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  1. Agenda 01 Welcome 02Who Are We? 03 Details on WCA’s Essence of India Trip 2019 04 How to Apply + Next Steps 05 Guest Speaker 06 Questions?

  2. 01 Welcome

  3. Thank You for Joining! Many thanks to everyone who has logged on to the call, shared the slides, or is reading along at a later date! Please send any and all feedback on our Event Information Webinar to: We appreciate all of you for joining the webinar for further information, and would welcome all comments on how to provide information to girls, Guiders, and parents more effectively in the future.

  4. 02 Who Are We!?

  5. About Us The West Coast Area International Committee is responsible for supporting and promoting international education, activities and events in West Coast Area. We are: WCA International Adviser & Trip RG – Adele Cooshek, Pathfinder & Ranger Guider, WPG District Deputy WCA International Adviser & Co-Trip Guider – Nancy Haynes, Trex Guider, Burnaby Mountain District Co-Trip Guider – Nadia Beyzaei, Pathfinder Guider, WPG District Webinar Tech Support –Erin DeBruin, West Coast / Lougheed Area Guest Speaker: Ecuador Trip Participant – Isabella Battiston, Pathfinder, 58th WPG District Questions Panel: WCA Guider who has travelled to Sangam — Belinda Li Tour Consultant – Madeleine Golubev, EF Educational Tours

  6. 03 WCA Essence of India Trip 2019

  7. Essence of India Trip Details When: June 26 to July 14, 2019 Who: Twelve girls, aged 14 to 18 (at the time of the event – born from 2001 to 2005)

  8. Trip Responsible Guider: Adèle Cooshek A longtime GGC volunteer, I am currently the WCA International Adviser and a Pathfinder and Ranger Guider in WPG District. I work professionally as an Outdoor Guide and Educator, and Team-Building Facilitator. I’ve taken Girl Guides on trips to Our Cabana World Centre in Mexico, the USA, New Zealand and Ecuador. Passionate about the inspiring and strengthening power of international travel, I would like to see every girl member who wants to, have the opportunity to dream big, challenge themselves, broaden their perspectives and build awareness and acceptance of the diverseness of our world through international travel and feel inspired by these experiences. I’m looking forward to visiting my second WAGGGS World Centre and experiencing the rich, vibrant colours, culture, food, history and architecture of India with WCA Girl.

  9. Co-Trip Guider: Nancy Haynes I have been a Guider in West Coast Area for about 16 years, during which time I have volunteered with a variety of groups from Brownies to Rangers.  Currently, I am a TREX leader and member of the WCA Camping and BC International Committees. My travels have taken me to countries across four continents; North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  In Asia, my adventures included a visit to Myanmar, a five-week trek in Nepal, beach and cultural experiences in Thailand and Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong. I am really looking forward to visiting my first World Guiding Centre in India with our group of West Coast Area girls. 

  10. Co-Trip Guider: Nadia Beyzaei I have been a pathfinder leader for almost 5 years and travelled to numerous countries in Europe, Asia, and South America over the past few years (including Turkey, Iran, UAE, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia and Costa Rica), as well as New Zealand as a Pathfinder girl member in 2009. There is something so unique about travelling and experiencing a new dialect, culture, and way of living. These moments are what have added the greatest amount of value during my own travels; As a result, encouraging the girls to open their horizons to these experiences is my main goal for this trip — Pushing boundaries and living slightly out of one’s comfort zone is where true growth happens. I’m extremely excited for the upcoming WCA India trip, and look forward to making lifelong memories with the girls!

  11. WCA Essence of India Trip 2019 Details 16 amazing days that will provide twelve lucky girls, aged 14 to 18 (at the time of the event), from West Coast Area, an opportunity visit a WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) World Centre, Sangam, in Pune, India and explore India's Golden Triangle. At Sangam World Centre, we will participate in an eight-day cultural program that will introduce participants to India, a country of ancient customs brimming with modern innovations. Try rangoli or mehendi, participate in Indian dance, take in the sights, sounds, smells and spicy sensations and enjoy an unforgettable cross-cultural adventure. After the Sangam World Centre program, we will fly to Delhi for our Golden Triangle tour with EF Educational Tours. India's Golden Triangle comprises the three most visited cities in the country's northwest - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. We will experience the country's rich history, diversity and culture as we visit many timeless architectural wonders including Agra's UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

  12. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Prerequisites • Girls 14-18 years of age or finishing 9th – 12th grades at the time of the event • Must be an active member of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC), have a comprehensive knowledge of GGC and register in Girl Guides in the Guiding year following the trip. • Must be physically fit • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team • Must be comfortable with travelling and living in an unfamiliar environment • Is required to have and wear GGC regular and international uniforms • Participants must be prepared for very hot and humid conditions during this event.

  13. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Pre-trip Once selected, the non-refundable deposit is CDN$650.00 and is due by February 15, 2018. Once selections are complete and deposits are in, the group will participate in pre-trip communication through email, fundraising and two pre-trip camps, so that we can get to know each other and participate in some teambuilding activities to strengthen our group dynamics.

  14. Subsidy Participants will receive a generous financial subsidy from WCA Girl Guides. This subsidy is made possible by funds raised through the sale of Girl Guide cookies

  15. Fundraising • Each girl will be responsible for selling 60 cases of GGC cookies over the fundraising period (Three cookie campaigns – 20 cases per campaign). This is mandatory due to the GGC requirement of 25% of the funds raised needing to come from cookie sales. • Opportunities for Fundraising may include: • Fall and Spring cookies • Area Awards Dinner Silent Auction • Phone Book Delivery • Night Quest Event Concession Stand • Clothing Drives • Each girl (and her family) will be responsible for: • Organizing one large group fundraiser • Participating in a minimum of 5 fundraisers • Each girl will be responsible for selling 60 cases of GGC cookies over the fundraising period (Three cookie campaigns). This is mandatory due to the GGC requirement of 25% of the funds raised needing to come from cookie sales. • All fundraising must be completed by April 30, 2019.

  16. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 1 • Meet at YVR. • Fly to Pune, India. • Arrive at Sangam World Centre

  17. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 2-8 Participate in Sangam World Centre’s Cultural Program Event: Essence of India. We will be immersed in Indian culture through dance, fashion and food. Discover the colourful city of Pune, through visits to its diverse sites. Learn about leadership, advocacy and social issues in WAGGGS and participate in community development projects with Sangam’s Community Partners; Deep Griha, the Green Tara Foundation and Maher Ashram. Projects may include: literacy awareness, women's health and hygiene, nutrition, building beautification, and self-esteem activities.

  18. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 8 After a final lunch and goodbyes at Sangam, we will take a two-hour flight from Pune to Delhi to meet our EF Educational Tours Director at the airport in Delhi.

  19. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details India's Golden Triangle comprises the three most visited cities in the country's northwest - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

  20. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 9 We will experience an intriguing blend of history and modernity as we take guided tours of Old Delhi and New Delhi.

  21. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 10 Travel to Jaipur, known as the Pink City because much of the old quarter was once painted red, the Hindu color of hospitality  

  22. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 11-12 Take a guided tour of Jaipur. Visit City Palace, the principal residence of the maharajas. Visit Jantar Mantar Observatory, whose name means “Magical Device.” Built in 1728, it was created to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. Visit Jaipur bazaars on cycle-rickshaws.

  23. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 13 Travel to Agra via Fatehpur Sikri

  24. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 13 Visit the Taj Mahal. Built in an Islamic theme to represent paradise, the site was created by Shah Jahan as an eternal symbol of love for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal (“Jewel of the Palace”), who died during childbirth. This amazing marble structure is adorned with precious stones from around the world, including jade, crystal, mother-of-pearl, lapis, and turquoise. It took nearly 20,000 laborers to complete the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal appears to change color depending on the time of the day.

  25. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 14 Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site: Agra Fort.

  26. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 14 Visit a local school

  27. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 15 Return to Delhi

  28. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Day 16 Depart for Home

  29. WCA India Trip 2019 Event Details Immersing yourself in new cultures, surrounded by the people, the language, their food and their way of life creates inspirational moments that can’t be listed in an itinerary. They can only be experienced. Experiential learning activities will bring meaning and impact to everything we will be learning about and experiencing. We know for sure that we will return from our exciting travel adventure with lifelong memories, new perspectives, new friends and great stories…

  30. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! “We hope to see you soon to start fundraising for our amazing adventure!” – Adèle Cooshek, Nancy Haynes & Nadia Beyzaei “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

  31. 04 How to Apply + Next Steps

  32. How to Apply — What You Need Complete application package must be submitted to the West Coast Area International Adviser at by the deadline of January 28, 2018. The application package includes: • H.1 - Personal Health Form with Photo • IT.5 – Parent/Guardian Permission for International Travel • Girl Application Form • Girl Reference Form – Guiding • Girl Reference Form – Non-Guiding • Two references are required – one from someone outside of guiding, and one reference from a Guider that knows you well. References must have reached the age of majority in BC, and neither may be relatives of the applicant. NOTE: Ensure that you give referees as much time as possible to complete their letters (~2 weeks). See West Coast Area Girl Guides website for application forms.

  33. Other Important Information Late applications will not be considered • Applications and/or references received by midnight on January 28, 2018 will be considered on time. • Application packages must be complete to be considered Applicants will be contacted via the email address on their application form (make sure it’s an address that you will check!) We will contact all applicants in the first week on February with one of three outcomes: • You have been selected • You have been selected as an alternate • You have not been selected this time

  34. 05 Guest Speaker

  35. Guest Speaker Isabella Battiston speaks about what she has gained from her travel experience within Girl Guides – Ecuador 2017

  36. 06 Questions?

  37. Questions Panel Belinda Li, a WCA Guider who travelled to Sangam previously is here to help answer any questions about Sangam Madeleine Golubev, EF Educational Tours is here to answer any questions about EF Tours

  38. Contact for Further Information West Coast Area International Adviser: