go with the data flow ams datastreme programs n.
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“Go with the Data Flow: AMS DataStreme Programs” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Go with the Data Flow: AMS DataStreme Programs”

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“Go with the Data Flow: AMS DataStreme Programs” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Go with the Data Flow: AMS DataStreme Programs”. Michael J. Passow White Plains Middle School, White Plains, NY Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Teachers College, Columbia University. American Meteorological Society (AMS) Education Program ( www.ametsoc.org/amsedu ).

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go with the data flow ams datastreme programs

“Go with the Data Flow: AMS DataStreme Programs”

Michael J. Passow

White Plains Middle School, White Plains, NY

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Teachers College, Columbia University

american meteorological society ams education program www ametsoc org amsedu
American Meteorological Society (AMS) Education Program(www.ametsoc.org/amsedu)
  • Developed exemplary programs about weather, ocean, and hydrologic topics
  • Trained hundreds of classroom educators to serve as “Peer Trainers”
  • Reached 105 teachers and 106 students across the U.S., Canada, and other countries
  • Significantly involved with curriculum development and science ed Standards
ams k 13 ed initiatives
AMS K – 13 Ed Initiatives
  • Project Atmosphere
  • Maury Project
  • DataStreme Atmosphere
  • Water in the Earth System
  • DataStreme Ocean
  • Online Weather Studies
  • Online Ocean Studies
project atmosphere
  • Cornerstone begun in 1991 with NSF and AMS support
  • Teacher enhancement and instructional resource materials development
  • Goal: encourage studies of atmospheric environment to stimulate greater interest in science and math
  • National-state-local approach
project atmosphere1
  • Establish network of “Atmospheric Education Resource Agents” (AERAs) to use single-topic peer-training modules
  • Master precollege teachers receive training through two-week summer workshops at NWS Training Center in Kansas City, and other NOAA facilities
  • Approximately 300 teachers from US, Canada, and other countries have provided more than 5000 workshops to over 100,000 teachers
project atmosphere2
  • About twenty single-topic modules developed as basis for workshops and other professional development formats
  • Topics include “Hazardous Weather,” “Weather Satellites,” “Jet Streams,” and “Clouds”
  • Hands-on materials for teacher-training and classroom investigations


international impacts
International Impacts
  • Project Atmosphere Canada


15 web-based modules available to teachers through Environment Canada educational program

  • Project Atmosphere Australia


Classroom and online activities, teacher support

  • International Conferences in Toronto, Edinburgh, Australia, and Spain
maury project
Maury Project
  • Begun in 1994, modeled on Project ATMOSPHERE
  • Focus on the physical foundations of oceanography
  • Training programs at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD
  • Support from NSF, AMS, Navy, NOAA, and Maryland Space Grant Consortium
maury project1
Maury Project
  • Single-topic modules include “Ocean Tides,” “Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation,” “Shallow Water Waves,” and “Coastal Upwelling.”
  • More than 200 peer-trainers have provided more than 1,300 workshops for more than 15,000 teachers
  • www.ametsoc.org/amsedu/maury
datastreme atmosphere
DataStreme Atmosphere
  • Initiated in 1995 to utilize potential of the Internet for national teacher enhancement
  • 13-week course delivered through print- and web-based materials
  • Offered by Local Implementation Teams (LITs) of master precollege teachers and college professors or scientists
  • Almost 6,000 teachers have participated
datastreme atmosphere1
DataStreme Atmosphere
  • Custom textbook and study guide
  • Two-a-week investigations based in part on printed materials and in part on web-delivered resources
  • Supporting web page provides current data, background information, other resources


water in the earth system wes
Water in the Earth System (WES)
  • Started in 2001
  • Focus on global water cycle as vehicle to explore Earth System Science
  • Modeled on DataStreme
  • Offered through LITs
  • Smaller in numbers than DataStreme, expect to train over 1,600 teachers by end of NSF-funded period


datastreme ocean
DataStreme Ocean
  • Most recent addition to AMS teacher enhancement program
  • Modeled on DStreme Atmosphere
  • Focus on marine geology, physical and chemical oceanography, marine biology, air-sea interactions


online weather studies
Online Weather Studies
  • “Turnkey, introductory college-level online distance-learning course”
  • Based on DataStreme Atmosphere
  • Custom textbook, student study guides, online resources for twice-weekly investigations
  • Faculty support, assessment materials
  • More than 130 institutions utilize program


online ocean studies
Online Ocean Studies
  • Modeled after “Online Weather Studies”
  • Now in first year of trial offering
  • Expands opportunities for community college and other institutions with smaller faculty
  • Also available for high school enrichment programs
ams diversity program
AMS Diversity Program
  • Encourage more enrollment in beginning science courses by minority students, with goal of increased numbers entering careers in the geosciences and science teaching
  • Summer workshops and OWS at more than 100 minority-serving institutions
ams noaa cpese
  • Cooperative Program for Earth System Education
  • Continued support for DataStreme ATMOSPHERE beyond NSF-funded period
  • Development of DataStreme Ocean
  • Encourage greater minority participation through increased teacher training
other influences by aeras
Other Influences by AERAs
  • Active in development and implementation of National and state Science Education Standards
  • Active in state and national science education organizations
  • Active as writers/consultants for textbooks and other educational resources
  • Active in developing outreach by colleges, government agencies, other institutions

“Weatherfest” programs have been held at AMS Annual Meetings to provide the general public with a wide variety of atmosphere-related activities and information.

peer training at its best

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Learning Files

Daily Summary

  • Sample DataStreme Atmosphere Daily Summary
  • Supplemental Information

DataStreme Atmosphere Investigations




Upper Air

Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Forecasts


“Peer-Training at Its Best”
  • Through Project ATMOSPHERE, Maury Project, DataStreme Atmosphere, WES, and DS-Ocean, AMSEDU has created hundreds of Peer-Trainers
  • They have had an impact on thousands of colleagues and millions of students
  • Providing ongoing leadership in many states and other countries