the four traditional classic novels of china n.
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The Four Traditional Classic Novels of China

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The Four Traditional Classic Novels of China

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The Four Traditional Classic Novels of China

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  1. The Four Traditional Classic Novels of China

  2. Dream of the Red Chamber written by Cao Xue-qing • Among the Chinese classics the dream of the red chamber has been most widely red and studied by the general public and scholars  • Dream of the Red Chamber" to Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai main line between love marriage and tragedy. a description of …..

  3. Dream of the Red Chamber • It reflect the performance of the feudal(封建) marriage, morality, culture, education and decadent(颓废), and create a series of nobility贵族civilians and the tragic image • The initial pursuit of individual freedom embodied使具体化 the democratic idea, and reveals the profound and comprehensive Jia Lin.Xue love marriage between social causes of the tragedy.

  4. Tale of Water Margin wrriten by Shi Nai-an • In the final years of the song dynasty, china was in a state of political and social confusion. Besides,it.undergone frequent foreign invasion and a large number of man made and natural disasters . In order to …

  5. Tale of Water Margin • In pursuit of universal truth and justice had been the never ending aspirations of human kind. Water margin itself effectively uses the power of literature to renew and refresh the pursuit. The novel is…

  6. The Romance of the Three KindomsLuo Guan zhong • "The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been." Echoing the rhythms of Chinese history itself, the monumental tale Three Kingdoms begins.  This fourteenth century masterpiece continues to be loved and read throughout China today. Three Kingdoms describes  …

  7. The Romance of the Three Kindoms • Fearing attacks by three rebllious states, the emperor sent out an urgent appeal for support. In response, three young men - the aristocratic Liu Xuande, the fugitive Lord Guan, and the pig butcher Zhang Fei - met to swear … • Some years later, Three generals- Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian establish their own states.Moreover they flight each other. One fought for

  8. Journey to the WestWu Cheng-en • the noval based on traditional folktales.Consisting of 100 chapters.This fantasy relates the adventures of Tang Dynast priest Sanzang and his three disciples,Monkey,Pig and Friar ['fraiə] Sand,as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra(佛经)

  9. Journey to the West • The first seven chapters recount the birth of the Monkey King and his rebellion against Heaven.Then in chapters eight to twelve we learn… • The rest of the story describes how they defeat demons(魔鬼) and monsters,tramp over the Fiery Mountain,cross the Milky Way;and after overcoming …