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Bay/Delta & Tributaries Cooperative Data Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Bay/Delta & Tributaries Cooperative Data Management System

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Bay/Delta & Tributaries Cooperative Data Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bay/Delta & Tributaries Cooperative Data Management System
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  1. Bay/Delta & Tributaries Cooperative Data Management System • Background • How The BDAT/CEDEN Distributed Systems Work • Local and Regional Data Management (Participation) • Strategic and Tactical Benefits • Improving Access to Data • Answer Questions

  2. Participants Background/Distributed Data Management System

  3. Data Types Background/Distributed Data Management System

  4. Adult Striped Bass Population Study CVPIA Camp Juvenile Data Contra Costa Canal Intake Entrainment Study Delta Agricultural Diversion Evaluation Delta Fish Facilities Salvage Monitoring Program Juvenile Salmon Migration Hydrodynamic Monitoring Delta Smelt Spawning Season Monitoring TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB Discrete Water Quality Sampling (D1485) Juvenile Salmon Survival TDB TDB TDB TDB Midwater Trawl Survey TDB Comprehensive Database Monitoring of Delta Smelt Abundance and Distribution Mallard Slough Monitoring Program TDB TDB Predator Dynamics San Francisco Bay Monitoring TDB TDB Resident Fish Survey TDB Research on Other Life Stages of Delta Smelt TDB TDB North Bay Aqueduct Entrainment Monitoring TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB TDB Neomysis/Zooplankton Survey Splittail Studies Sturgeon Study Suisun Marsh South Delta Temporary Barriers Project Fishery Evaluation Southern Delta Entrainment Monitoring Suisun Marsh Salinity Control Structure (SMSCG) Adult Salmon Migration Evaluation Summer Townet Survey San Joaquin River Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring (D1485) Striped Bass Egg and Larva Survey Comprehensive Informix Database KEY: ODBC/FTP Link QA/QC Data Provider (MS Access Client) Informix Temporary Database (TDB) QA/QC

  5. Data Provider (MS Access Client) Cooperative Data Management System ODBC/FTP Link QA/QC Node Database Transaction Database (TDB) QA/QC Local Client Databases

  6. Background-BDAT • Started with IEP • Expanded and Used By Other Groups • Became a Permanent Program in DWR as Part of the SWP in 2007 • Still waiting for staff allocation approval • BDAT will now focus on SWP data user needs • Providing necessary maintenance and as resources are available; • Include additional data sets at required frequency • Set up additional and revised data delivery systems

  7. Background-BDAT • Forecasted simulations in support of O&M operating decisions • Recent historical simulations (fingerprinting) and weekly water quality forecasts in support of O&M operating decisions and in support of the Municipal Water Quality Investigations Program’s weekly Real-Time Data and Forecasting reports sent out to the water contractors • Modeling and data analysis in support of the recent SWRCB Cease and Desist Hearings • Verify continued compliance with the objectives set forth in the State Water Resources Control Board’s Decision 1641 and Suisun Marsh agreements. • Meet requirements for Water Level and Water Quality response plans for Joint Points of Diversion (JPOD) actions. • Determine carriage water costs for completed water transfers and to estimate those costs for planned transfers • Provide data to staff conducting analysis for DAT who help perform decision support for SWP operations

  8. BDAT Background SWP Needs • Calibration and Validation of DSM2 • Hydrodynamic modeling of recent historical conditions in support of the South Delta Temporary Barriers program • Forecasts of Water Stage in support of the South Delta Temporary Barriers program • Particle Tracking Forecast Modeling in support of the Delta Smelt Workgroup • Particle Tracking Modeling of historical conditions in support of the Pelagic Organism Decline research • Modeling of hydrodynamics, EC, organic carbon, and taste and odor for the Jones Tract Levee Failure • SWC analysis • Aggregating and gaining access to data from many sources for analysis • Other future modeling needs include data in the following areas: • Delta Island volumes – to help in flood modeling • Other water quality constituents in addition to EC including • Organic Carbon • Dissolved Oxygen • Temperature

  9. BDAT Background SWP Support • BDAT will continue to Support SWP funded Programs • The Interagency Ecological Program (IEP), • Bay-Delta Office, Suisun Marsh • Compliance and Monitoring, and • Operations Control Office

  10. SWAMP • EMP • AB 1747 • Compliant • Node • Client • AB 1747 • Compliant • Multiple • Multiple • MLML • Other • Clients • Other • Standards • Clients • Other • Standards • Node • Node • Client • AB 1747 • Compliant • SM • ND • Node • Node • BDAT • Bonderson • Node • Node • USGS • Web Services • EDSC Standards • CSUS • Exchange • Node • Cal/EPA • Network • CDX Node CEDENCooperative Data Management System C E D E N

  11. CEDENCooperative Data Management System Enterprise Applications

  12. CEDEN EPA/USGS Coordination Summary • USGS and EPA have begun coordination on developing common web services to serve data out of STORET and NWIS • Services will follow the WQX Schema • EPA’s services are planned for release Summer ‘07 • USGS services are planned for release Fall ’07 • Services will include Summary level information, Monitoring Stations, and Results • For current access to these data and information on WQX visit: • •

  13. CEDENBackground • Easy to implement by other partners • Architecture-Federated is distributed • Can support many types of institutional participation

  14. CEDENWorking with CEDEN • Saves on IT budget • Saves on monitoring budget • Greatly improves on the ability to perform key business functions • Integrates standards, metadata and architecture • Federated distributed approach

  15. Working with CEDEN • New Precedence For Interagency Data Systems • IT Architecture: CEDEN, BDAT, EPA Exchange Network … • Metadata: CERES • Standards: SWAMP • Legislation-SB 1070, AB 1404… • DWR will work with the SWRCB on Interagency data systems • Requires Executive leadership and cooperation • Dedication to following the software engineering principals and making the process subservient to water resources planning in California • Executive sponsorship for the project

  16. Cooperative Data Management System

  17. Cooperative Data Management System

  18. Cooperative Data Management System

  19. Cooperative Data Management System

  20. CEDENCooperative Data Management System

  21. CEDENCooperative Data Management System

  22. CEDENCooperative Data Management System

  23. Future Plans BDAT • GET STAFFED • Finish Web Services Implementation with the EPA (OWQX) • EPA Data • USGS Data • NOAA Data? • Complete List of Initial Tasks Provided by SWP Data Users • Work with CEDEN

  24. BDAT Task List • Remove IEP web site. • Copy/merge IEP data into BDAT • Copy/move IEP interface to BDAT (as-is or upgrade) • Output options are DSS, ASCII and Excel • Time series graphing capability • Client/server? Who is going to do it? • Use RKI standard naming convention • Missing data uses same convention • Both time series and grab sample data • All water quality parameters • Biologics? • On-line mechanism to notify BDAT of: • Incorrect data • Missing data • Missing data sources • General comments/feedback • Metadata: • Clear indication of original sources of data • Description of QA/QC applied to data, if any • Standardized format (for time-series data) • Summary • Extra: • Links to QAPP and other original information about the monitoring program. • Photos, other ancillary and anecdotal data • Data Searches: • Map based • Text filtered based • Search by location, collector (agency name), parameter (flow, stage, ec, …), methods, data category, temporal using multiple date ranges, time interval, source (model, fill, observed, etc), average type (mean max min, etc) • Combine map and parameter-filter searches • GIS Data • Include BDAT in DSM2 Users Group; provide category in DSM2 Users Group Forum.

  25. Future Plans CEDEN • Propagation of Data Standards • SWRCBs requirement to be SWAMP comparable for grant recipients • Other Departments? • Grants Data • SB 1070 and other legislation • TMDL Data Sets • Metadata • Catalog Data in CERES

  26. CEDEN/BDATComponents of Data & Information Sharing Systems • Data Sharing • & • Management Architecture Standards MetaData

  27. CEDEN/BDATComponents of Data & Information Sharing Systems • Data Sharing • & • Management Dissemination Monitoring Feedback

  28. Conclusion • BDAT & CEDEN are distributed data systems that will continue to provide more access to ambient monitoring data. • These systems subscribe to a distributed architecture, standards and metadata • We look forward to your input as these systems continue to develop