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Maternity Assessment Unit

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Maternity Assessment Unit. Triage How did we manage before? Ursula Marsh Caryl Flory Clinical Midwifery Manager Band 7 Midwife. Maternity Assessment Unit. Opened in February 2010 2 examination rooms

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maternity assessment unit

Maternity Assessment Unit


How did we manage before?

Ursula Marsh Caryl Flory

Clinical Midwifery Manager Band 7 Midwife

maternity assessment unit1

Maternity Assessment Unit

Opened in February 2010

2 examination rooms

1 larger room with 1 couch and 4 reclining chairs

Open 24 hours a day

Alongside the Fetal Assessment Unit

Staffed by experienced midwives;

2 midwives day time

1 midwife and a MSW night time

maternity assessment unit2

Maternity Assessment Unit


Relieve pressure on delivery suite

To free Midwives time on delivery suite to care for labouring women

Quick and appropriate assessment of women via phone or attendance (optimal time spent in triage – 60 minutes)

Provide information and reassurance for women

Reduce admissions within maternity unit

maternity assessment unit3
Maternity Assessment Unit

Criteria for assessment on MAU

  • Women requiring confirmation of labour/SRM(>/= 37/40)
  • Reduced fetal movements (Out of FAU hours)
  • Vaginal bleeding in absence of placenta praevia (mild)
  • Abdominal pain (mild)
  • Any woman who has phoned more than twice in 24hrs
  • Postnatal problems
  • Suspected DVT
  • Suspected PET (Out of FAU hrs)
  • Suspected Obstetric Cholestasis (Out of FAU hrs)
maternity assessment unit4
Maternity Assessment Unit

Exclusion criteria – those who should not be seen on MAU

  • Suspected labour <37 weeks
  • Suspected SRM <37 weeks
  • Multiple pregnancy - suspected labour/SRM
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding/placenta praevia
  • Secondary PPH
maternity assessment unit5
Maternity Assessment Unit

Women who are actually seen on MAU:


maternity assessment unit6

Comments from staff on the labour ward:

  • More rooms available for those who need to be on delivery suite
  • Able to take IOL/those in labour from Antenatal ward quicker – therefore more beds available for admissions
  • Midwives able to provide more one to one care
  • Time saved not answering phone calls- less interruptions
  • The labour ward environment is quieter!!!!!

Maternity Assessment Unit

maternity assessment unit8
Maternity Assessment Unit

Who refers women to unit?

maternity assessment unit9
Maternity Assessment Unit

Why are women referred to unit?

maternity assessment unit10
Maternity Assessment Unit

Where are women referred to following assessment?

maternity assessment unit11
Maternity Assessment Unit

How long are women spending on unit?

Average time when seen by midwife – 52 minutes

Average time when seen by Midwife and Doctor – 101 minutes

Average time spent on MAU – 68 minutes