Ron Paul announces he is running in 2012...
  • And one last one, for craps and giggles...
  • Self-announcement is the first step in the process!
caucuses vs primaries
Caucuses vs. Primaries
  • Primary elections are run by state and local governments…
      • Are definitely elections…
      • Cost South Carolina approx. $1.5 million!
  • Caucuses are private events run by the political parties themselves!
      • Are definitely NOT elections, more like meetings
primary elections
Primary Elections
  • Primary elections are an essential part of this nomination process!
      • Primary Elections: an election in which party members or voters select candidates for the General Election.
  • “Indirect Election”…
different types of primaries
Different Types of Primaries
  • Two types of primaries…
  • Closed primaries…
      • Voters cannot vote for a candidate in the opposite party.
      • EX) If you are an identified Democrat, you can only vote for a Democratic candidate. (OHIO/“Semi-Closed”)
  • Open primaries…
      • Voters can vote for a candidate in any party.
      • Only one vote can be cast, of course. No party affiliation need be made or adhered to.

Each state has a portion of these delegates given to them to give to the Republican candidates…

(It is a similar process for Democrats, as well)


As each state holds their primary or caucus, delegates are awarded to the competitors in relation to how they finish…

other types of primaries
Other types of primaries
  • “Blanket”
  • “Run-off” (Round two)
  • Non-partisan election
the national convention
The National Convention
  • The National Convention is the final step in the nomination process…
      • Purpose of the convocation is to officially nominate a candidate in an upcoming U.S. presidential election!
  • Signifies the end of primary season and the start of campaigning for a general election.
      • In recent years, the nominee has been known well before the convention…
  • 2000 - Republican National Convention

Sarah Palin, 2008 RNC - Vice Pres. Candidate

(it’s a big party, basically)