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Clamxav Review

ClamXav is a product line of Sentry that has the ability to protect you folders and files for any changes that will be made to its content.

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Clamxav Review

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  1. ClamXav Antivirus Scanner: A Free Tool for Your Mac OS X Looking for antivirus scanner that is just right for your Mac OS X? Try ClamXav and see what it can do your Mac computer. Know more about this antivirus software tool for your Mac system and you will see that it is just the right virus scanner that is worth to try.

  2. ClamXav Software Overview: ClamXav was made basing from the ClamAV virus scanner which is an open source. What’s good about this application is that it is capable of real-time scanning such as emails and other files in your computer. It even supports multiple languages from Danish, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Polish. This supports the Mac OS X version 10.4 known as Tiger, 10.5 as Leopard and can support version 10.3 as Panther and 10.2 as Jaguar although it is only limited.

  3. The fact that the application is based on ClamAV, it is capable also of detecting malware and other threats for Windows. Although, threats in Mac system is not quite an issue, but when it comes to up to date protection ClamXav is definitely one of the best recommended tool for Mac computers.

  4. Software Disadvantage: Using the software can be done easily, just simply designate the directory where you want the application to load every time you start the computer. Then perform the scanning process. However, Mac users will sometimes get disappointed because the manual scan using ClamXav is quite tedious and slow. The features and speed of the software is quite simple compared to other commercial antivirus programs. Although it is not the fastest antivirus scanner tool, the price of it is worth taking for and this is absolutely free for your Mac system.

  5. ClamXav Advantage: When it comes to its advantages, the application is capable of performing scanning process on mail servers making it as an email virus scanner. This was developed basically for Unix systems thus it also has other third party versions that runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and even Microsoft Windows. Another thing, updates of the application are free of charge thus users can enjoy the benefit of using it.

  6. ClamXav Utilities: The application uses a lot of utilities such as command line scanner, scalable and multi-threaded daemon and database that is updated automatically. It runs on antivirus engine taken from library that is shared across the network. It has Milter features also that works on sending mail and on-demand scanning. It can support multiple file formats from Zip, RAR, Gzip, OLE2, Tar and other mail file formats. It even supports document files from office applications such as Microsoft Office, HTML documents and Portable Document Format (PDF).

  7. When looking for antivirus software tool that can work on Mac OS X, ClamXav is one of the recommended tools for the system. With its real time scanning capabilities as well as email server side scanner, it offers an up to date protection for your computer. It even supports other operating system platform such as Windows and Linux. This is because the application is open source and free. However, the application might be slow in its scanning process, its capabilities and price is really worth trying for your Mac system. Look the best clamxav review now!

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