Esi day 2 welcome introductions sharepoint nature of science nos
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ESI Day 2 Welcome/Introductions/SharePoint Nature of Science (NOS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESI Day 2 Welcome/Introductions/SharePoint Nature of Science (NOS) . Goals of the Session. Participants will Pre-assess their understanding of the Nature of Science Explore the VA NOS aspects via an Investigation and a simulation

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Esi day 2 welcome introductions sharepoint nature of science nos

ESI Day 2Welcome/Introductions/SharePointNature of Science (NOS)

Goals of the session

Goals of the Session

Participants will

Pre-assess their understanding of the Nature of Science

Explore the VA NOS aspects via an Investigation and a simulation

Be introduced to the VA NOS aspects that students in grades 3-6 need to understand

Learn about the need to be explicit with students and talk about strategies for making that happen in camp (and their classroom).

Card sort

Card Sort


Each person should read their set of statements and sort them into agree with, disagree with, and not sure of.

Paper clip each stack together and put a sticky note on them so that you remember how you categorized them.

Share with your table group one statement you disagree with and why you disagree with it.

Whole group discussion

Examining a specimen

Examining a Specimen

Observe and record your observations of the specimen.

What do you think this is? Why?

What other information would be helpful to refine your ideas?

Further examination

Further Examination

With your group, use the available tools to make and record additional observations about your specimen.

Have your ideas about what this is changed? How? Why?

What other technologies/tools/tests would help us refine our ideas further?

Examining the process

Examining the Process

What did you do as you were trying to figure out what this specimen is?

Did you have an initial idea before you got to examine it closely? Why?

Do we know how this became what it is? Could we find out?

Do we know why this became what it is? Could we find out?

Nature of science virginia sol training

Nature of Science(Virginia SOL Training)

The natural world is understandable

Science demands evidence

Science is a blend of logic and imagination

Scientific ideas are durable yet subject to change as new data are collected

Science is a complex social activity (endeavor)

Scientists try to remain objective and engage in peer review to help avoid bias

Scientific knowledge is the product of observation and inference.

Scientific laws and theories are different kinds of scientific knowledge

Scientists use many methods to develop scientific knowledge.

Scientific knowledge is subjective and culturally influenced.

Implicit or explicit

Implicit or Explicit?

NOS Implicit or Explicit


Implied but not plainly expressed


fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity : leaving no question as to meaning or intent

For students to develop a fluency with the NOS, we need to be explicit.

Examining classroom practice

Examining Classroom Practice

Read each of the transcripts.

Is NOS explicit or implicit?

If NOS is implicit, how could you make it more explicit?

Identify which transcript models better practice for student learning of NOS.

Examining classroom practice1

Examining Classroom Practice

How can we be more explicit?


How can we as teachers be more explicit?

How can we help our students be more explicit?

Discussion prompts to help us be more explicit

Discussion Prompts to help us be more EXPLICIT

Review the prompts for each of the aspects of NOS.

In small groups, discuss how you might incorporate these into your teaching.

Esi day 2 welcome introductions sharepoint nature of science nos

The Nature of Science from Scientists’ Perspectives

Nos card sort revisit

NOS Card Sort - Revisit

Revisit your cards from the card sort.

If your thinking has changed, move the card to the pile you think it belongs in now.

Group discussion

Pbl unit planning for camp

PBL Unit Planning for Camp

What do kids (4th- 6th graders) like? What engages them?

Science Tuesday Energizer



Brainstorm potential real world problems around our theme:

The Impact of Energy Extraction, Production and Use

Problem – Posed as a question


Student Role


Culminating Activity

Revisit theme problem scenario

Revisit Theme/Problem/Scenario

Continue to develop camp including student role, culminating activity and resources

Theme: Energy



Question mapping

Question Mapping

Develop the Question Map

Level 1 – The problem written as a question

Level 2- Questions that arise from considering this question

Level 3- Daily questions that guide student activities (approx. 15-16)

Initial camp team planning

Initial Camp Team Planning

Brainstorm activities to go with each question

Start writing lesson plans

Exit ticket

Exit Ticket